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El Clasico is football’s biggest betting rivalry


Nothing gets die hard fans riled up more than when their team stares down their rivals. The internet is filled with listicles of football’s fiercest rivalries, but does aggression and smack talk truly measure the value of the conflict? has taken a different approach to these epic showdowns by looking into selected derbies and ranking their support based on the amount of bets placed on the teams through Matchbook.

El Classico is football's biggest betting rivalry
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El Clasico breaks the bank 

There’s a lot of talk of how Barcelona and Real Madrid are sitting on a lot of capital, and judging by their support with punters, it’s justified. El Clasico blows all of the other rivalries out of the water in terms of money placed on their matchup. In the last showdown, Barcelona had almost half a million pounds (£428,689) placed on them to win from Matchbook punters. With a total of £705,723.83, El Clasico pulls in almost £140k more than the closest derby competitor, Manchester United vs. Liverpool.

It’s also worth noting that only 12% of the bets on El Clasico are placed on the teams to draw. Basically, if you’re betting on this game, you are either with one team or the other—no mercy given.

The Key Numbers By Rivalry

RivalryHome (%)Draw (%)Away (%)Total (£)
Barcelona v Real Madrid 61 12 27 705,723.83
Manchester Utd v Liverpool 28 32 40 566,032.54
Everton v Liverpool 18 8 74 396,112.66
Tottenham v Arsenal 17 17 66 373,038.00
Milan v Inter 23 38 39 352,287.59
Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid 48 10 42 302,733.20
Manchester Utd v Man City 47 16 37 285,515.62
Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich 41 15 44 84,175.90
Celtic v Rangers 75 9 16 15,123.16

Angry Anfield

Although El Clasico may dominate the chart, Liverpool double dips in top rivalries. Duking it out in both the North-West and Merseyside derbies, Liverpool fans seem to be most avid in supporting their team through their bet slips. In each of the last two occurrences of the respective derbies, Liverpool received 40% and 74% of the total bets to win the match. It’s also interesting to note that in the North-West derby, Manchester United received 4% less backing than the bets placed on them to draw with Klopp’s army—ouch!  

Scots Scoff at betting

The Old Firm derby is by far one of the most notorious rivalries in the UK. Although they are consistently being ranked on lists of football’s biggest rivalries, they don’t seem to express their anger against each other through placing bets. However, this data should not indicate that their clash of fandom is any less ferocious than the others on the list. In fact, for your own safety, we suggest you don’t question their team loyalty in light of these numbers. 

Where does your loyalty lie?

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