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baseball | Tuesday, July 5, 2022 9:19 AM

MLB Run Total Best Bet: Tuesday July 5th

MLB Run Total Best Bet: Tuesday July 5th
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The Rangers and  Orioles helped us cash in with an early 1st inning total yesterday and our resident MLB expert Ej Garr has headed back to Baltimore again on Tuesday to find the best bet of the day. We hope you enjoyed getting your ticket punched yesterday after only 1 inning of play although we are going back to the full-time total for this American League tilt.

MLB Best Bet July 5th

  • Baltimore vs. Texas: Over 10 Runs

Odds as of 11:00 am July 5th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

Baltimore vs Texas Best Bet

July 6, 00:05 UK time

It’s nice when it looks as easy as it did yesterday to cash our ticket as no one scored in the 1st inning in Baltimore and we loved it. It’s a good thing we got paid when we did because the rest of the game featured 13 runs and a total that flew in toward the over, and that’s where I am going today. 

This total is showing at 9.5 at most sportsbooks but we don’t need to settle for that number. What you are going to do is slide that total up to 10 straight and get plus money for your troubles instead. I don’t need you to lay any juice at 1.89 or 1.87 for that 9.5 because we essentially need 10 runs to cash that puppy anyway, and I’d rather see you with 2.04 on the Over 10 from this kiddie park in Maryland. ( I have called this place Kiddie Park, Maryland for longer than I can remember)

First of all, the weather here on the east coast will be nice and warm with humidity in the air and as I told you yesterday, unders come here to die! We got away with a cheeky play on a 1st inning prop to celebrate the 4th of July, but ultimately the total flew in after a 7 – 6 win for Baltimore. The Orioles earned the win in the bottom of the 9th inning in a walk-off fashion listed as underdogs.

Now, let’s turn to reasons number 2 and 3 to be playing this total over the 10 runs after we move the line from 9.5. Austin Voth and Spencer Howard. These two bums couldn’t pitch their way out of a paper bag and neither of them has the goods to slow down these offences. Now, I get that the Orioles’ offence can be downright offensive at times if you get my drift. 

I pointed out the rankings yesterday about their team batting average and OPS and I know totals with the Orioles can be scary as hell to this point of the season. Yeah, you know what, let’s not sugarcoat it. The damn Orioles stink in both of those categories among other inefficiencies throughout this lineup, and watching Baltimore games seems to leave you feeling like they are as bad as it gets in baseball sometimes. 

With that said, let’s get back to Voth and Howard and discuss just how poor the quality is on the mound today. Austin Voth is a reliever and he has no place starting baseball games, end of the story. I have no idea what Brandon Hyde is trying to capture here. The dude is giving you 2 or 3 innings at best, and that’s all you can expect from him tonight and every night. 

In my opinion, why even put him out there to start a game? All you are doing is stressing your bullpen and making sure you have all arms on deck in that bullpen again when you might need them later in the week. And oh, they will!.

That is not what I call using your staff correctly, so either put this guy in the bullpen or give him 10-15 starts in the minors to build his arm strength so he can go more than just 3 innings per outing. 

Now, Spencer Howard? My goodness, I have no idea how we got lucky enough to get Voth and Howard in the same game in this park with this weather but all of it points me to runs being scored in droves for both teams. We know the Texas offence has a lineup hitting the ball lately so now the Orioles need to match them again as they did yesterday afternoon here in Baltimore.

If the 1st 5 inning total wasn’t 5.5 I might have gone there for the tip of the day but why bother expecting 6 runs early when we will get all 10 we’ll need just as early in this game. I foresee a 4 – 4 game going to the 6th inning but we will just need a couple of runners to cross home plate before the final out of the game is made. So, it’s to the full-time total we go and don’t forget to move it to 10 from 9.5 if you can. If you have to settle for the 9.5? So be it, as it is still showing a reasonable line at most major books so good luck either way. 

  • Selection: Over 10 Runs
  • Best odds: 2.10 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

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