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Works with Us is the world’s biggest social network of sports betting tipsters. Our global community of expert tipsters share their thoughts on upcoming matches to help other sports bettors place knowledge supported bets with the best odds available from a variety of bookmakers. also houses educational content that helps punters, both novice or experienced, develop stronger betting strategies. Our content includes in-depth bookmaker reviews, how-to guides for betting on a wide range of sports and leagues, stats based articles for upcoming matches, and our Betting Academy that teaches everything from the fundamentals of betting, to establishing a strong betting portfolio.

By using before you bet, you can feel confident that the bets you place are supported by the best tipster knowledge available today.

For our Tipsters rewards those who know the ins and outs of sports and sports betting. If you are the type of person who is interested in certain teams and leagues to the point where you can correctly predict potential outcomes—then will reward you with cash prizes.

When you tip on, you are automatically entered in a variety of our performance competitions. If you consistently share successful tips, and develop a high yield, you have the chance to win cash prizes directly from

Being an expert tipster is not an easy feat. For those who have the right skills, sharing their knowledge provides help to others who enjoy sports betting (but who are potentially lacking certain areas of knowledge). Your ability to help guide others towards a stronger betting strategy is the reason why we at want to reward your knowledge through prizes.

For our Tip Seekers

If you are looking for betting advice, you can trust the tips from our expert tipsters. The tipsters on earn prizes directly from us when they prove that their tips are overall winners—meaning our prize winners are consistently tipping successfully. Our strongest tipsters are also featured on our continuously updated Hot Tips page.

Whether you are a sports betting novice looking for fundamental advice, or an expert punter looking for insight into obscure markets and leagues,’s community of tipsters will be able to point you in the best direction.

Our Services Beyond Tips


Our match pages are designed to give a complete data overview of upcoming fixtures. These pages include a complete breakdown in the form of basic H2H stats, in depth statistics for betting markets, bookmaker odds overview, and (of course) all of the tips for the fixture from our tipster community.

Competitions rewards its top tipsters through 3 major competitions: Tipster of Year, Tipster of the Month, and Most Views. You can see a full breakdown of the competitions on our special competitions page.

By submitting tips, you are automatically entered into the chance to win our competitions. The competitions are completely free of charge and open to anyone.

If you are looking for the strongest tips on, the competition leader board is a good place to find proven tipsters. The majority of these tipsters are also featured on our Hot Tips page, which can be viewed when you sign up for a free account.

Bookmaker Reviews

Thanks to our tipsters, you will know which bets to place—but which bookmaker is best for you? houses reviews on top bookmakers from across the globe. In addition to our bookmaker reviews, we also host reviews for a variety of casino providers.

In our reviews you will find a complete ranking of bookmakers, as well as guides on how to sign up with various bookmakers, their pros and cons, as well as any promotional offers they have available.

It is important to note that only reviews and partners with bookmakers that are trusted in the industry. Even though bookmakers are key partners of ours, we are completely honest in how we review their services.’s core value is to benefit our users and their betting experience—honesty and transparency is something we will never compromise on.

News & Knowledge

Beyond our tips, hosts a diverse portfolio of content that will help our users become educated on every facet of the betting experience. A full breakdown of our content can be viewed below.

How To

The world of sports betting is vast, and it can be confusing to venture into new areas. Our How To section will give you the basic tools to handle these areas. Including fundamental guides to “Betting Theory” and “Betting Strategy”, the How To section also contains introductory knowledge for betting on various sports, how to analyse bookmakers, and much much more. Whether you want to bet on football or the Academy Awards, we have it covered.


If you are serious about improving your betting strategy, or just interested in learning the basics of betting, then enrolling in the Academy is right for you. With a set curriculum, the Academy will take you through 6 lessons, starting with “Betting Fundamentals” through to graduating with “Advanced Betting Theory”.

The Academy is completely free for anyone who wishes to join. Learn more about what you can expect from the Academy, as well as who has contributed to the lessons, over on the Academy page.


If you enjoy reading articles about your favourite sports and athletes from a unique stats perspective, then check out facts from Here we continuously update our archives with stories about upcoming events, and highlight interesting factoids based on past data trends.

