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Betway Licence
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Betway Regulation
Betway Licence
Where Is Betway Legal?
Where Is Betway Illegal?
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Betway Licence & Regulation

Betway is currently one of the fastest growing bookmakers in the betting industry, with licences held in eight countries.

As online betting continues to grow across the globe, the nations from which you may bet with Betway will continue to develop. In this article we will inform you as to whether you can currently bet with Betway from your country of residence.

Betway Licence & Regulation Summarised

betway RegulationLicensed?
UK Yes
Canada No
India No
Australia No
More info Check all licensed countries now

Betway licence

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Betway Licence - Where?

In which nations do Betway currently hold a licence? At this time there are eight nations in which Betway hold a licence:

Countries holding a Betway licence

Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Malta, Spain & UK

A Betway licence allows Betway to offer sports (and in some cases, casino) betting across the planet. With their current rate of growth and increase popularity, we expect to see Betway holding licences in an increasing number of nations in the near future.

Where Is Betway Legal?

Is Betway legit? How many countries permit their residence to bet with Betway? It is currently legal for residents of 14 nations to bet with Betway. This may seem somewhat limited, but we are sure the number of nations where it is legal to bet with Betway will continue to grow.

You can currently bet with Betway in each of these nations:

Countries Where Betway Is Legal

Belgium  Betway Belgium
Canada  Betway Canada
Denmark  Betway Denmark
Ireland  Betway Ireland
Italy  Betway Italy
Spain  Betway Spain
United Kingdom  Betway UK
Finland  Betway Finland
Germany  Betway Germany
Norway  Betway Norway
Sweden  Betway Sweden
Austria  Betway Austria
Liechtenstein  Betway Liechenstein
Luxembourg  Betway Luxembourg
Switzerland  Betway Switzerland

If you reside in any of these countries, you can join Betway, deposit funds, claim your welcome bonus and begin placing bets. Please note that the nature of the welcome bonus depends on the nation you currently reside in. For UK customers, please read our guide to claiming your Betway bonus for more information.

As a member of Betway, you have access to literally hundreds of betting markets every day. No matter what sport, league or tournament you love to bet on, Betway offers you an excellent menu of betting markets and odds, both pre-match and in-play.

If football is your preference, you're in luck. Betway offers markets on every major football league and competition including the Premier League and Champions League not to mention markets on virtually every football league in the world.

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Where Is Betway Illegal?

Betway is quickly becoming one of the most popular bookmakers in the industry. It's unfortunate however that Betway is not legal in every country, with citizens in a number of nations unable to enjoy betting with Betway.

Countries where it is illegal to bet with Betway are:

Countries where Betway is illegal

Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Greenland, Guyana, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, Myanmar, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Romania ,Russia, Singapore ,South Africa, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, USA, Vanuatu, Yemen

Obviously it's a disappointment for any of our readers living in these locations. But as we stated earlier, online gaming legislation continues to evolve across the world. We expect to see more and more countries welcome bookmakers such as Betway in the coming decade.

Why is Betway illegal?

There are numerous reasons as to why it may be illegal to bet with Betway in your country of residence.

Firstly, many nations have not been quick to update and modernise their online gaming legislation. Many nations still operate under legislation composed over a decade ago. The good news is that many nations have recognised the popularity of online betting and are beginning to catch up.

My Country Isn't Listed. Can I bet with Betway?

Some nations call into a grey area when it comes to online betting. While it may not be explicitly legal, it is not exactly illegal either.

Once again, this grey area has been created by a legislative void in many countries. As a result, the legality of betting with bookmakers such as Betway is yet to be clarified.

Betway UK

Betway UKYes, it is certainly legal to bet with Betway in the United Kingdom. The main Betway UK site is designed specifically for UK customers. To learn more, please read our full Betway UK review.

Betway France

Betway FranceIs it illegal to bet with Betway in France. Unfortunately we have to inform you that yes, Betway is illegal in France due to no Betway licence being held that permits wagering in France. This of course disappointing as we know how much our French readers enjoy betting, particularly on football.

Betway Germany

Betway GermanyIt is legal to bet with Betway in Germany. While Germany is known for having rather restrictive gambling laws, we can inform your German readers that betting with Betway is legal in German. You can also claim a superb welcome bonus when you register with Betway from Germany.

Betway Italy

Betway ItalyIt is legal to bet with Betway in Italy. In fact Betway has it's own site dedicated to Italian customers. How great is that? If you're in Italy and click through this link, you'll be taken directly to the Betway Italy site. Betting on some of the best football in the world, including Serie A and the Champions League is just a few clicks away for Betway Italian bettors.

Betway India

Betway IndiaIs Betway legal in India? While India is not on the list of nations where Betway is restricted, it is similarly not listed as a nation where Betway is legal. So what to do? Our recommendation would be to find an alternative bookmaker. If you're an Indian resident and enjoy betting on cricket, there are a number of options, with our recommendations being Ladbrokes and bet365.

Betway Pakistan

Betway PakistanAs is the case for Indian cricket fans, Betway is not legal for Pakistan cricket fans either. Again, we would recommend finding alternative bookmaker to bet with. There are a number of options open to you if you are looking to bet from Pakistan, with our two suggestions being bet365 and BetVictor.

Betway Singapore

Betway SingaporeIs betting with Betway legal in Singapore? The clear answer to that question is no as there is no Betway licence to operate in this jurisdiction. Sorry to disappoint our readers in Singapore but Betway does not currently accept customers from Singapore.

Betway Sweden

Betway SwedenAs is the case with Denmark and Norway, it is currently legal to bet with Betway in Sweden. So no matter what sports you enjoy betting on, if you're living in Sweden you can now sign up and bet with Betway. You can also claim a generous welcome bonus when you sign up to Betway from Sweden.

Betway Norway

Betway NorwayAs we just stated, it is legal to bet with Betway in Norway. This is great news for our Norwegian readers who would like to bet with Betway. You can also claim an attractive welcome bonus when you sign up to Betway from Norway.

Betway Belgium

Betway BelgiumIf you're a fan of sports betting living in Belgium, we have some good news for you. Betway have a betting site dedicated to Belgium residents. Simply click this link and you'll be taken directly to the Betway Belgium site. You can register, deposit and start betting instantly.

Betway Canada

Betway CanadaIs Betway legal in Canada? Yes, it is legal to bet with Betway if you are living in Canada. You can also claim the Betway welcome bonus, boosting your betting balance before you even begin to place a bet.

Betway Bulgaria

Betway BulgariaIs Betway legal in Bulgaria? Unfortunately the answer is no, it is not legal to bet with Betway in Bulgaria as there is no Betway licence that allows the bookmaker to operate in Bulgaria.

Betway Spain

Betway SpainWe have some great news for fans of sports betting located in Spain. Not only is it legal to bet with Betway from Spain, but Betway have gone one step better and developed a site uniquely suited to Spanish sports bettors. Simply click this link and you'll be taken directly to the Betway Spain site.

Betway USA

Betway USAIs it legal to bet using Betway in USA? No it is not legal to bet with Betway in the USA as there is currently no Betway licence to operate in the USA. In fact, it's difficult to find a bookmaker that permits USA residents. It appears however that this will soon change as momentum for online betting legislation and reform continues to build.

Betway Australia

Betway AustraliaIs Betway legal in Australia? No, unfortunately for Australian readers, Betway is not legal in Australia at this time as there is no Betway licence held that allows them to operate in Australia. The good news is that there are numerous alternatives such as bet365, William Hill and Ladbrokes.

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