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World Cup Predictions & Betting Tips

Today’s World Cup Predictions

The FIFA World Cup finals generate billions in revenue and huge betting traffic, making bettingexpert’s World Cup betting tips an essential tool for any serious sports bettor. As the showpiece event of the most popular sport on the planet, and one that only comes around every four years, it’s no wonder the World Cup attracts such a betting frenzy, but as long as you have access to our World Cup betting tips, your World Cup wagering will be worthwhile!

The World Cup is rapidly gaining on the Olympic Games as the most viewed sporting competition on earth, with 3.3 billion viewers compared to the Olympics’ 3.5 billion. However, unlike the games, the World Cup has its final, which virtually stops the planet for 90 minutes. Betting traffic for a World Cup final is colossal, as is the demand for free World Cup betting tips.

For any professional footballer, playing for their country in the World Cup is the pinnacle of their career. The greatest players are judged by their World Cup achievements, no matter how successful they have been at their club. That’s why Pele and Diego Maradona are still held in a reverence that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have yet to ascend to.

For four weeks every four years, the best 32 international teams in the world will do battle in a predetermined country that has shelled out billions for the privilege. Countries on the verge of bankruptcy such as Mexico, Argentina, South Africa and Brazil have staged World Cups with a view that hosting it will stimulate the economy. The World Cup certainly stimulates the sports betting industry, and the demand for free World Cup betting tips grows with every finals.

Every FIFA World Cup game attracts a lot of betting traffic, and the demand for expert free World Cup betting tips across a wide range of markets is high. Luckily for you, bettingexpert provides free World Cup betting tips for outright bets such as World Cup Winner, Group Winner and3rd Place Winner as well as Match Winner, First Goalscorer, Both Teams To Score, Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time, Anytime Goalscorer and Draw No Bet to name just a few.

How Can I Find Today’s World Cup Betting Tips?

Finding today’s World Cup betting tips is easy:

  • At the top of the World Cup Betting Tips page you’ll find the day’s three most tipped World Cup games.
  • These three games have the number of today’s World Cup Betting Tips they have received posted upon them.
  • To see today’s World Cup betting tips for a specific game, click on the game you require and its tips will appear.
  • You can also find today’s World Cup betting tips by checking on the daily World Cup schedule on the bettingexpert website. It features the daily World Cup schedule complete with the number of betting tips posted per match.

Remember, to view a game’s tips just click on the match you are interested in and those tips will instantly appear. If you don’t see a specific game, click on the Load More button and more scheduled World Cup games will appear.

To view the entire day’s World Cup schedule including tips, live scores and results, click the View Full Schedule button.

All World Cup betting tips at bettingexpert feature the following information:

  • Time and date of game
  • Competing teams
  • Tipster name and their tipster rating
  • Bookmaker, current odds and odds taken at the time of publishing tip
  • Bet type and market
  • Prediction
  • Tip preview and analysis

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Free World Cup Betting Tips

Most of the bettingexpert community are football fans, and when the World Cup rolls around, we are spoilt for choice with the amount of top class free World Cup betting tips our tipsters generate. However, despite the proven profitability of our World Cup betting tips, they remain free, as does the rest of our content, including:

  • Our concise and detailed bookmaker reviews
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We encourage regular visitors to bettingexpert to sign up and enjoy the many benefits that come with being part of such a vast and international community. However, regardless of whether you are a member or not, our expert tips will continue to be 100% free, and that includes our free World Cup betting tips!

While the profitability and consistency of our sports predictions is a matter of public record, we feel uncomfortable with the very notion of charging money for our World Cup betting tips. These tips have been formulated by experts free of charge, so we feel we have no right to then sell them on for money.

There are some sites online that are more than happy to charge money for their “expert tips” yet have no right to do so, as they offer no proof of the system they used to obtain their tips, nor of any record of consistent profitability. Almost everyone who chooses to use these sites eventually suffers severe financial losses.

So when you come across such a site, do yourself a favour and ignore it. Instead head over to bettingexpert and make the most of our outstanding free World Cup betting tips!

At bettingexpert we keep a record of how every tipster who has ever been a part of our community has performed, then post the resulting stats on our site for all to see. These records prove the level of accuracy and consistency that our tipsters deliver with predictions such as World Cup betting tips.

Check out our free World Cup betting tips today and start following our top World Cup tipsters. Every time they post a new free World Cup tip, you’ll be sent it!

