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baseball | Tuesday, September 20, 2022 8:17 AM

Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Run Total Best Bet: Sox on the Road

Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Run Total Best Bet: Sox on the Road
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Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Run Total Bet: Tuesday, September 20th

The Boston Red Sox will be spending the week on the road, as a stop in Cincinnati is being followed up by a lovely trip to New Tork to face the Yankees for 4 games. Our resident baseball guru is expecting an early output of runs, and Ej is breaking out a team total as the best bet to make for Tuesday night on the diamond.

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Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Preview

September 20, 23:40 (UK time)

The Boston Red Sox will be playing a brief two-game series against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the injuries for the home team are causing some major issues for the offense lately. Cincinnati has 11 pitchers on the injured list, and neither Joey Votto nor Mike Moustakas will be returning to lift the offensive side of the ball for the Reds either.

So, I opened up the lines to see who is starting on the mound for each team knowing that either side is playing for much other than to close out the schedule and move to next year’s campaign ASAP. I noticed the Reds team total is 3.5 and the Bosox team total is 4.5 but the line is 8.5, and some sites are showing a straight 9 on this total.

The Reds have given up, and it’s rather obvious that the effort we are seeing from them of late is pure rubbish. I don’t expect the Reds to topple that team total because no one can hit and no one in the locker room is motivating anyone to go out and win some games.

At least, even though Boston is out of the playoff chase and in last place in the AL East Division, they are still going out and wearing a Red Sox uniform trying to not embarrass their fanbase any further than what a last-place finish might cause. Oh, nothing will change, and everyone in Boston will just be eager to put it behind them because in case you forgot… No one puts behind losing seasons better than Boston because they’ve done it so many times! OHHH!!!! Yeah, I am a Yankee fan and we cursed you for how long? Okay then, yeah I know that’s past now but whatever, moving on!

I don’t fade the Red Sox offense because I hate Boston. We have certainly had our fair share of Boston totals posted here on the site, thank you very much, and the rivalry isn’t quite at the level it was back when Boston was still losing up until 2004.

Okay, I won’t get into that because I am an old-schooler who has enjoyed years of a rivalry that has as much history as some English football derbies you all have over there.

Anyway, I am going to suggest the Boston team total to topple the 2.5 through the 1st 5 innings of the game in this spot.

Bryan Bello (1 – 6; 5.10 ERA) and Nick Lodolo (4 – 6; 3.81 ERA) are the expected starting pitchers for Tuesday’s affair, and on paper, you would think we should fade Bello and not Lodolo as much. This is a situation that calls for the opposite to happen because of the lack of offense that the Reds have right now. The overall ability that Boston has to score when they are going right.

It doesn’t take but a swing from #11 to change a round number into something else with one swing of the bat, and Devers certainly wants to finish strong in a year that everyone will want to end up looking past. Rafael can bash, and we all know that Boston can put up a 3-run rally at any point of any game, in any inning, against just about any starter in the baseball.

I hope today is one of those days in a ballpark that can surely support runs when the weather is right, and it will be nice and warm again today in Ohio. It is supposed to be 88 degrees F, and sunny with a good chance of runs being scored by the Red Sox in the forecast!

Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Best Bet

Boston scores 4 runs, and the Reds get whatever they get, because we don’t care. As long as we snag 3 runs from the Sox before they get to the 6th inning we have money to gain and a 2.20 line to enjoy for the effort.

  • Selection: Boston Team Total Over 2.5 Runs 1st 5 Innings
  • Best odds: 2.23 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes: 4/10

Odds as of 10:00 am September 20th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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