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Today’s French Open Predictions

Being one of the four annual Grand Slam tournaments, the French Open is considered one of the premier events within the sport of tennis. This year the French Open is poised to be potentially the biggest of the four Grand Slam tournaments due to Wimbledon having been cancelled. With that, and the fact that tennis is among the favorite sports to give tips on within the bettingexpert community, bettingexpert is sure to be flush with expert French Open betting tips.

Also known as Roland-Garros, the French Open takes place at Stade Roland Garros, named after the famous French pilot. With its unusual clay courts the French Open is a nightmare for big servers. Slowing down the ball and leading to higher bounces, the clay surface can truly be a game changer, leading to some of the best tennis players never having been able to win a single French Open. With a court favoring some players over others there are sure to be some excellent French Open Betting tips. One such example is Venus Williams; while conquering Grand Slam titles at both Wimbledon and the US Open, she has not once won the French Open, quite possibly because she relies heavily on her serve. A place like Roland Garros certainly sets the scene for some very interesting French Open betting tips.

Although usually occurring during May, the French Open has this year been pushed back, with a new starting date in late September. Lasting two weeks, the tournament consists of singles, doubles and mixed doubles play, leaving plenty of matches for eager tipsters to leave French Open betting tips on.

You will be able to find and submit French Open betting tips on; Total Games Odd/Even, Individual Set Winner, Games Handicap, Match Winner, Tournament Winner, and many more.

How Can I Find Today’s French Open Betting Tips?

This page will be your hub for all of today’s French Open betting predictions.

  • The top three most tipped French Open matches will be at the top of this page, with a number showing the exact number of French Open betting tips submitted for each match.
  • To access the bettingexpert communities French Open betting tips you simply have to click on the match that you are interested in, and a page will appear with all of the expert French Open betting tips that have been submitted.

In addition to the bettingexpert community’s picks, you can also use our list for today’s French Open predictions. The matches will be displayed in the same format as the community picks. They will show how many tips have been submitted for the given match, and allow you to simply click the match to see all the expert French Open betting tips for that specific match.

If you wish to view matches other than the ones highlighted by the bettingexpert community and our picks, you can either press the Load More button at the bottom of the page, or click on the View Full Schedule button. The Load More button will show more games in a similar fashion as the ones at the top of the page. The View Full Schedule button will show the full French Open schedule for the day, along with live scores and results.
All French Open betting tips featured by bettingexpert will include the following:

  • Prediction
  • Tip Review Plus Analysis
  • Competing Players
  • Time & Date Of Game
  • Tipster Name And Rating
  • Type Of Bet & Market
  • Bookmaker, Current Odds, Odds At Time Of Publishing

Signing up with bettingexpert will give you access to heaps of additional features. Among other things you will be able to follow your favorite tipsters and get notified whenever they make new French Open predictions, giving you an edge on the competition.

Free French Open Betting Tips

The bettingexpert community ensures that you will have new betting tips and predictions each and every day. Free of charge and open for anyone interested in the sports world to both view and use, it truly is a unique platform that gives you a chance to hone your skills within the world of sports betting — without having to pay for it.

Not only does the tipster community at bettingexpert help you make the right choices, bettingexpert itself also has a vast library of resources available to help educate you within the world of sports betting. The site contains bookmaker reviews to ensure you choose the right bookmaker to place your bets. It contains betting guides and the renowned bettingexpert Academy to help you find the value within your favorite sport. But of course the most important aspect of the entire site is you and everyone else that come and take part in the tipster community here at bettingexpert, providing you with your favorite sports’ predictions each and every day; Tennis and French Open predictions included.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports among our community of tipsters here at bettingexpert, and many of our users truly have a passion for tennis predictions. Therefore the French Open is sure to be filled with expert French Open betting tips, and will ensure that you up your tennis betting game; all free of charge.

Other platforms do not share our vision for the free of charge user experience. Especially platforms based in the United States are known to take money for their so-called expert predictions and betting tips. But truly who are these experts and how will you know that their predictions will warrant a larger return?

At bettingexpert you can see the record of each and every user. You can see all of their previous predictions along with their win rate and multiple other stats about the user. This allows you to make an informed decision on whether you want to trust the specific user’s prediction.

You can sign up free of charge today and start fully utilizing the bettingexpert communities French Open betting tips and predictions. No matter how good the betting tips are you will never have to pay anything because of bettingexperts user-driven model, and you may just end up with a better return on your bets.


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How To Sign Up With bettingexpert
Signing up with bettingexpert and getting our full array of features is a smart decision for any tipster that wants to up their game. With free access to many different sports predictions, including French Open betting tips, the tipster community at bettingexpert is sure to make you a better tipster.

