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Free World Cup Predictions & Betting Tips

It’s finally here, the most important football tournament in the world. For that reason, many World Cup predictions are also expected. If you are looking for a single place with everything you need to follow the tournament and place World Cup betting tips, then this page will greatly help you.

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bettingexpert’s guide for World Cup Betting

bettingexpert strives to offer the latest sports predictions of various sports and all important tournaments. The World Cup is the pinnacle of the year for football fans, but also for our professional tipsters that will have daily World Cup tips. We hope you are excited as we are for this one because it is one in four year opportunity.

Besides providing your own World Cup predictions, you can follow our experts and make a decision based on some useful info. Betting odds will vary depending on the bookmaker, offers at the bottom of the page might be helpful to figure out the best predictions odds.

The Finals – Argentina vs France

There’s no doubt that both teams have great players but this will be the clash between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. Messi has to prove something that the whole world is talking about which is the difference between him and Christiano Ronaldo. If Argentina wins, most people will consider Messi the best player alive. But, Mbappe and his team can stop this dream and reach their goal of becoming a champion twice in a row.

Argentina vs France

Third Place Match Preview

Many football fans were disappointed that Morocco couldn’t reach the finals after their miracle run but they can go down again in history by winning third place against Croatia. The odds are a bit in favour of Croatia at 2.50 to win and 3.05 for Morocco depending on the bookmaker.

The determining factor for Croatia vs Morocco would be one of the best midfield trios including Marcelo Brozovic, Mateo Kovacic, and Luka Modric. Their goal is to have possession of the ball and look for opportunities to surprise their opponent. On the other side, Morocco mostly relies on Ziyech and Hakimi, but every single player in their team is a great defender which leads them to the semi-finals. You can do a deep dive into the review on our event page.

Semi-Finals – Records Will Be Broken

After the win against Spain, everyone started to believe in Morocco and they managed to surprise us again against Portugal. It was a devastating defeat for Christiano Ronaldo that went home without a World Cup trophy again. There will be very interesting games in the semi-finals with Argentina playing against the last runner-ups and the biggest surprise, Morocco, going against the last champion. If you don’t know on who to bet, check the free world cup tips from our professional tipsters.

Date Match 1 X 2
13.12.2022 Argentina 3:0 Croatia 1.90 3.30 5.20
14.12.2022 France 2:0 Morocco 1.60 3.90 7.40

World Cup Quarter-Finals – Will There Be Any More Surprises?

After so many surprises before the quarter finals, it’s common thing that you don’t know what to bet on. So, check out some of our professional tipsters and their World Cup tips.  Morocco is yet another team that did an amazing job against one of the favourites and won against Spain on penalties.

When it comes to the upcoming games, there will be football news on our website that will analyse the matches from every angle. Each article will include betting tips so you won’t need to spend a lot of time doing the research yourself. Kylian Mbappe will probably be the top scorer if he strikes against Harry Kane and his team.

Date Match 1 X 2
9.12. (Penalty Win)Croatia 1:1 Brazil 9.10 4.85 1.42
9.12. Netherlands 1:2 Argentina 3.65 3.25 2.30
10.12 Morocco 1:0 Portugal 5.85 3.75 1.72
10.12. England 1:2 France 3.10 3.35 2.25

Round of 16

The group stage was full of surprises including Germany going home after Japan took the lead in group E. Round of 16 started with some records being broken for the French team where Kylian Mbappe became the youngest player to score 8 goals in the World Cup and Giroud broke the Thierry Henry’s record for most goals for his country. The great news for the fans is that Neymar will be returning to the field. Read more about the games and find predictions on our football news page.

When it comes to World Cup tips for the round of 16, most of our tipsters will lean towards the favourites. But, you can’t really decide who the favourite is in some matches like Japan vs Croatia. World Cup results from the past matches showed that there were a lot of goals scored. The same is happening in the knockout stages, but the goal difference doesn’t mean anything in the knockout game. Christiano Ronaldo will try to lead his team in the last game of the round of 16, so check out our Portugal vs Switzerland prediction.

Netherlands 3:1 USA Argentina 2:1 Australia France 3:1 Poland England 3:0 Senegal
Japan 1:1 Croatia (Penalty Win) Brazil 4:1 South Korea (Penalty Win) Marocco 1:1 Spain Portugal 6:1 Switzerland

Group Stage – 1st Matches

The first stage of the FIFA World Cup will reveal how ready are some teams and who has the potential to be in the World Cup finals. Many important players won’t be playing for teams that are favourites to win. Still, it will be fascinating if we end up watching Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi because it may be their last FIFA Cup. The first matches will also help you determine your FIFA World Cup predictions for the upcoming matches in the group stage.

