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Fighting Fashion: Black Gloves and Red Shorts are bad omens for Klitschko


This Saturday, Wembley Stadium plays host to their second ever boxing event, expecting a record breaking number for attendants at the fight. The reason for the big audience is home nation hero Anthony Joshua taking on Dr. Steelhammer, the Ukrainian giant Wladimir Klitschko. The English Olympian is the favourite to take the fight, but is there a way to boost his chances? has dived into the Doctor’s losing record, and found that Joshua’s choice in fashion can actually give him an edge.

Black glove jinx could mean KO for Klitschko
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Black outs with Black Gloves

The Ukranian Doctor (he has a PhD in Sports Science) seems to have a weakness when it comes to his competitor’s glove colour. In his four losses, 3 have fallen to an opponent wearing black gloves. Those 3 black gloved losses also happen to result in Klitscho losing with a TKO—his most recent loss was via a unanimous decision.

Although it’s a bit of a reach declaring Klitschko’s record is down to glove colour, it is interesting to note the trend. Additionally, in all four of his losses, Dr. Steelhammer has worn the same colour gloves as his opponent. If Anthony Joshua is a superstitious man, he should try to match the colour of his opponent—even better if the fighters’ gloves are a matching black.

Red is not his best colour

When selecting his shorts for the big showdown, Klitschko should avoid choosing anything red from his wardrobe—75% of his losses have happened in the red garb. If he can avoid the colour, it seems like a small price to pay to edge away from a potential loss.

Who puts the KO in KlitshcKO?

Klitschko has been in the professional boxing game for over 20 years, and taken down an impressive 64 opponents. The 4 that did allude him though give an image as to what the ideal boxer looks like that can take down Dr. Steelhammer.

On average, those who have defeated the Ukranian stand at a height of 6ft 4.5in, and weigh in at 6st 12lbs. With Anthony Joshua standing at 6ft 6in, and being expected to weigh in at more than the aforementioned average, he isn’t necessarily the perfect opponent to take down Klitschko. However, Anthony Joshua is currently favoured by bookmakers, so he may be bringing that average up after Saturday’s match-up.

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