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4 Asian Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is not only popular with American football, but also basketball, baseball, rugby, ice hockey and even football where it is most commonly referred to as Asian handicap betting.

Let's take a look at the different kinds of Asian Handicap betting available for football.

1. Asian Handicap Betting -0.5 or +0.5 Handicap

Team A (-0,5) vs Team B (+0,5).

Team A in this example is considered the favourite to win, which is reflected in Team B's +0.5 advantage. +0.5 simply means that Team B is rewarded half a goal at the conclusion of the match.

If the match is a draw, Team B will then be the winner since they end the match with half a goal more than Team A.

If you put your money on Team B you will benefit from two possible outcomes: Team B win or draws, you win. Another way of expressing this is Team A needs to win for your bet to lose.

2. Asian Handicap Betting - 0 Handicap

When two teams are likely to draw, the 0 handicap express that if your team wins, so does your bet. Asian Handicaps were largely created to eliminate a draw as an available option, so if the match is a draw, your stake is returned just as if the bet never happened.

3. Asian Handicap Betting - 1 Handicap

This handicap works just like a 0.5 handicap. But when the handicap is 1 it means one of the teams is given a 1 goal advantage.

Team A is in this case a bigger favourite thus rewarded a -1 handicap.

If your money is on Team B, Team A needs to win by two goals or more for you to lose. Remember that a 1-0 win to Team A equals a draw, which is still a result in your favour since a defeat with just one goal means you get your stake refunded.

When you bet on Team B (+1) the possible outcomes look like this:

Team B wins You win.
Team B draws You win (the kicker is the 1 goal handicap advantage.)
Team B loses by one goal Your stake is refunded
Team B loses by more than one goal You lose the bet

4. Asian Handicap Betting - 1.5 Handicap

Betting on Team B, the handicap is this time +1.5:

Team B wins You win
Team B draws You win
Team B loses by one You win
Team B loses by two or more You lose

5. Split Asian Handicap / Quarter Asian Handicap Betting

Compared to other sports, soccer is a relatively low-scoring affair. Thus it didn't take the bookies long to diversify the available handicaps even more, and offer split bets, that are also known as “quarter Asians”.

If you bet on these handicaps, your initial stake is divided equally among two Asian handicaps.

Bets will for example be expressed in this manner:

Team B +0 and +0.5.

In this example, half your stake is placed on the +0 option, and the other on +0.5. Thus your returns depending on the end result look like this:

Team B wins your whole bet wins.
Team B draws half of your stake is refunded (the +0 part), the other half is returned as a winning bet.

Thus you win half of what you would have won if Team B actually had won the match.

Team B loses you lose your whole stake.

Often the +0/+0.5 betting option is referred to as +0.25, as this is straight in the middle of both values. That's why bets like these are also called “quarter Asians.”.

There is another variant of this, like the Team B -0.25 option (equalling -0 and -0.5). In this case the different outcomes play out like this for your bet:

Team B wins your whole bet wins.
Team B draws you lose half your stake.
Team B loses you lose your whole stake.

As you can see, there are many layers of complexity to Asian handicap betting that can make it both an exciting and intriguing way to bet.