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Major League Baseball (MLB) Betting Tips

Today’s MLB Betting Tips

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Unsurprisingly, a sport such as baseball generates a huge amount of betting interest, and a large demand for baseball betting tips, MLB betting tips in particular. During the MLB season bettingexpert’s top baseball tipsters post MLB betting tips for multiple games on a daily basis.

MLB teams each play 162 regular season league games, and the league’s 30 teams will play a combined 2,430 games during the regular season alone, not to mention the Post Season (or Playoffs) and of course, the iconic World Series. This all adds up to a huge amount of MLB betting opportunities, and the chance to use plenty of MLB betting tips.

Bettingexpert’s MLB betting tips cover traditional markets such as Match Winner, Run Total and Points Spread as well as Divisional, Pennant and World Series Outrights.

How Can I Find Today’s MLB Betting Tips?

Logging on to bettingexpert and finding today’s MLB betting tips could not be easier. At the top of the MLB betting tips page you will see that day’s three most tipped MLB games along with the number of tips posted on each one. To see the tips for a specific MLB game, just click on it and its match tips will appear.

You can also find today’s MLB betting tips by looking up the MLB schedule at bettingexpert. The daily MLB schedule lists all of that day’s MLB matches complete with the number of MLB betting tips posted for each match.

To view a game’s tips just click on it and its tips will appear. If you don’t immediately see a specific game you are looking, click on the Load More button and additional scheduled MLB games will appear.
To view a day’s MLB schedule including tips, live scores and results, just click on the View Full Schedule button.

All MLB betting tips at bettingexpert feature the following information:

  • Time and date of the match or event
  • Competing MLB teams
  • Tipster name and their tipster rating
  • Bookmaker, current odds and odds taken at the time of publishing tip
  • Bet type and market
  • Prediction
  • Tip preview and analysis

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Free MLB Betting Tips

At bettingexpert all of our content, including our in-depth bookmaker reviews, our educational content such as that featured in the bettingexpert Academy, plus our free MLB betting tips is all open to view and use. All of the free MLB betting tips posted at bettingexpert are produced by our community of bettingexpert members.

Signing up with bettingexpert will allow you the chance to enjoy the enhanced benefits that go with being part of an international community, and we encourage all regular users of the site to join us. Despite the many exclusive benefits to be gained by being part of the bettingexpert family, free MLB betting tips are not one of them, as they are already available to everyone, and they are already 100% free!

Long ago we chose not to charge for our free MLB betting tips, and despite the enormous popularity of our predictions, we have stuck to our guns, and our free MLB betting tips remain exactly that – free.

Those payment-based betting prediction sites never provide any valid proof of the supposed highly technical systems they use to produce their “expert” tips, nor do they show any proof of their long-term profitability.

By comparison at bettingexpert we clearly show the performance of each of the tipsters in our community and ensure that all stats and data are available for public access, all our tips – including our MLB betting tips – remain absolutely free.

While there may be some payment-based sports betting websites who charge for MLB betting tips that do turn a profit, such sites are a rarity. The harsh reality is that the vast majority of those people who choose to use these sites will sustain heavy financial losses as a result of paying out large sums for so-called expert tips, then making very little profit in return.

The bottom line is when bettingexpert’s top tipsters are consistently providing free tips across a broad spectrum of sports – including MLB – why would any sane person then go out and pay for third rate betting predictions from an unscrupulous website? Check out our MLB tipsters and their MLB betting tips and start following them today and throughout the MLB season.

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Expert MLB Betting Tips

Do you sometimes wish you could share the mind-set of bettingexpert’s top MLB tipsters, and consistently come up with winning MLB betting tips throughout the baseball season? Unless you are telepathic that is unlikely to happen. However, you can certainly improve upon your sports betting success rate by following expert MLB betting tips at bettingexpert.

On this page’s right sidebar you can see the current top-five MLB betting tipsters (ranked by their career profit). At the top of the right sidebar you can also view the current best MLB tip (ranked according to tipster MLB profitability). This tip is the very best MLB tip currently posted by our bettingexpert community and it’s free for all to use!

Are you curious about the origins of bettingexpert’s army of expert MLB tipsters? For several years now bettingexpert has been steadily growing what has become an extremely large online community of highly talented sports betting tipsters who boast that essential combination of love of sports, the capacity to process large amounts of information, and years of experience.

For example our MLB expert tipsters hail from all corners of the globe, from every continent, and a multitude of different countries. They have one thing in common, the desire to post winning MLB betting tips.

They all share a tremendous knowledge of MLB and its machinations, and have ability to parlay this knowledge into consistently profitable MLB betting tips across a wide range of MLB betting markets.

Our MLB betting tipsters aren’t just about predicting a Game Winner (Moneyline). They also provide tips for a wide range of MLB betting markets such as Run Total, Spread, Over and Under, plus divisional and conference Outrights, and of course, winning tips for the World Series itself.

Of course, what makes our tips even more appealing to the MLB betting public is that not only are they of the highest standard available, they are also absolutely free. Remember, if you want the very best free MLB betting tips available online, look no further than bettingexpert.

We are certain we have the very best MLB betting tipsters in the business, both online or offline. There are simply no other MLB betting sites that come close to providing winning MLB tips that bettingexpert’s MLB community achieves.

What’s more, our system of success is open for all to see: Each of bettingexpert’s tipster’s profiles and tipping history is available for public viewing, and clearly details the Total Profit and Yield that each of our tipsters has made to date. This proves beyond doubt use bettingexpert’s MLB betting tips, you do so safe in the knowledge that they were produced by the most legitimate tipsters on the internet.

MLB Betting Stats

If you want to improve your MLB betting returns, a good place to start is to analyse a large sample size of MLB betting stats. Doing so can help you find angles and biases that other MLB tipsters and bettors simply do not consider. Here we will take a look at MLB stats dating back to the 2007 season beginning with a situational analysis of straight up win-loss results.

Straight Up Win-Loss MLB Stats

The table below shows win-loss percentages for MLB teams in a range of situations. For example, we can see that home teams in  MLB win almost 54% of games. This represents a home field advantage that is less than that of the NFL where home teams win around 57% of their games.

One factor that is often discussed when it comes to MLB betting is rest. We can see that while there is no distinct advantage for a team coming off a number of days rest, there is an advantage when a team has had more rest than their opponents, with such teams winning over 51% of their games. It’s only a slight advantage, but a factor to keep in mind when betting on MLB games.

Home Teams 53.9% 46.1%
Away Teams 46.1% 53.9%
Favourites 57.6% 42.4%
Underdogs 42.4% 57.6%
Home Favourites 58.5% 41.5%
Home Underdogs 44.3% 55.7%
Away Favourites 55.7% 44.3%
Away Underdogs 41.5% 58.5%
After A Win 51.2% 48.8%
After A Loss 48.8% 51.2%
After 1 Days Rest 50.4% 49.6%
After 2 or 3 Days Rest 50.1% 49.9%
After 4 or More Days Rest 50.5% 49.5%
With More Rest 51.4% 48.6%

Run Line MLB Stats

Run lines are a popular way of betting on MLB games. A run line is essentially a 1.5 run handicap given to the favourite and a 1.5 run advantage given to the underdog. While we can see distinct advantages for teams in certain situations, such as underdogs playing away from home, we do need to consider the betting odds for these games, as run line odds can vary from between 1.50 and 2.50 rather than the standard 1.90 for handicaps for the NFL and NBA.