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ice-hockey | Wednesday, November 9, 2022 10:24 AM

Anaheim Ducks vs Minnesota Wild Best Bet: Hump Day Lamp Lighting Special

Anaheim Ducks vs Minnesota Wild Best Bet: Hump Day Lamp Lighting Special
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Anaheim Ducks vs Minnesota Wild Best Bet: Wednesday, November 9th

It will be a hump day full of lighting the lamp when the Ducks and Wild take the ice on Wednesday night, and someone forgot to tell the line setters to pull up their shorts again! Exposing a sweet line to take advantage of, our resident hockey guru is on fire and out to make us some more money today.

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Anaheim Ducks vs Minnesota Wild Preview

November 10, 03:00 (UK time)

I have had a Bwin account since about 2004. When all of the rubbish went down with U.S Lawmakers stopping us from using European bookmakers, I almost died. Losing Pinnacle, Bwin, and Bet365 when you live in New York is stupid, yet I can still log in and see my unfunded account!

What’s your point Ej, get to it lad. My point is I still am always looking to see what Bwin is offering when I am writing these games up. Right now, it is about 7 pm ET here in New York, well before that puck drops tomorrow night for me which will come at 10:00 NY time, 7 local PT, and 3 AM tomorrow for you across the ocean.

If you are using Bwin, get over there and break them for having the audacity to slap an Over 6 at 1.83 with Overtime Included. Yeah, I said that, I know! Amazingly, you could play the Over 6.5 at most sites that carry that, but I see no better than 2.00 out there for that, and 1.83 for the 6?

Are you out of your cotton-picking mind? Oh, you wanted me to get to the point you said?


You will get used to me doing this over time because when I see a line that we must bet, I tend to get all lippy about it. The caps button seems to get stuck so I can scream, BET ON THIS, HA! I can’t help myself and this is why we have to be on this line tonight.

I could probably pick out 5 people who will have read this article, and ask them to lace up the boots with me and go out and score on the Ducks tonight. Everyone else is doing it, why should we just sit home and watch someone else make them look stupid tonight when we can do it ourselves? Hey, when you want a job done, who do you expect to get it done right, and the first time? It better be your rump, broheim!

Take 61 and divide it by 13 on your little calculator app… hit me, what ya got, lad? Oh, is that 4.69 on your phone? So, the Ducks are giving up about 5 goals a pop you said, Ej? Yes, that’s what I said, thanks, I’ll be here on Friday again to entertain and pay you as best I can.

I am simply not of the mindset that Ducks Head Coach Dallas Eakins has the grit and ability to motivate his guys anymore. You can find about 4.69 writers per site calling for the next man in line to take over in Anaheim, this isn’t me making up some rumor now. Might I add, however, that when Eakins did get asked to come back for the fourth campaign, a lot of us were wondering why?

When you look at a coach’s resume, and the only thing at the end of all 3 seasons says ‘Missed Playoffs’, another year is now proving that maybe it’s not too early to change the dynamic in anaheim before this season just gets any worse.

Those 61 goals? Yeah, hi, worst in hockey, and there’s just one little issue to notice. That goose we hear calling is just blatantly sitting there having no wins in regulation time yet. NONE! We’ve played 13 games guys, but don’t worry, we’ll get ‘em next time, baby!

Only so much rah-rah is left in the tank before a major decision is made here, and Minnesota better not hold back and feel bad for them. The Wild have been outscored 35 – 40 through 11 games of the new campaign, so it’s not like they are exactly playing great hockey either.

Anaheim Ducks vs Minnesota Wild Best Bet

Just sit right back and I’ll tell the tale, the tale of two fateful goalies who got jacked up at least 6 times tonight! I see Filip Gustavsson and Josh Gibson.

Gustavsson has yet to find a win and Gibson with his 4.52 GAA should be sent to the box for gross misconduct! If that total on the 6 moves, I apologize, and I’ll take responsibility for putting everyone on it! If you have to settle for the Over 6.5, have no fear, they will all be found.

When you feel like being obnoxious, look up at that Over 7 sitting there with 2.70 odds in overtime at Bwin. Don’t tell anyone you know me if you play that, we don’t want to get in trouble now! Who could have known that would happen? Hmm hmm, you, me, the bettingexpert community now, pfft!

  • Selection: Over 6 (OT-Included)
  • Best odds: 1.83 (Bwin)
  • Stakes: 4/10

Odds as of 11:00 am Novemver 9th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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