Other Products is a product of Better Collective. Better Collective is a transparent facilitator for iGaming communities that provides supported insights and unique opportunities for people looking for an advantage when signing up with casino operators and bookmakers. Therefore, all of the products in the Better Collective family are aimed at giving knowledge to punters.


SmartBets is the iGaming industry’s first personalised odds comparison site that helps individual sports bettors find the most valuable odds by pitting leading bookmakers against each other. SmartBets believes in smart betting strategy, and presents information on every upcoming fixture based on past performances of teams in relations to betting markets, league standings, and other statistics.

We at SmartBets know that every punter is different—but the odds comparison industry is very uniform. That’s why we at SmartBets have made it easy for our users to pick and choose their favourite leagues, teams, and betting markets so that everyone’s personal feed presents matches and odds that matter to them as individuals.

Whether you are just a sports fan looking to support your favourite team, or an expert punter looking for value in specific markets and leagues, SmartBets has the best odds for you.

SmartBets is also available as an app for iOS. The app will help you keep track of the odds for your favourite teams, and notify you of valuable odds changes for upcoming matches.


bettingexpertLIVE is the ultimate 2nd screen experience app for users who enjoy in-play tipping and betting. As soon as a football match goes live, tipsters can start putting their knowledge on the line to win cash prizes through the app. Whether users just want to have a simulated betting experience while watching their favourite teams, or if they want to get the inside scoop on current in play odds, bettingexpertLIVE is the app of choice.

bettingexpertLIVE has been developed together with our partners at bet365. Utilizing bet365’s extensive in-play odds market, bettingexpertLIVE users are getting immediate access to the bookmaker’s up to date odds throughout any football match.

Discover Slots

With the world of slot machines continuously growing to include new games, it becomes tough to find the right game for you. At Discover Slots, we help our users find the game that matches their personal needs.

Whether you pick your game based on logistics, such as Bonus Rounds or Risk level, or if you prefer to pick games based on your favourite themes or TV shows, Discover Slots helps you find exactly what you want. Use our filter system to narrow down the countless games, and start playing the game that’s right for you.

The Story

Jesper and Christian

The owners of bettingexpert, Jesper and Christian, met in school and forged a friendship over betting. This friendship naturally developed into a professional partnership and they set up their first office in their apartment.

They quickly realised that there was a significant market niche for transparency in the betting industry. The duo took over the reigns at bettingexpert and swiftly attracted others to join the fledgling company which didn’t remain small for long.

Although the company has drastically changed since its inception, Jesper and Christian have remained true to their betting passion and ensure every new team member shares this interest. Today

Since its humble beginnings, has grown rapidly. As one of the flagship products of Better Collective, is constantly being maintained by a dedicated team located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Copenhagen office has grown from it’s original two founders, to house 90+ employees. Catering to the diverse crowd of visitors to, the office mirrors its user base with 20+ nationalities represented.


Thanks to our commitment to both our users and bookmaker partners, Better Collective has received the prestigious eGaming Review (EGR) Affiliate of the Year award in 2015. Additionally, as of 2016, Better Collective has won the coveted Gazelle Award for six consecutive years, as well as being recognized by the European Business Awards as the Entrepreneur of the Year for Denmark in 2016.

Our sister product, SmartBets, has also won the iGB and SBC award for Innovation of the Year in 2016 & 2017.

In 2018 Better Collective won Best Affiliate Product Innovation at the SBC Awards thanks to the Tipster API product. It is the second time Better Collective has won this award in the last three years.

bettingexpert - EGR 2015 Affiliate of the Year bettingexpert - EGR Nordics 2016 Affiliate of the Year EBA - National Champion 2016/17 Denmark

Our Business Model

With our fundamental principle being to provide transparency in the betting industry, it only seems right to disclose how operates. Learn more about our affiliate business model here.

Voice and Tone aims to produce a consistently high quality content across all its services. But with so much content, how do we plan to do this? Find out our strategy on our Voice and Tone page

Cookies Policy

Read about our cookie policy here.

Terms and Conditions

As per our Voice and Tone protocols, we believe that terms and conditions shouldn’t be shrouded in overly complex legal language. Please read our terms and conditions here, we done our best to make it as transparent and human sounding as possible.

Work with Us

Do you want to help us in improving bettingexpert? Browse all available jobs at bettingexpert at the moment. We are always looking for talented developers, designers and writers to join our team.