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Aleksandr Nedovyesov vs Joao Domingues Betting Tip, Prediction & Preview

12 Prediction: Joao Domingues will win in 1st set at odds 1.80

Final result: Win
-11.05 %Yield
stake10/10 deuce123 has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

Aleksandr Nedovyesov vs Joao Domingues: Betting Preview & Tip

One of my favorite ATP players takes to the court and joao domingues is favourite in this match. he has been set to play with a player he should be able to beat fairly gracefully. Though ranking do not always reflect the nature that a game will take, it good to look at it and see where it favors. aleksandr nedovyesov is at #225 and joao domingues is at #185. Taking a look at the ELO standings, aleksandr nedovyesov is ranked in position 243 with points 1477.8, whereas joao domingues is ranked in position 211 with points 1515.8 which roughly translates to win probality of 55.4%. Getting into this game, joao domingues will be confident as he is better suited to playing on compared to him opponent and will definetely be taking this home reposefully. However, there is no cloud of doubt in my mind when I do say joao domingues will take the full event and even might do so easily.

Final result
18 Return
10 stake
8 Profit

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