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Rules for the bettingexpert Predictor 2024

bettingexpert Predictor 2024 Rules

The Organiser

Better Collective A/S, with the registered office at Sankt Annæ Plads 28, 1250 Kobenhavn K, Denmark (DK) (the “Organizer”) and the owner of www.bettingexpert.com (the “Website”) is holding bettingexpert Predictor 2024 (the “Predictor”) that is completely free of charge.


  1. In order to participate in the Predictor, on the date of account creation on the Website, a participant (the “Participant”, “you”) must be over 18 years of age.
  2. The Predictor is open internationally, except in the Excluded Countries listed below:
  3. Countries which may be excluded include, but are not limited to: Italy, Venezuela, Tunisia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Congo, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Mali, Lebanon, Turkey, Haiti, South Sudan, Iran, Belarus, Quebec, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Iceland and USA (each an “Excluded Country” and collectively the “Excluded Countries”).
  4. By taking part in the Predictor, you consent to these Predictor Rules and the Privacy Policy, both posted on the Website.
  5. Employees, freelancers, and brand ambassadors hired by the Organizer, directly or through intermediary companies, are allowed to participate in the Predictor, but they are not eligible to win the prizes.

Start and Closing Date

Participation in the Predictor is open from 05/06/2024 and it will last until 15/07/2024.

How to Participate

  1. Participation in the Predictor is completely free of charge for all Participants.
  2. Each Participant can participate only once in the Predictor.
  3. The Organizer will publish a selection of available games at the beginning of the Predictor Competition on the Website. For every selected match, you must predict the following: 
    1. game result 1×2;
    2. both teams to score (yes/no); and
    3. under or over 2.5 goals (yes/no); 
  4. The Organizer will add more games as they become available. 
  5. You have the option to change your predictions for each match until 30 minutes before that particular match starts. After that point, predictions for that particular match cannot be changed.
  6. Unclear or incomplete predictions will not be taken into consideration.
  7. In the event that a match is cancelled, the points related to that match will be invalid.

Determining the Winner

  1. Prizes will be allocated at the end of the Predictor according to Participant rank and the below criteria.
  2. The Organizer will allocate points to every correct prediction as follows:
    1. game result 1×2: 5 points
    2. both teams to score (yes/no): 3 points
    3. under or over 2.5 goals (yes/no): 3 points
  3. Points will be allocated for the regular match time of 90 minutes, without extra time or penalty kicks counted in. Results will be validated according to the information on the official sites of the competitions to which these matches are related.
  4. The Participants will be ranked according to the following rules:
    1. The Participant with the highest score will be ranked first;
    2. If the number of points for two or more Participants is equal, they will be considered tied. 
  5. In case the employees, freelancers, or brand ambassadors hired by the Organizer or any disqualified Participants rank higher, the prize will be awarded to the next Participant on the leaderboard for that specific stage of the Predictor.
  6. Information on the usernames of the winners and the value of the prizes will be published on the Website, and the winners will also be informed via the email address used to create a profile on the Website.


  1. The total value of prizes is EUR 1.000,00.
  2. Based on the overall ranking after the last match has been played, the 10 (ten) highest-ranked Participants (the “Winners”) will receive the following prizes:
  3. Rank Prize
    1st EUR 500,00
    2nd EUR 250,00
    3rd EUR 100,00
    4th EUR 75,00
    5th EUR 25,00
    6th – 10th EUR 10,00
  4. In case two or more Participants have the same number of points, they will split among them, equally, the cumulative amount of the prize that combines all the places that the Participants with the same number of points occupy. 
  5. The Participant with the next highest number of points will receive the prize for the place in which they have finished the Predictor Competition.
  6. In order to arrange prize delivery, the admin of the Website will contact the Winners via email, which he or she used to submit a Predictor entry.
  7. The Organizer will hand over the earned prizes within a maximum of 30 days after settling and verifying the Winners.
  8. In order to receive a prize, the Winner needs to have an active Skrill account.
  9. Prizes will be paid in Euros (EUR).
  10. The Organizer will hand over the prizes to the Winners according to the above-mentioned provisions of these Predictor Rules.

Personal data 

  1. The Organiser will process the personal data of the participants in accordance with the Privacy Policy
  2. By participating in the Predictor, the participants declare that they agree with processing of the following personal data: email address and username. The processing of this data is necessary for authentication purposes (registration in the contest) and to distinguish the participants from each other. 
  3. If you are the winner of the competition your email addresses will be processed to contact you, your first and last name, phone number and postal address to deliver the prize and your username in order to post winner information on our website. Please take note that we are required by the transparency responsibility to publicly announce the contest winner. If you are the winner of the competition we may also ask for the copy of the government issued ID to verify you are eligible to receive the prize.
  4. If you are the Winner of a prize, financial identification data (Skrill account) may be processed for the purpose of delivering the prize. 
  5. We will only store your personal data for the duration of the Predictor and until the prizes are delivered or until you withdraw your consent.
  6. More information about your data protection rights and how we process, store and protect your personal data might be found in the Privacy Policy.

Breach of Rules

  1. Any attempt to exploit the Predictor system is forbidden and will result in account suspension as well as disqualification from the Predictor.
  2. Sanctions include voiding or deleting predictions, disqualification from the Predictor, warnings about conduct, temporary bans for participation, and in certain circumstances, permanent blocking from accessing the Predictor on the Website.
  3. The extent of a sanction is determined by the severity of the offense and if the Participant is a repeat offender. Cases are judged on individual merit, and decisions made by the Organizer are final and should be respected.
  4. If suspicious activity or a breach of rules happens more than once, the Organizer reserves the right to suspend the account of a cheating Participant.
  5. In the event of suspicious activity or a breach of rules by the Winner previously announced, the Winner will be suspended and the prize will be awarded to the next person in the leaderboard.

Request for Clarification/Complaints

  1. Any issues or doubts which have no clear guidelines in the above rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the Organizer administration. 
  2. If you wish to request clarification/contest some of our decisions you can do so by sending an email at [email protected]
  3. Any legal disputes will be settled according to Danish Law before the competent courts of Copenhagen, Denmark.


The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to these rules at its sole discretion and will notify Participants of any significant changes by making a post on the Website.