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Poker Pot

Avg Pot and %Flop
are important tools
on the way to
winning a poker game.

Most beginners make the mistake of sitting at a table without checking the quality of that table. Poker rooms almost always have some kind of statistical information about the single table with which it is relatively easy to get a first impression of the different player levels.

The two most important sources of information are P/F (players/flop) and average pot:

  1. Players/flop shows the relation between the number of players at a table and the ones who see the flop. The higher the flop percentage, the better! A flop percentage of over 45% at a full table with 10 players is very high!
  2. The average pot is the total average bet per game at a table and indirectly shows the willingness of a player to place a bet. The rule is: the higher the better. An average pot of more than six times the big blind is very big.

Example: A full $1/$2 limit table with ten players and a P/F of 48% with an average pot of $13 shows you that there are many players who do not play in an optimal way. And this means that the chances of winning money from these players are relatively high. You also have to pay attention to the amount of players at the table. The numbers change a lot because a table with for example 4 players does not have a high P/F with 65%. When you look at the flop percentage, you have to keep the number of participants in mind.

Please see the image below for a graphical explanation of the terms. 

Choosing the right table

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