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baseball | Tuesday, June 28, 2022 7:33 AM (Revised at: Tuesday, June 28, 2022 12:27 PM)

MLB Run Total Best Bet: Tuesday June 28th

MLB Run Total Best Bet: Tuesday June 28th
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Our resident MLB expert Ej Garr handed you one of the easiest best bets of the season on Monday and it’s time to do it again on Tuesday. We are going back to the well and trusting that another Kansas City starting pitcher won’t have the goods to get the job done. Ready, set, fade Mr. Heasley!

MLB Best Bet June 28th

  • Kansas City vs. Texas: Rangers Over 2.5 Team Total 1st 5 Innings

Odds as of 12:30 pm June 29th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

Kansas City vs Texas Best Bet

June 29, 01:10 UK time

So, you should have gone 3 – 0 last night if you were paying attention to yesterday’s article and you are going to be putting in the same offer today as we did last night. 

We hit that Rangers’ 1st-5inning team total so quickly last night that I hope you wore your favourite socks! (This is why you read my stuff every day, come on now, I’ll be here all week!)

Jonathan Heasley is also being allowed to take a Major League Baseball pitchers mound on Tuesday, and if you need a home run to be hit, oh, just ask Mr Heasley to serve it up for you with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Will Big Johnny give up a homer tonight? If you can find that prop bet and the number is fair you should be on that like white on rice. 

First of all, you saw what Texas did to Bubic last night and a team playing confidence is something you certainly want to see when playing a team total. Baseball is infamous for being contagious and when guys are hitting it seems like everyone is pitching in in some way to contribute to the scoring.

I mentioned the absence of Sal Perez and what that is going to do to this Royals’ starting staff and we are already seeing the proof in the pudding. Since he went down to surgery, this team is just giving up runs in droves because there is no one behind the dish in full control. Now, Heasley will get his crack without Perez and he was already a disaster with Sal behind the plate.

Heasley was last seen in a 12 – 11 game where he dished out 2 bombs to the Angels and he has now given up 7 homers in his last 6 starts. To be fair, I mean the dude has limited the damage, amazingly, when you see that he has yet to give up 5 earned runs in any of his starts but yet he gets caught making mistakes time and again. So, we need to pick our poison, and without Perez and seeing how the KC defence can be at times I just can’t shy away from offering this tip again tonight. I do not try to repeat tips if I can help it but I have to fade the Royals starters right now until someone shows us otherwise.

The Texas TT Over 4.5 full-time is always your other option if your book doesn’t issue 1st-5 inning lines. So, keep that in mind. I see the line is about 1.87 for that offer so you can either cash one ticket or two depending on how greedy you feel tonight. Either way, enjoy that walk to the window and let the rain fall on your shoulders!

  • Selection: Texas O2.5 Team Total 1st 5 Innings
  • Best Odds: 2.02 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

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