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ice-hockey | Friday, November 4, 2022 9:30 AM

Colorado Avalanche vs Columbus Blue Jackets Best Bet: Global Series Continues in Finland

Colorado Avalanche vs Columbus Blue Jackets Best Bet: Global Series Continues in Finland
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The Avs and Jackets will lace up their skates on back-to-back nights as they take the Nokia Arena ice in Tampere, Finland on Friday and Saturday night. With the continuing of the NHL Global Series, this will be the second time a pair of NHL organizations have travelled to Europe to play some meaningful hockey. These games will count in the standings as regular season affairs, so 4 points are hanging in the balance for this European road trip. 

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Colorado Avalanche vs Columbus Blue Jackets Preview

November 4, 19:00 (UK time)

First of all, can I apologize to the folks in Finland? I’m sorry we’re sending you the Blue Jackets to watch, and I’m sorry if you spent too much money to get into the venue.

Secondly, can I say how shocked I am to see such a lowball offer from the line setters toward a Colorado win in the first game of 2 being played here at Nokia Arena? A regulation-time win for the defending champions, who happen to be playing the worst team in the Eastern Conference twice in two nights, is only listed at 1.75 to take two points in regulation time.

Hold on, I’ll be right back so I can go grab a few hundred bucks from the ATM to throw on the Avalanche, even though that price is stiff. You should know by now that I have yet to lay an offer in my 7-months of being here past 1.80. That’s on any tip, in any sport, in any of my articles, thank you, and you’re welcome. I take more pride in that than I should, but the juice is for kids, and the vig is something I have tried to use to my advantage since I started doing this betting stuff 30 years ago.

Here is my reasoning behind deciding to possibly put that juice on the board. The Over 6.5 with OT included is also listed at 1.75, so it’s almost a pick-your-poison situation. Pay some marginal juice for the total or just expect Colorado to win the hockey game in regulation since the price is the same.

Oh, wait, my name is Ej Garr, isn’t it? I told you when the season started that I expected line shifts in totals this year, and we are seeing exactly that now. It’s almost like I know things that will happen before they happen or something! Isn’t that exactly what we’re doing here to being with? We are calling the shots, giving out the best bets to make every day, and letting the chips fall where they may, hoping for the best, right?

Toy around with 6.5 goals and that price? Yeah, how about no! Colorado is going to score 6 goals against Columbus themselves on Friday night, and they will likely do it all over again on Saturday night too. If the Avalanche leaves Finland having scored less than 12 goals in 2 nights, I will be shocked. 

Now, we just have to hope that it’s not just 6 – 0 because we’re going lucky 7 and you see why we’re doing that, I’ll betcha. That says 2.23 for the Over 7 Goals with OT Included, and if plus money isn’t my middle name, then just call me the Mayor of Value City instead! When you see the Avalanche team total come out, you better be on that like white on rice! Like bark on a tree, hair on a cat, and money in the bank!

Columbus has already given up 44 goals through 10 outings, so do I need to spell out the average of pucks finding their net per game? You got that one, right? The last time Columbus took the ice before making this trip, the New Jersey Devils came within a left goal post of scoring 8 goals on this Jacket squad in a 7 – 1 drubbing. 

If you think New Jersey struggled to score those goals, it could have been 11 – 0, EASY! Please, if you don’t care about that juice on the Avs to win in regulation, just hit it! I am going to suggest the total below because of the value behind it.

Colorado Avalanche vs Columbus Blue Jackets Best Bet

My final thought? DO IT ALL AGAIN ON SATURDAY! Good luck, and have a nice weekend cashing hockey tickets in Finland for two days! Don’t forget to look for the Av’s team totals for both games, as long as the juice is fair and worth the effort.

  • Selection: Over 7 Goals (OT Included)
  • Best odds: 2.45 (Unibet)
  • Stakes 5/10

Odds as of 10:00 am November 4th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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