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I am an avid gambler who mainly likes to bet on the favourites I believe it is better to win small and slowly make money than to bet on the outsider and lose my stake. My main areas are darts and tennis where there are only 2 results possible with 1 on 1 matches. I also know my rugby and snooker but not as well. Football can bring up suprises all the time but i do know my football so will still post tips where i see a good bet. I will usually bet on the favourites where there is value but where i see something as 50/50 or better, its makes profitable sense to go with the outsider. I dont just post these tips for this website, i use the tips and bet each and every one myself. However i do it with 5times the unit i place on here, so whatever profit i have on here, i will have 5times that amount in my bank. If you follow my tips carefully, you could have the same profit margins If you find my tips useful, please like and subscribe.

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