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The WTA Tour is one of the most recognisable ladies sporting brands on a global scale providing top class betting opportunites for the tennis fan. Serena Williamsis one of the greatest players that has ever graced the WTA Tour, with her success and popularity alongside a host of other glamorous stars the driving force behind the image of the WTA Tour.

The WTA Tour is a globetrotting roadshow providing extensive betting opportunites on a daily basis throughout the year and much like the ATP Tour, tournaments are played on a number of different surfaces which is important for you to consider when betting on the tennis. 

Certain players are suited to certain surfaces and it is crucial if you are going to create a winning WTA Tour betting strategy that you do some research and get to know this really important betting factor. This is where our bettingexpert tipsters come in. When the WTA Tour begins, our tipsters provide you with their WTA betting tips and tennis predictions to help you when it comes to your own tennis betting.

Our tipsters not only post their WTA tennis tips, they also provide a preview explaining their reasons for their bets. Even better than that, our WTA betting tips are absolutely free!

An important consideration when betting on the WTA Tour is knowing and understanding recent form of players. Always look to back a player when they are on a winning run but also look at their schedule. It is a long season with plenty of travelling for the players on the WTA Tour, niggling injuries and fatigue can certainly result in a sudden dip in form, so while class is permanent, don’t forget form can be temporary.

The WTA Tour is an exceptionally exciting sport to bet on mainly due to the competitive nature of the Tour. Other than Serena Williams, many of the top 25 in the ladies game can mount a challenge on a respective title. Adding to this, tournaments going on almost every week of the year and superb in-play opportunities offered by most bookmakers, are just some of the reasons why betting on tennis is so incredibly popular.

Outside of the coveted four Grand Slams, WTA Tour betting is at its most popular during the three Premier Mandatory, the four Premier 5 tournaments and the three Premier events held around the world and on different surfaces. With 1000, 900 and 450 WTA Tour ranking points up for grabs, these tournaments feature as a top priority for all the leading players.The fact that all the top players feature in these high profile events fuels the passion of the tennis bettor and what better way than to bet live and in-play when the best players are going head-to-head.

WTA Tour Best Tipsters

With close to one million WTA and ATP Tour tennis tips placed every year by leading tennis tipsters, bettingexpert has become the go to site for tennis bettors. Many of our tipsters produce exceptionally high yield WTA Tour tips, which are available to any tennis bettor to mirror in a winning strategy. Let the expert tipsters make the decision for you!

It’s easy to find our best tipsters. Click on a tipsters’ profile, go to the User Statistics tab and you will see how successful that tipster has been with their previous WTA tennis predictions. We rank our tipsters in terms of profit and yield too, so you can be sure to follow the best of our tipsters! Take a look at our best tennis tipsters over the last two years:

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WTA Betting Tips

Bettingexpert also provides tennis fans the chance to showcase their knowledge by joining our WTA Tour tennis tipster community for free! Create a profile on bettingexpert and start showcasing your WTA betting tips to start guiding others to making a winning decision.When joining the WTA Tour tipster community you immediately become part of our monthly tennis competition which can see you win a cash prize! Here are just some of the reasons you should sign up today and share your WTA betting tips :

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