Qatar 0:2 Ecuador England 6:2 Iran Senegal 0:2 Netherlands USA 1:1 Wales
Argentina 1:2 Saudi Arabia Denmark 0:0 Tunisia Poland 0:0 Mexico France 4:1 Australia
Marocco 0:0 Croatia Germany 1:2 Japan Spain 7:0 Costa Rica Belgium 1:0 Canada
Switzerland 1:0 Cameroon South Korea 0:0 Uruguay Portugal 3:2 Ghana Brazil 2:0 Serbia

Group Stage – 2nd Matches

You will have a clear indication of who has to potential to reach the knockout stages in the second match of the group stage. After the first match, everyone is doubting the chance for Argentina to win. Almost every football betting tips were on the South Americans side, but some of them are performing better in the Nations League and in the World Cup Qualifiers instead of winning the World Cup match.

Qatar 1:3 Senegal Netherlands 1:1 Ecuador Wales 0:2 Iran England 0:0 USA
Poland vs Saudi Arabia Argentina vs Mexico Tunisia 0:1 Australia France 2:1 Denmark
Japan 0:1 Costa Rica Spain 1:1 Germany Belgium 0:2 Morocco Croatia 4:1 Canada
Cameroon 3:3 Serbia Brazil 1:0 Switzerland South Korea 2:3 Ghana Portugal 2:0 Uruguay

Group Stage – 3rd Matches

France looks like the outright winner and Mbappe will try to become the top scorer. Bettingexpert has a betting guide if you have trouble with your football prediction and it can be a bit overwhelming when visiting multiple betting sites, so check our World Cup tips that can help you even with live scores bets.

Netherlands 2:0 Qatar Ecuador 1:2 Senegal Wales 0:3 England Iran 0:1 USA
Poland 0:2 Argentina Saudi Arabia 1:2 Mexico Tunisia 1:0 France Australia 1:0 Denmark
Japan 2:1 Spain Costa Rica 2:4 Germany Croatia 0:0 Belgium Canada 1:2 Morocco
Cameroon 1:0 Brazil Serbia 2:3 Switzerland South Korea 2:1 Portugal Ghana 0:2 Uruguay

General Information on the World Cup

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is the 21st iteration of the top nation’s football tournament. It is going to be held between 21 November and 18 December, making it the first which will be held in winter or during the middle of the season for most leagues. The change has been made due to harsh weather conditions in Qatar during the summer. Our “Playing Against The Weather” article is a very interesting piece where you can find the statistics and impact that weather can have on teams which can help you make better World Cup predictions.

The 2022 Cup is the first one in Western Asia and the second in Asia overall. It will feature 32 nations, as in previous occasions, competing for the title of being the best footballing nation in the world. The final is set to take place at Lusail Iconic Stadium, which is the biggest football stadium in Qatar and one of the most modern ones in the world.


Qatar Stadiums

Teams Competing in 2022 World Cup – Group Stage

All the national teams will be split into eight groups featuring four teams, with two of the best advancing through to the next stage. The format of 32 teams was first introduced during the 1998 Cup in France, while the previous one held in the USA featured 24 teams.

Groups Teams
Group A Qatar Netherlands Senegal Ecuador
Group B England USA Iran  Wales
Group C Argentina  Mexico  Saudi Arabia Poland
Group D France Australia Denmark Tunisia
Group E Spain Costa Rica Japan Germany
Group F Belgium Croatia Morocco Canada
Group G Brazil Serbia Cameroon Switzerland
Group H Portugal South Korea Uruguay Ghana

Competition Format & Fixtures

The format of the competition will be the same as in previous tournaments. 32 national teams are divided into eight groups with four teams. After each team plays one another in the group stages, the two best will advance and the two worst teams will be eliminated from the competition.

The teams that advance will compete against each other in the Round of 16, which lasts between 3 December and 6 December. This stage continues in the standard one-game elimination style, where the winning team will advance all the way to the final. If there is a draw during the regular period, the teams will proceed to extra time and then penalties if needed.

The final is played on 18 December at Lusail Iconic Stadium, where we will see the new champion being crowned. Additionally, the third-place match will be played the day before at Khalifa International Stadium as a consolidation game between the losing semifinalists.

Past World Cup Winners

The most successful nation in the competition is Brazil. A Selecao has won the competition a record number of five times. But their latest title came in 2002 when the tournament was played in Japan and South Korea.
Hot on their heels is Germany, which have four trophies. However, three of those came under the name West Germany. The most recent one that the Nationalelf won was in 2014 in Brazil.

France are the defending champions and World Cup tips are still on their side for 2022. Les Bleus won their second title in 2018 in Russia by defeating Croatia in the final by 4:2.

