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baseball | Monday, June 20, 2022 10:43 AM

MLB Run Total Best Bet: Monday June 20th

MLB Run Total Best Bet: Monday June 20th
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A new week begins and our resident MLB expert Ej Garr is so hot putting up a 5 – 1 – 1 record over the previous week of baseball betting. So, the upward trend is the one to ride as we turn to the total in Chicago where the Sox and Blue Jays get to bashing the ball around the park on Monday night.

MLB Best Bet June 20

  • Chicago vs. Toronto: Over 9 Runs

Odds as of 9 am June 20, 2022. Odds may now differ.

Chicago vs. Toronto Best Bet

June 21, 01:10 (UK time)

We can talk about trends, we can talk about recent or past history, but the one thing we know is that these two teams are hitting the ball right now and we need to take advantage of it.

As you know, I watch every Yankee game that comes on the YES Network and I could tell you what I saw yesterday but we don’t have time for that right now. What we do have time for is catching the line setters offering up a line that is too low at straight 9 when it should be closer to 10, if not 10 itself.

So, you know me by now I assume and you know I have one goal every day and that is to find us a winning ticket to cash. This total is 5 at 2.05 in the 1st 5 Innings and I debated the heck out of which tip I was going to put up here to start the new week.

Now, let me recap a little of what went down yesterday because the mileage covered from all the home runs in Toronto yesterday span quite a distance. The Yankees and Blue Jays went back and forth bashing balls out of the park and 19 runs later the Jays salvaged a win from the 3-game set with New York. The Yanks were looking for the sweep of the Jays in Toronto for the first time since 2003, although they did sweep the jays in Buffalo last season when Toronto called New York home for a minute.

Oh, and can I ask everyone a question? Craig Biggio? Man, that dude was a machine and he could hit doubles like the Dickens and play second base as well as anyone. Cavan Biggio? WHAT? Dude, you get paid to play baseball? I get that a family reputation of some sort can be a helpful way to get to the Majors but Cavan Biggio belongs in AA baseball at best. A name alone cannot make up for his horrible bat and the fact that he has no position because he can’t play any of them very well. The Jays try to give this dude a spot on the field and Holy God if he goes over to first base again to give Vladi a day to DH I might just throw up. Okay, thank you I had to get that off of my chest.

Anyway, Jose Berrios and Lance Lynn are the expected starters for this tilt and I don’t think we could ask for a better matchup to cut on this Over 9. Berrios is a home run pitch waiting to happen and he gave up 2 more in his last start against Baltimore. He’s limited his walks all right but he is giving up a hit per inning and I suspect he will make a mistake or two again tonight to help us out. Find the ‘Will Berrios Give up a home run’ prop bet and splash it if the price is reasonable.

Lance Lynn is just getting back to the field with only 1 start on his ledger that he just made on the 13th against Detroit. Lynn gave up a blast and 3 earned runs to the Tigers and threw 88 pitches threw 4.½ IP. I expect him to also surrender a bomb or two to aid our play as both pitchers do not impress and both offenses are hitting the ball well right now entering the series. That’s a good combination to cash a ticket!

  • Selection: Over 9 Runs
  • Best odds: 1.87 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

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