If you feel as if you have a grasp on the whole tipster thing, you can join the competition and compete with your fellow users to become an expert tipster within the sport of your choice. If you have the skill to consistently predict the right outcome and create good yield, you have the potential to win one of the monthly bettingexpert competitions, allowing you to receive real money for simply making predictions.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now, start making predictions, increase your yield, and get a shot at winning one of the monthly bettingexpert competitions for a cash prize.

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Becoming Part Of The bettingexpert Community

Becoming part of the bettingexpert community has many perks, and we highly recommend it, below is listed just a few of the benefits you will receive as bettingexpert community member;

  • Receive instant notifications when your favorite bettingexpert tipsters make a prediction- allowing you to place your bet before the odds change
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  • Receive weekly betting tips, and get the opportunity to place your own tips within tennis or any other sport
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Expert French Open Betting Tips

The bettingexpert community is filled with high quality tennis tipsters. In the weeks leading up to the tournament these tipsters will take into account all the French Open stats they can find, all the previous tournament data, and everything else, in order to give the best possible tips over the span of the two week tournament.

By doing a deep dive into the different players they will be able to find different hints and clues that may help them to make the right tips. Is there something in their personal lives that should be taken into consideration? How have they been doing over the past few months? Are there certain players who tend to do better at the French Open compared to other tournaments? How is the head-to-head matchup looking?

By answering questions like these, and by using the French Open stats that appear during this year’s tournament and from previous tournaments, the bettingexpert tipsters will be able to deliver expert French Open betting tips on a consistent basis.

These French Open betting tips appear in many different forms, not only is it a matter of the Match Winner; tips are also submitted on the Individual Sets Winner, the overall Tournament Winner in the different divisions, Games Handicap, Total Games Odd/Even, and so on. On the right hand side of this page you will find the top Tennis tipsters at Better Collective sorted by highest yield. Above the top tipsters you will also see the top French Open betting tip. The top tip will be one that the most tipsters at bettingexpert agree on.

What does it take to become a top tipster?

Tipsters employ many different strategies in picking their French Open betting tips, but the one thing they all have in common is a feel for predicting an outcome. Simply put if you get more tips right than wrong, and achieve a positive yield, you will be a successful tipster.

It can take a long time to become great, but there is no other way to do it than to try. Look into the statistics surrounding the match and take into consideration other factors in order to make a qualified guess, but it is also important to realise that there is no one way to create good tips. There are many different methods and techniques, but you simply have to try for yourself to see how you get the best results in your French Open betting tips.

Many of the users in the bettingexpert community have honed this craft to a tee, and their picks will always be free on this site. So whether you choose to create tips on your own or not, there will always be expert French Open betting tips available on bettingexpert.

The Best Tennis Tipsters Online

The strongest community of tennis tipsters is right here at bettingexpert. They are the ones who have gone through trial and failure to figure out a way to produce a consistently positive yield. No other community online has the same flare for it, where it is all above board and where you can see a tipster’s entire history at bettingexpert. We feel that our users should easily be able to discern the bad tips from the good. In turn this has pushed our tipsters to become the best in the business.

That leaves it for you to simply click in on one of our tipsters profiles and find out whether you want to trust his tips or not. You can select one of the best ranked tennis tipsters on the right hand side of the page and see their win percentage, amount of tips, tipping history, yield, and several other stats; leaving you to simply choose which French Open betting tips you want to trust – all 100% free through bettingexpert.

Australian Open Stats

Below we can see the stats for the top Grand Slam mens players of 2019. Through 2019, Raf Nadal played a total of 26 Grand Slam matches winning just over 92% of his contests and near 86% of sets played. Novak Djokovic played 24 Grand Slam matches through 2019 winning almost 92% of his matches, near 86% of sets played and near on 63% of games played. Of the top ten players of 2019 only three mens players eclipsed the 55% mark for point won, those being the famous trio of Nadal, Djokovic and Federer while Nadal and Djokovic were the only two mens players to win over 60% of games played in Grand Slam tournaments.

R Nadal 26 92.31% 85 85.88% 757 64.33% 4620 56.62%
N Djokovic 24 91.67% 77 85.71% 728 62.91% 4289 56.07%
R Federer 22 81.82% 77 76.62% 736 59.10% 4643 55.01%
K Nishikori 18 77.78% 64 64.06% 628 54.62% 4051 52.06%
D Medvedev 15 73.33% 57 70.18% 556 54.68% 3523 53.14%
D Goffin 15 73.33% 51 66.67% 463 54.43% 2856 51.89%
R Bautista Agul 15 73.33% 56 66.07% 540 56.30% 3368 53.44%
A Zverev 14 71.43% 56 57.14% 524 52.10% 3415 50.95%
S Wawrinka 14 71.43% 49 63.27% 513 54.58% 3367 51.89%
G Dimitrov 13 69.23% 51 58.82% 516 54.56% 3369 52.12%

Australian Open Favourites

While the men’s tournament has been dominated by two players – Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer – the last ten tournaments, the women’s tournament has seen seven winners. Novak Djokovic has won six of the last ten tournaments with Federer winning three while Serena Williams has won three women’s tournaments.