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At bettingexpert we never rest on our laurels. We are constantly on the lookout for new talent, so if you think your World Cup knowledge is on a par or even surpasses that of our top World Cup tipsters, why not get in touch with us. If you think your Word Cup knowledge would stretch to the extent of supplying free World Cup betting tips for a whole range of betting markets, we want to hear from you!

If you would like to give being a tipster a try, sign up today for free and start posting your own World Cup betting tips. Remember, the most successful tipsters win a cash prize every month!

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Below are just some of the benefits to be had when becoming a bettingexpert community member:

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Expert World Cup Betting Tips

When covering a World Cup game, our tipsters will always do the following:

Check the recent Head-to-Head between the two teams, the results, the scorelines, home and away performances etc

Analyse every available stat pertaining to the two teams, attack, defence, how well they travel, previous performances in the World Cup

Investigate every fact and rumors surrounding the two teams, their players and their coaching staff. Are their hidden injuries? Is there a lack of harmony in the dressing room? Has there been any training ground bust-ups?

Only after intense scrutiny of all of these factors will our top football tipsters then create the expert free World Cup tips that we are famous for.

To check out our current top-five World Cup tipsters (based-off career profits), check the right sidebar of this page. You can also see our current Top World Cup Tip located at the top of the right sidebar.

There are several factors that go into becoming a top tipster:

  • A deep love of sports
  • A nerd-like interest in sports stats, sports facts and sports trivia
  • A savant-like ability to remember the bulk of the sports stats and facts you have been studying
  • The ability to put all of that information into correctly predicting the outcome of a sports event

Throughout the World Cup, from the groups to the knockout stages and the final itself, our top World Cup tipsters will provide you with free World Cup betting tips across a wide range of football markets including: World Cup Winner, 3rd Place Winner, Group Winner, Game Winner, First Goalscorer, Both Teams To Score, Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time, Anytime Goalscorer and Draw No Bet.

All of bettingexpert’s free World Cup betting tips are thoroughly researched. In terms of accuracy our tips have proven to be unequalled and show consistent results over many years. And of course, they continue to be 100% free!

The Best World Cup Tipsters Online

There has always been a healthy rivalry among our top football tipsters, and this serves to keep them mentally sharp and focused, particularly during the World Cup, when the demand for expert free World Cup betting tips is high. That intense rivalry among our most talented tipsters is what makes our people the best online, and why our free World Cup betting tips cannot be matched.

The profiles of any and all of our top betting tipsters are available to the public, and show the total Profit and Yield that each has made to date is. At bettingexpert we believe that these stats prove beyond doubt that our tipsters are the best to be found anywhere online, and will provide you with the very best free World Cup betting tips online.

So if you are looking for the very best in free World Cup betting tips, you need look no further than bettingexpert.

World Cup Stats

Across the duration of the World Cup, the average number of goals scored (including only goals scored in regulation time 90 minutes) has been 2.75 goals. As we can see from the World Cup stats below, this is a far greater average than the average number of goals scored in the European Championships, which has been the lowly figure of 2.35 goals per game.

The figures listed for domestic leagues covers matches played across the last five seasons. We can see that on average, World Cup matches have been similar in profile to matches played in La Liga, Premier League and Serie A.

League Over 1.5 Goals Under 1.5 Goals Over 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals Over 3.5 Goals Under 3.5 Goals Average Goals
World Cup 72.3% 27.7% 50.1% 49.9% 30.0% 70.0% 2.75
Euro 70.3% 29.7% 39.9% 60.1% 17.1% 82.9% 2.32
Bundesliga 79.3% 20.7% 56.2% 43.8% 33.6% 66.4% 2.91
La Liga 74.6% 25.4% 50.3% 49.7% 28.2% 71.8% 2.71
Ligue 1 72.2% 27.8% 47.3% 52.7% 26.0% 74.0% 2.57
Premier League 75.6% 24.4% 52.1% 47.9% 30.0% 70.0% 2.72
Serie A 75.1% 24.9% 52.2% 47.8% 29.4% 70.6% 2.73

When it comes to both teams to score, just under 51% of World Cup matches have seen both teams score within regulation 90 minutes of play with the rate of scoreless games at just over 9%. In comparison to the European Championships, World Cups have been more attacking with just over 11% of matches played in the Euros ending without a goal.

