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Free Grand Slam Betting Tips

Grand Slam tennis is the pinnacle for any professional tennis star and also presents the best and most exciting betting opportunities for the tennis bettor.

There are four Grand Slams played every year, the Australian Open from Melbourne, the French Open from Paris, Wimbledon from London and finally the US Open from New York. These tournaments represent the ultimate challenge for the tennis professional and winning one of these iconic titles defines a players career.

All four Grand Slams are played over two weeks and consists of four rounds, followed by the quarterfinals, semifinals and final, a stern test on the mental and physical ability of the athlete.

Grand Slam Dates 2018

Grand Slam From To Where
Grand Slam Betting Tips Australian Open mid January late January Melbourne
Grand Slam Betting Tips French Open late May early June Paris
Grand Slam Betting Tips Wimbledon late June early July London
Grand Slam Betting Tips US Open late August early September New York

Betting on tennis is one of the most popular for bookmakers as both the WTA and ATP Tours run throughout the year often featuring three to four tournaments per week, however it is during the two weeks of a Grand Slam that betting is at it’s most popular.

Grand Slam tennis features all the very best players in the world from both the Tours and with the matches lasting longer and the tournaments lasting two weeks the opportunities of in-play betting are limitless, not to mention the sheer amount of matches available to bet on.

Betting on the tennis Grand Slams has never been more popular main down to the fact that over the last 10-years the tennis world has been graced by some of the sports greatest players both on the WTA and ATP Tours. Few would argue that Roger Federer, Rafal Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, with no less than 61 Slams between them, have driven the brand of the sport forward with some quite scintilating tennis and rivalry down the years and having the opportunity of live streaming coupled with in-play betting is one of the most thrilling experiences for the tennis bettor in Grand Slams.

Down the years Grand Slam champions like Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Andre Agassi and Petre Sampras to name a few, have thrilled the crowds, but none more so than Roger Federer who is the greatest champion of them all with 17 Grand Slam titles, three clear of Rafa Nadal and Pete Sampras.

Top Men’s Grand Slam Winners

Player Total Grand Slams Australian Open French Open Wimbledon US Open
Grand Slam Betting Tips Roger Federer 20 6 1 8 5
Grand Slam Betting Tips Pete Sampras 14 2 7 5
Grand Slam Betting TipsRafael Nadal 17 1 11 2 3
Grand Slam Betting TipsRoy Emerson 12 6 2 2 2
Grand Slam Betting TipsNovak Djokovic 13 6 1 4 2

For the women, names like Billy Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Steffi Graf and Martina Hingis, are regarded as the greatest of their generations, however Serena Williams, in the twighlight of her career, is creating history with her performances. Steffi Graf remains the most successful in the Open era with 22 Slams, one clear of Williams.

Top Women’s Grand Slam Winners

Player Total Grand Slams Australian Open French Open Wimbledon US Open
Grand Slam Betting Tips Margaret Court 24 11 5 3 5
Grand Slam Betting Tips Steffi Graf 22 4 6 7 5
Grand Slam Betting Tips Serena Williams 23 7 3 7 6
Grand Slam Betting Tips Helen Wills Moody 19 4 8 7
Grand Slam Betting TipsChris Evert 18 2 7 3 6
Grand Slam Betting TipsMartina Navratilova 18 3 2 9 4

Grand Slam Best Tipsters

bettingexpert has over half a million tennis tips every year from our community of leading tennis tipsters, with the most popular time being around the Grand Slams. This gives the opportunity for the Grand Slam tennis bettor a great chance to get a look a some of the leading tennis tipsters and their successful betting strategies.

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Here are some of bettingexpert’s leading Grand Slam tennis tipsters over the last two years.

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Grand Slam Betting Tips

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How To Bet On Grand Slam Tennis

To maximise your chances of making profit when you bet on Grand Slam tennis, it’s vital you learn the best grand slam betting strategies and how to understand tennis odds. This is key to Grand Slam tennis betting. Our tipsters will help you with this, as well as our betting guides on How To Bet On The Australian Open, How To Bet On The French Open, How To Bet On Wimbledon and How To Bet On The US Open.

Leaning how tennis odds work is important to develop your ability to spot value bets and understand which bookmaker is offering you the best markets at the best price. Many bookmakers offer enhanced odds or money back specials on the biggest events too, to optimise the profit you make. Tennis odds for Wimbledon, for example, are often subject to bookmaker promotions, our tipsters will help you find the best odds as well as our bettingexpert free bets page.

Where To Bet On Grand Slam Tennis

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As well as Grand Slam tennis tips, our bettingexpert tipsters post hundreds of tips on a variety of sports every day. From outright predictions to total points in a game, our tipsters are on hand to help you with not just their Grand Slam tennis but many different sports and events! Check out our tips page and see how we can help you with your betting!

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