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baseball | Monday, September 12, 2022 12:45 PM

Miami Marlins vs Texas Rangers Run Total Best Bet: Early Bird Gets Mezcal

Miami Marlins vs Texas Rangers Run Total Best Bet: Early Bird Gets Mezcal
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Miami Marlins vs Texas Rangers Run Total Best Bet: Monday, September 12th

The early bird gets the worm, as the first game of the baseball schedule on Monday is game 1 of the doubleheader in Miami. Get your Tequila ready because our resident baseball expert Ej Garr has had his bartender’s license since 1991, and he’s prepared to serve up another winner today!

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Miami Marlins vs Texas Rangers Preview

September 12, 16:10 (UK time)

I am indeed certified, and I can serve up your cocktails and flip the betting advice.This article won’t be about the worm in the tequila bottle, but it was nice getting a chance to include all of this stuff about me in a baseball article that’s about to pay you money for reading it.

This best bet of the day was easy to pluck out of the 9-game slate for Monday because I feel like getting us paid nice and early today.

Glenn Otto (6 – 8; 3.80 ERA) and Trevor Rogers (4 – 11; 5.51 ERA) have both been seen eating a lot of earned runs this year, and I am still amazed at how far Rogers has fallen. When I think of how strong he started his rookie campaign a year ago, I still think he is still dealing with some personal stuff.

His parents got covid last year, he went through a lot of off-the-field stuff, and I think we just haven’t seen that guy come back yet. Rogers gave up another pair of homers in his last start bringing his season number to 14 dingers allowed over the campaign.

Glenn Otto is another guy who just hasn’t gotten his legs under him in 2022. While Rogers has given up 14 homers, Otto has seen 15 balls leave the yard through his 22 starts of the season. If you can do the same game parlay stuff and throw down each starting pitcher to give up a bomb, your bankroll will thank you. Yes, yes they will each get jacked up at least once, and that is why the 1st-5 inning total at O4 is going on our board to start the week. I am seeing 1.92 at Pinnacle for the Over 4, and I thought I saw the game total at 7 when it first came out. I don’t know who caught that line, but I still see a 2.05 on the Over 7.5, so that 7 itself might be worth a look if the juice isn’t stupidly priced.

Will this be a 2 – 2 game going to the 6th inning? Yes, and I believe we will get there before then and that second home run one of these bums gives up will ultimately be what puts the money in our pockets.

Miami Marlins vs Texas Rangers Best Bet

Not one, not two, but a trio of blasts leaving the park will see us at 4 – 2 going to the 5th, 4 – 4 after the 7th inning, and the rest is just paperwork. Enjoy the walk to the window!

  • Selection: 1st-5 Inning Over 4 Runs
  • Best odds: 1.92 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes: 4/10

Odds as of 10:00 am September 12, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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