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baseball | Tuesday, August 2, 2022 8:27 AM (Revised at: Tuesday, August 2, 2022 8:29 AM)

Washington Nationals vs New York Mets Run Total Best Bet: Mets With an Ace Up Their Sleeve

Washington Nationals vs New York Mets Run Total Best Bet: Mets With an Ace Up Their Sleeve
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Washington Nationals vs New York Mets Run Total Best Bet: Tuesday, August 2nd

The New York Mets fans will see the return of their ace as Jacob deGrom makes his season debut on Tuesday night against the Nationals. After nearly a year out of the fold for the Metropolitans, deGrom will get to follow up Max Scherzer’s outing on Monday which propelled the Mets to a win that opened the 3-game series with Washington, 7 – 3. Our resident expert got our readers to pay dirt nice and early. Ej recommended the Mets 1st-5 inning team total and New York bagged 3 plates before the end of the 2nd inning as a result of the Corbin Effect in action again.

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Washington Nationals vs New York Mets Preview

August 3, 00:05 (UK time)

Were you laughing when it was 3 – 1 Mets in the top of the 2nd inning on Monday night? I know you were because there was no way Yellowstone was going up in smoke because of the Corbin Effect. I know, you only get that entertainment here at bettingexpert, I’ll be here all week.

Luckily, you’ll be here all week too because we’re 1 – 0 to start the week/month and I am going right back to the deGrom start on Tuesday to discuss this total… And why I am moving it to 9 instead of settling for the 8,5.

That’s right, you will be opening your board and seeing an 8.5 on the total and wondering why did Ej suggest I go with the 9? Hi, I am the Mayor of Value City if you were a listener of my old NCAA Football Throwdown Podcast where I always found a line that was sweeter than just another offer.

So, I see Pinnacle showing 2.19 on the Over 9 as I put this in to be posted in the morning in the UK, and we need those same 9 runs to cash that 8,.5 anyway, right? Sure, we are putting ourselves in a position to push the action when a simple 1.95 on the 8.5 would do but I don’t play that, and I just can’t resist the line move for that value.

Now, deGrom coming back is all well and good but I have been in tune with all of his rehab starts and I follow everything Mets and Yanks closer than you do your job. It is my job to know these teams and be prepared to bust out winners for us around here. We know that Jacob was just getting his pitches in order while he was getting back to game form in his starts in the minors. Giving up a couple of homers in his final tune-up didn’t bother anyone because he just wanted to get up to speed and have his location and feel back again before taking the mound in the bigs again.

I think deGrom will be able to get back in his groove quickly and he might not even have to face Juan Soto. Keep in mind that the trade deadline doesn’t come until 6 pm my time here in New York (EDT) so if you are playing any games today be sure to know you’re lineups. There will still be plenty of jerseys being switched over the next 24 hours so again I just want to emphasize it.

Should the Nationals be without Soto because he got moved, it could surely impact this total because he is a run-producer. There is rumour that the Dodgers and/or Cardinals are the front-runners for anything Soto-related, but that is just hearsay as I get ready for bed after watching the Mets wrap up this win.

Regardless, the other issue is I see Cory Abbott is starting this game and if that is also the case we have to play the Mets’ team total. The Mets team total is 5.5 and I see 2.02 at Pinnacle right now. Can we vote yes on that and go to congress down in DC to host a parade so the confetti can fall on our shoulders when it’s 7 – 2 Mets in the 8th inning? You know I like to make my best-educated guess of what the scores could be and the Mets are going to face 8 different pitchers possibly on Tuesday.

Some people see that as a pain in the rump because you don’t get to see a lot of pitches from one guy at a time. There are plenty of batters who will struggle to face 4-5 different pitchers in one night so we have to expect that. I was surprised that Max only struck out 5 Nationals because that was my bonus play and he didn’t have his outstanding stuff tonight.

You could see he was almost trying too hard to create this burst of energy when he took the mound on Monday, to be honest. Again, I have seen every start Max has made this season and he just didn’t look like his fiery self despite facing his old team that he won a title with, and after his bullpen let him down the start previous that cost him a win.

Francisco Lindor is on fire right now, and he got some sweet revenge on Steve Cishek on Monday for the incident that happened on the 2nd day of the season. If you recall, Lindor was leaning in to bunt and Cishek nailed Lindor in the cheek which didn’t go over well, to say the least and it caused a huge on-field brawl. Lindor smashed a 3-run blast off Cishek to extend the Mets’ lead to 7 – 3 although the Mets continue to get plunked this season. My word count is too high, so I won’t get into that.

Lindor has 18 home runs and 73 RBI and he is on pace to destroy the team record for runs batted in as a shortstop. Jose Reyes currently has the Mets record in a season with 81 RBI and Lindor should topple triple-digits if he stays healthy. I hope he knocks in 4 tonight to make our lives easier.

Washington Nationals vs New York Mets Best Bet

I do hope Soto doesn’t move so we have his bat to aid the Over 9, but do take the Mets team total regardless. I will be watching every pitch by deGrom to see how he feels and I will report as much if I cover his next start. Expecting the Nationals bullpen to be giving us all 9 innings is a gift we can’t leave under the tree. It’s still Christmas in August until the presents run out!

  • Selection: Over 9 Runs
  • Best odds: 2.12 (GGbet)
  • Stakes: 4/10
  • Added Bet: Mets Team Total Over 5.5 at 2.02

Odds as of 10:00 am August 2nd, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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