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What Is Request A Bet?

Ever wanted to create your own super mega multi, incorporating an imaginative and diverse range of elements? Bookmakers such as William Hill, Sky Bet and Ladbrokes now give you the opportunity to do just that.

Want odds on a match ending over 2.5 goals, featuring one red card, under 12.5 corners and the home club being held scoreless in the first half? Now you can ask bookmakers such as William Hill, Sky Bet or Ladbrokes to price up that exact or any other combination of outcomes in a single given sporting event.

How To Request A Bet

What is request a bet? Request a bet allows you to create your own betting accumulators away from the traditional form of accumulator betting. Traditionally bookmakers allow customers to create accumulators from outcomes across a number of individual sporting events. For example betting on 1X2 results across five separate matches.

Request a bet now allows bettors to create accumulators on outcomes within a single sporting event. You can now bet on how many goals will be scored. Or, the match result, whether both teams will score, how many cards will be given, the number of corners and so on. This could be all within the one football match and likewise other sporting events such as tennis, basketball and many more.

Sure, it’s great to place a bet on the Champions League Final. Now you can bet on a whole range of outcomes occurring within the Final. This boosts your odds and your overall excitement all thanks to request a bet.

Wondering how to request a bet?Itt is fairly standard across bookmakers such as Your Odds William Hill, Request A Bet Sky Bet and Ladbrokes Get A Price. You simply tweet your combination of outcomes to their twitter account using their request a bet hashtag.

For William Hill use the hashtag #yourodds, for Sky Bet using the hashtag #requestabet and for Ladbrokes use the hashtag #getaprice. It’s that easy.

Once the social media team receive your submission, they will pass it on their traders. They will then return offering your what they deem to be fair odds on your accumulator.

Your Odds William Hill

Sign Up With William Hill And Request A Bet Today

Your Odds William Hill

A William Hill customer? You can submit your bet combination via the William Hill twitter account @williamhill using the hashtag #yourodds. Once you have submitted your tweet, William Hill’s social media staff will past your request on to their team of traders. They will return with what they deem to be fair odds for your requested bet.

Your Odds William Hill

As we can see in the example above, @mikeymellor21 has submitted the following request in a match between Russia and New Zealand:

  • Russia to win
  • Over 2 cards issued
  • Over 2.5 goals scored
  • Over 11 corners taken

We can see that William Hill has offered him odds of 6/1 (7.0) for this accumulator. To take these odds, Mikey simply needs to click the link provided to populate his bet slip, enter his stake and confirm his bet.

Please note only YourOdds requests submitted via Twitter will be considered. So don’t submit requests via Facebook, email or any other medium.

Also note that while William Hill strive to price up as many YourOdds requests as they can, it is not always feasible. Nevertheless, it always pays to submit your request. Particularly if you think you have a combination offering genuine value.

Sign Up With William Hill And Request A Bet Today

How Your Odds William Hill Works

There is one primary way in which William Hill YourOdds differs from typical accumulator bets. Rather than creating an accumulator based on outcomes in discrete events (i.e two separate sporting events) William Hill YourOdds allows you to combine outcomes in a single given sporting event.

For example, rather than betting on the following traditional accumulator:

  1. Manchester City vs Arsenal, Over 2.5 goals
  2. Manchester United to score first vs Tottenham
  3. Chelsea to score Over 1.5 goals vs Everton
  4. Liverpool to win vs West Ham

William Hill YourOdds allows you to bet on the following combinations:

  1. Liverpool to win vs West Ham
  2. Over 2.5 goals Liverpool vs West Ham
  3. Liverpool to score Over 1.5 goals vs West Ham
  4. Both Teams To Score Liverpool vs West Ham

If Liverpool wins their match with West Ham, the match ends over 2.5 goals, Liverpool scores over 1.5 goals and both Liverpool and West Ham score, your bet will bet a winner.

Your Odds William Hill

How To Bet On Your Odds William Hill Successfully

A bet where you are betting on a range of outcomes in a single given betting event is known as a correlated accumulator. This means that outcomes within the one bet are related to one another.

