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baseball | Wednesday, August 17, 2022 9:13 AM

Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics Run Total Best Bet: Don’t Light a Match

Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics Run Total Best Bet: Don’t Light a Match
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Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics Run Total Best Bet: Wednesday, August 17th

Our resident MLB expert Ej Garr is now 1 – 1 for the week after falling short of riding the Corbin Effect on Tuesday night. So, we turn to the total in Texas and be sure not to light a match near either of these two starting pitchers. We call these dudes gas cans because neither has been able to pitch very well throughout the campaign.

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Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics Preview

August 18, 01:05 (UK time)

Yeah, I know, I went with the 1st 5-inning total instead of the game total and it cost us a play last night, noted. So, rebound it is and we have another situation on Wednesday where we have two pitchers to fade instead of just one this time. I am seeing Pinnacle offering a 1.83 on the Over 8.5 in Texas, and it is my opinion that we can afford to drink some juice once in a while to cash a ticket.

The straight 9 on the over/under holds a little more value, but in this case, I would rather cash the 1.83 than push the 2.00 on the Over 9. I expect that we will see more than 9 runs regardless, but I also like my safety net where I can find one. If this game ends 5 – 4 I would be mad at myself for not just going with my instinct and playing the 8.5.

I think you all know by now that I go by what my gut is telling me we might see happen and I don’t bother with stats and numbers in every post. When you are playing a 162-game campaign, trying to compare what happened in April to what we might see happen in August doesn’t make sense. That’s why all of these rankings really hold no weight to me other than to take note of them and move on.

The weather this time of year plays a much bigger role in totals betting because of the humidity factoring into things. Humidity keeps a ball in the air longer, but I will say something honestly. I play the MLB Grand Salami every day, and I have punched that thing to the under like clockwork all campaign. My goal every day is to pick out the best bet but I like to also suggest the best game to go over too. I guess these are the games I expect more excitement and offense and these two starters today are just gas cans.

Oakland is sending Adam Oller to the hill and my God, how he still has a job in the bigs is amazing as it is with Patrick Corbin. By the way, if you follow my Twitter feed I handed out the Cubs Over 2.5 1st-5 inning total which splashed right in, I just posted the wrong tip here. Always be on the lookout for my tweets if you are looking for some extra-curricular activity.

Anyway, Oller’s ERA is 7.26 and I hear Walmart is looking for baggers and door greeters! He might be on the lookout for new opportunities if he doesn’t get his stuff figured out and soon. This dude has struck out 31 players and walked 27 of them which is one garbage ratio if there ever was one. This reliever-to-starter, to reliever back to starter thing, really hasn’t panned out too well for him.

Oller has allowed 42 runs and has only thrown 48⅓ innings and he finally started a game without giving up a home run last time out. Oller was making his 5th straight start and he had to face Houston in three of those outings making life rather difficult.

Texas is sending Cole Ragans to the bump and we’ve discussed him here before as he makes only his third start of his career tonight. Oh, he got a crack at Houston the last time he took the mound too, and that didn’t work out so well. Ragans gave up a pair of homers and I do believe I said he do just that if you’d like to go look me up. It’s sitting right here on August 11th so feel free to know that Mr. Ragans is no stranger to me.

Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics Best Bet

This game is going to be 5 – 4 at the end of the 5th inning. Play the 1st 5 total and the FT total because two tickets are better than one! 7 – 6 will be your final score, so if you do get stuck with the 9 because your book stinks, just go ahead and take it.

  • Selection: Over 8.5 Runs
  • Best odds: 1.83 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes: 4/10
  • Bonus Tip: 1st-5 Inning Over 5 @ 2.00

Odds as of 10:00 am August 17, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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