League Both Teams Score – Yes Scoreless Matches
World Cup 50.6% 9.3%
Euro 46.5% 11.2%
Bundesliga 55.1% 6.9%
La Liga 50.3% 7.3%
Ligue 1 48.2% 7.9%
Premier League 50.8% 7.5%
Serie A 53.8% 7.5%

World Cup Favourites

Brazil is the most successful World Cup nation, winning five World Cups while featuring in a total of seven finals. Germany (including West Germany) have competed in the most finals of any nation, a total of eight winning a total of four, equal to that of Italy. Three nations have won two World Cups, Argentina, France and Uruguay while both England and Spain have one World Cup title each.

There have also been unlucky losers, the most notable being the Netherlands who have competed in three World Cup finals, losing on each occasion, including back to back World Cup final appearances in 1974 and 1978.

Below is the full list of World Cup winners and runners up for each tournament dating back to the first World Cup played in 1930. Note that due to World War 2, there were no tournaments played in 1942 and 1946.

2018 France Croatia
2014 Germany Argentina
2010 Spain Netherlands
2006 Italy France
2002 Brazil Germany
1998 France Brazil
1994 Brazil Italy
1990 West Germany Argentina
1986 Argentina West Germany
1982 Italy West Germany
1978 Argentina Netherlands
1974 West Germany Netherlands
1970 Brazil Italy
1966 England West Germany
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia
1958 Brazil Sweden
1954 West Germany Hungary
1950 Uruguay Brazil
1938 Italy Hungary
1934 Italy Czechoslovakia
1930 Uruguay Argentina

Bet On World Cup

It’s only natural that during an event of the magnitude of the World Cup, you’d want to bet on World Cup games. Congratulations, you are going to have a lot of fun – and thanks to our free World Cup betting tips – a lot of success! Before you bet on World Cup action for the first time, here’s a little information on the biggest event of its kind.

Lots of sports have their own World Cup – rugby, cricket, athletics, basketball, even chess – but only the football finals needs no introduction, it’s simply the World Cup!

Teams that have won the World Cup twice of more are Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Brazil and France. Only eight teams have won the World Cup in its history. Golden Boot (top scorer) winners include Gerd Muller, Paolo Rossi, Gary Lineker, Ronaldo (Brazil) and Harry Kane. Golden Ball (best player) winners include Ferenc Puskas, Bobby Charlton, Pele, Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi.

At bettingexpert we make sure that for an event of the prestige of the FIFA World Cup we are sure to provide expert free World Cup betting tips across a wide range of World Cup betting markets.

When consistently betting on any sport it is advisable to employ a sports betting strategy, and the Bettingexpert Academy can help with this. Similarly, bettingexpert’s World Cup Betting Guide is detailed and concise. It provides instruction on the most popular World Cup betting markets.

Here are a few pointers from our World Cup betting guide:

  • Only Bet When There’s Value – It’s common-sense, yet many forget the most basic rule in sports betting: Don’t waste money on bets that aren’t likely to come off, or don’t earn you anything if they do.
  • Specialise – The World Cup offers a multitude of betting markets. Find out what market you enjoy the most and have most success with, and focus your attention on it.
  • Have Several Bookmaker Accounts – Not all bookies will offer the best odds for your bet, having several accounts ensures you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Keep A Record – Maintaining a record of your prior wagers enables you to see where you might have gone wrong, and also allows you to get a clear picture of what markets you excel at.

More specific, World Cup related advice includes:

Do Your Preseason Research

The more you know about the teams at the World Cup , the luckier your World Cup betting will be. Which teams have full-strength squads? Which have lost key players to injury or retirement?

Check Head-to-Head Matchups

Check the Head-to-Head of teams facing each other. matches. By checking their previous six meetings you can formulate an opinion as to who’ll win their upcoming game.

Learn To Spot The Upset

Be aware of the big team whose most important player is carrying an injury. All it would take for a major upset would be for said player to break down during a game against a hungry, aggressive team.

If you would like to know more, visit the bettingexpert Academy and read our World Cup betting guide.

Bookmakers For Betting On The World Cup

When choosing your online bookmaker try and stick to the well-established names you are familiar with, and be sure that your bookmaker provides these four key elements:

  • Consistently Competitive Odds
  • A Wide Range Of Betting Markets
  • All Major Competitions Covered
  • Extensive In-Play Betting Markets

In-play betting enables you to bet on the action during the course of the game, which only adds to the excitement. Some bookmakers now provide Live-Streaming for many sports including World Cup, which will also add to the whole in-play betting experience.

To find the ideal bookmaker for your World Cup betting, be sure to read our detailed bookmaker reviews.

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