2019 Novak Djokovic Naomi Osaka
2018 Roger Federer Caroline Wozniacki
2017 Roger Federer Serena Williams
2016 Novak Djokovic Angelique Kerber
2015 Novak Djokovic Serena Williams
2014 Stan Wawrinka Li Na
2013 Novak Djokovic Victoria Azarenka
2012 Novak Djokovic Victoria Azarenka
2011 Novak Djokovic Kim Clijsters
2010 Roger Federer Serena Williams

Australian Open Odds, January 20 – February 2

While Novak Djokovic is listed as favourite to win the 2020 Australian men’s open title, priced currently at odds of 2.60 across most bookmakers, this year’s tournament looks to be an open affair. Rafael Nadal is second in the betting right behind the Serbian great, at odds of 4.50, with the remaining field listed at odds of 10.0 or greater including Roger Federer at odds of 10.0.

The women’s tournament is wide open with Serena Williams favourite at the tempting odds of 6.50. Bianca Andreescu is listed at odds of 8.0, Ashleigh Barty at 9.0, defending tournament champion Naomi Osaka likewise at odds of 9.0 with the field at odds of 10.0 or greater. 2018 champion Caroline Wozniacki is listed odds of 34.0 while 2016 champion Angelique Kerber is available at odds of 26.0.

Bet On Australian Open Tennis

if you have never bet on tennis, maybe it’s about time you started! And if you are a tennis betting virgin, you could not choose a better tournament to bet on tennis than the Australian Open. The wide variety of free expert Australian Open betting tips provided by bettingexpert means that you can safely bet on tennis in the knowledge that you will more than likely come up trumps.

It’s not hard to see why the sport of tennis is so incredibly popular, both with sports fans and fans of sports betting. The men’s game has never been more exciting than it has for the past decade and a half, with super athletes such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka carving up all of the major grand slam trophies between them and raising tennis to previously unseen levels. The fitness and stamina these players display is unmatched in the world of sport, and it is commonplace these days to see grand slam finals lasting four or even five hours

Likewise, in the women’s game the awesome power and athleticism displayed by Serena and Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova and youngsters like Garbine Muguruza would probably brush aside male players from 30 years ago.

This all adds up to a sport that offers a wide variety of betting opportunities, and works extremely well with in-play betting and live streaming. The average game in a tennis match lasts between 3-5 minutes, which means that a sports bettor is guaranteed an outcome a dozen times in an hour – something unmatched by any other sport. Just try in-play betting on the next game in a tennis match to see how much fun it is!

Employ A Betting Strategy

Whenever you choose to partake in sports betting seriously, it is essential to employ a betting strategy. The bettingexpert Academy is the No.1 resource when it comes to scientific sports betting. Additionally, our Tennis Betting Guide has all the information you need to vastly improve your tennis betting.

Here are just some examples of advice that can be found using our Tennis betting guide:

  • Only Bet When There’s Value – It’s common-sense, yet many forget the most basic rule in sports betting: Don’t waste money on bets that aren’t likely to come off, or don’t earn you anything if they do.
  • Specialise – Tennis offers a multitude of betting markets. Find out what market you enjoy the most and have the most success with, and focus your tennis betting attention on it.
  • Have Several Bookmaker Accounts – This is just common sense; not all bookies will offer the best odds for your bet, having several accounts ensures you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Keep A Record – Maintaining a record of your prior wagers enables you to see where you might have gone wrong, and also allows you to get a clear picture of what markets you excel at.

More specific, tennis related advice includes:

Do Your Research

The more you know about the players at the Australian Open, the luckier you will become in your tennis betting. Find out which players have been working hard over the Christmas period, and which have been taking it easy!

Check Head-to-Head Matchups

Check out the Head-to-Head matchup between two players about to meet, and see how their previous six meetings went to get an insight into how their latest match will play out.

Look Out For The Upset

Going into a match, the higher ranked player will likely be the bookies pick to win, but a little research could reveal that the favourite is carrying an injury, has a terrible record at the Australian Open, or maybe has a losing record against his opponent.

Want to learn more? Visit the bettingexpert Academy and read our Tennis Betting Guide.

Bookmakers For Betting On Australian Open

When choosing an online bookmaker, avoid anything hailing from the US, stick to the well-established big names and be sure that your bookmaker provides these four key elements:

  • Consistently Competitive Odds
  • A Wide Range Of Betting Markets
  • All Major Competitions Covered
  • Extensive In-Play Betting Markets

In-play betting has really caught on in the past few years, and enables you to actually bet on the action during the course of the game, which can only add to the excitement. Some bookmakers now provide Live-Streaming for tennis games, which will only add to the whole in play betting experience.

To find the ideal bookmaker to use for your tennis betting, be sure to read our detailed bookmaker reviews.

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