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baseball | Friday, June 17, 2022 9:02 AM (Revised at: Friday, June 17, 2022 7:11 PM)

MLB Run Total Best Bet: Friday June 17th

MLB Run Total Best Bet: Friday June 17th
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The Houston Astros return home to begin a 5-game home stand and it will start with 3 tilts against the Chicago White Sox. Looking to end the week on a strong note, our resident U.S sports expert Ej Garr has an offer on the total to fly over the number being offered by the line setters.

MLB Best Bet: June 17

  • Houston vs. Chicago: Over 7.5 Runs

Odds as of 9 am June 17, 2022. Odds may now differ.

Houston vs Chicago Best Bet

June 18, 01:10 (UK time)

Can I just admit that I saw this game on the schedule a few days ago knowing that Giolito would be getting the Astros in his next start? I watched a good chunk of the Texas game and watching Lucas Giolito pitch is like putting bread in the toaster, turning it on as high as it can go, and then going out for a nice jog in the park.

That big red truck headed toward your house is the fire department and now you have to watch all of your possessions go up in flames.

Letting Giolito even take the mound anymore is almost hysterical, and the White Sox bats will have to respond to all of the fires he will cause for his own team. You’ve heard the term gas can? Well, here is your classic gas can of a starting pitcher with no stuff, no chance, and that gives us no reason to think he can slow down any offense right now.

Shall we go over the Giolito starts and stats or is your stomach not feeling well today and you’d rather not? I know, it’s disgusting and I will fade that goon every chance I get and the expectation of runs against him is always the right play to make because he can’t keep the ball in the park. Over his last 8 starts, Giolito has given up 11 homers and he gave up 2 bombs in 4 of those 8 outings.

Here you go… Giolito 4⅓ IP with 7 strikeouts and 3 walks while allowing a home run among the 7 hits he gave up on the night. That is what his boxscore will read and that will put 4 earned runs in our pockets out of the Astros offense before we even get through the 5th inning.

Now, let’s talk White sox offense because there is plenty to discuss with you all right now. I am one who likes to go by how teams are playing right now as I don’t get into previous results that much depending on how far back they go. This past week, the Sox have been smacking the laces off of the baseball, and even in their losses, they put up big numbers.

The Chi-Sox just tore through Detroit for 3 days scoring 27 runs and they have not scored less than 6 runs in any game they’ve played the last 7 days. Despite a 4 – 3 record, Chicago scored 50 runs and the total has flown over 6 times.

I saw the line opened at 8 and it started to come down a bit to 7.5 with a reasonable line of 1.86 so that made it my choice for the best bet of the day. We just need 8 dudes to cross home plate and I expect that to happen before we hit the 7th inning so have a nice weekend.

  • Selection: Over 7.5 Runs
  • Best odds: 1.86 (MarathonBet)
  • Stakes 4/10

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EjGarr18 Jun 2022 | 02:04
The People be paid before we get out of the 6th inning!