The key to succeeding when bet on William Hill YourOdds is to ensure that each of your selections correlate with the other. Strictly or strategically.

For example, the following is an example for a strictly correlated accumulator:

  1. Arsenal to win
  2. Arsenal to score Over 0.5 goals
  3. Arsenal vs Chelsea to finish Over 0.5 goals
  4. Arsenal +0.5 Asian handicap

As we can see, this is a strictly correlated accumulator. If Arsenal win, they will naturally have scored Over 0.5 goals. If Arsenal win, the match will likewise have finished with over 0.5 goals scored. If Arsenal win, they will have naturally covered the +0.5 handicap.

Unfortunately a correlated accumulator as strict as this is not going to boost your odds. You will essentially receive the same odds as you would for an Arsenal victory. The additional selections in the accumulator will add little if any value to your bet.

So what to do then? This is where a shrewd punter can take advantage by creating strategically correlated accumulators via William Hill YourOdds.

What would a strategical accumulator look like? Here’s an example:

  1. Arsenal to win
  2. Arsenal to score Over 1.5 goals
  3. Chelsea to have 0.5 red cards
  4. Chelsea to score Under 0.5 goals

Now we have something a little more intriguing. Here we want Arsenal to win the match. We believe they will score at least two goals in winning the match. Importantly we believe Chelsea will have a red card. If this is the case the chances of Arsenal winning, scoring over 1.5 goals and Chelsea not scoring are all enhanced.

Whichever way you want to approach your William Hill YourOdds submission, it’s key to ensure you submit a correlated accumulator. Don’t embarrass yourself by submitting an uncorrelated accumulator, such as:

  1. Arsenal to win
  2. Chelsea to score Over 3.5 goals
  3. Arsenal to score Under 1.5 goals
  4. Arsenal v Chelsea Both Teams To Score No

It should be obvious that this accumulator is void as it’s impossible for Arsenal to win while scoring under 1.5 goals and Chelsea scoring over 3.5 goals.

Sign Up With William Hill And Request A Bet Today

Request A Bet Sky Bet

Sky Bet also offer their own odds request feature. They call it Request A Bet Sky bet. Similar to William Hill’s YourOdds, customers can contact the Sky Bet trading team via the Sky Bet twitter account @SkyBet.

Tweet your request using the hashtag #requestabet. The Sky Bet social media team will pass your bet combination on to the Sky Bet traders. They'll return with what they feel is a fair price for your bet.

You can also browse and place bets on combinations that have already been priced up by Request a bet Sky bet.

Ladbrokes GetAPrice

Ladbrokes also offer their own request a bet feature. This is called GetAPrice. Just like William Hill’s YourOdds and Sky Bet’s Request A Bet, Ladbrokes customers can contact the social media team via the Ladbrokes twitter account @Ladbrokes. Make sure you use the hashtag #GetAPrice.

Submit your combination. The Ladbrokes trading staff will return a price they feel is fair.

Ladbrokes’ #GetAPrice is available on all Premier League, Championship, Scottish Premiership, Champions League, La Liga and Serie A matches. The following markets are available:

  1. Match Result
  2. Both Teams to Score
  3. Total Match Goals
  4. Total Match Corners
  5. Total Match Booking Points

You can also make selections from player stats. These could be a player to be carded, goalscorers, shots, passes, tackles and assists.

Ladbrokes get a price

888Sport Market Maker

888Sport have recently released their own Request A Bet product. They've branded the featuring 888Sport MarketMaker. They trialled the product during the 2018 World Cup. You can submit your own bet request via the 888Sport Twitter account. You'll find all current MarketMaker bets listed on the 888Sport website.

888sport marketmaker

Request A Bet Revolution

Whatever your preferred bookmaker calls it, Your Odds, Request A Bet or GetAPrice, the ability to submit a bet of your own is a tremendous feature. It could very well revolutionise the way that we bet.

To request a bet today, sign up with William Hill and take advantage of their Your Odds feature.