Year Champion
2002 Brazil
2006 Italy
2010 Spain
2014 Germany
2018 France

World Cup Best Player and Top Goalscorer

Football is a team sport, but the best teams couldn’t have won their trophies without exceptional performances by their key attackers. If your World Cup predictions are in favour of a certain player to win the Golden Boot, make sure his team can support him throughout the tournament because reaching the finals means more matches being played and more goals being scored.

The Golden Ball award was first handed out in 1982 in Spain when Paolo Rossi was awarded one for being the best player at the tournament. Subsequently, a statistical summary was devised to officially name the best player from past tournaments, which is now considered official and is recognised by all governing football organisations.

As far as the Golden Boot award, which is handed out to the best scorer, there have been a number of surprises over the years as on a few occasions, unexpected players managed to win one. Just Fontaine remains to this day the record holder with the most goals scored at a single tournament with 13. Something that no one has managed before him and is likely to repeat again.

Year Golden Ball Winner Golden Boot Winner Goals
2002 Oliver Kahn (GER) Ronaldo (BRA) 8
2006 Zinedine Zidane (FRA) Miroslav Klose (GER) 5
2010 Diego Forlan (URU) Thomas Muller (GER) 5
2014 Lionel Messi (ARG) James Rodriguez (COL) 6
2018 Luka Modric (CRO) Harry Kane (ENG) 6

* Unofficial best player

World Cup Predictions and Favourites

An important factor when devising our World Cup tips is turning towards the main favourites of the tournament. Knowing which teams are tipped to win the trophy right off the bat makes things a lot easier going into the tournament. As is the case with many previous tournaments, Brazil enters as the main favourite.

The play style in the Cup and league matches is much different with fewer goals, but when it comes to favourites, the odds are in their favour. If you made a bet on the favourite from the start, you would be right 43% of the time. Making multiple World Cup tips in this case might be a better idea considering that the runner-ups are, in most cases, one of the favourites.

Runners up are France and England and their betting odds are a bit higher compared to Brazil’s. Les Bleus are the current World Champions and are going to want to make it two in a row. Besides, they have one of the most talented squads in the world, devised of young players (Kylian Mbappe) and sturdy veterans (Karim Benzema).

England will want to finally win an important trophy after failing to do so at the Euro 2020. The Three Lions are always in the mix but somehow manage to miss out every time when it is the most important. It is due or die for Gareth Southgate and his men.

Free World Cup Betting Tips

Finding World Cup predictions can be a bit overwhelming because of the number of betting tips you can find. However, on this site, you will be able to get free World Cup betting tips from regular users and professional tipsters.

Our community features many experienced tipsters who post World Cup tips and relatable information about upcoming matches. If you are interested to see what they have to offer, you can find all of the matches, including the tips on this page.

The three most popular tips will be displayed at the top of the page and you are free to view them and consider them as your next bet. Since you nor we can’t be sure that this tip will actually come true, we feel that it is not appropriate to charge somebody for something that is not certain. This is why all of the World Cup predictions provided on the page are free for everyone.

Each tipster comes with his own profile that consists of his win rate, yield, profit, and the number of tips posted. Based on those statistics alone, you will be able to determine if this is a good tipster and if you would follow their World Cup predictions.

World Cup Predictor

World Cup predictor is a great place where you can test your skills and predict the correct score of all matches during the Cup. In order to be a part of the competition, you will need to register here before it starts and place your World Cup predictions.

There are some amazing prizes for those who acquire the most points. You can have some fun by creating a league where you will compete with your friends. Besides the predictor, there will be daily World Cup tips.

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As we mentioned, merely viewing the tops does not require you to join the site. But if you do decide to register with bettingexpert you stand to get a lot of tips that come with becoming a member of this vast community.

Creating an account is a simple process that requires a few easy steps:

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How to Bet on World Cup

It can be much easier to make a decision with the help of our World Cup predictions. Once you find an appropriate bookmaker to join and set up an account with them, it is time to determine which bet to place. You can easily do so by following our World Cup betting tips.

First of all, the three top tips of the day will be displayed at the top of this page. You can find all World Cup predictions for a certain match by clicking on them at top of this page. After considering the reputation of the tipster that has posted the tip, you will choose whether to follow their advice or not.

Once you decide that you want to follow the given tip, you can simply devise your bet slip in a traditional manner one usually does. Moreover, you can decide to join our community and eventually start posting your own tips for other members of the community to view.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on World Cup

Now that you have an appropriate source of World Cup predictions, you need to find a good bookmaker to register with. There are actually many operators that can be considered really good, but it may depend on a personal standpoint.

Determining whether a brand is trustworthy or not is based on the welcome offer they propose, security, the odds that they offer, and the variety of World Cup markets available. Once you go through all of those, you will know which brand is the safest and at the same time the most professional to join and bet with.

But, the best way for you to determine the most appropriate bookmaker is to check our World Cup Offers page for further help.

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