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ice-hockey | Tuesday, November 1, 2022 10:18 AM (Revised at: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 10:22 AM)

Chicago Blackhawks vs NY Islanders Best Bet: Goal-a-Palooza in the Windy City

Chicago Blackhawks vs NY Islanders Best Bet: Goal-a-Palooza in the Windy City
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It’s a good night to be a hockey fan because we have 12 games on the Tuesday night schedule and our resident puck head has found another total to offer our readers. It will be a goal-a-palooza when the Islanders and Blackhawks take the ice, sound the horns and light the lamps!

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Chicago Blackhawks vs NY Islanders Preview

November 2, 01:30 (UK time)

We’re headed to the Windy City for our Tuesday night selection, and goals are the call of the day in Chicago. The Islanders and Blackhawks will take the United Center ice at 7:30 p.m local time for what I believe is going to be one helluva hockey game full of goals and exciting plays.

The Hawks have played 9 hockey games to begin the campaign and 7 of those matches have flown over the total. Lamps have been lit, and the sounds of roars in the crowd have been a constant this year for Hawks fans, and they should be in store for another thriller on Tuesday night. 

Did you notice the schedule for the Islanders to this point? So, they had a home game on October 15, and they played there again on the 18th, right? Have you noticed that they have yet to settle anywhere since, and every game is a pack-up-and-go situation? 

The Islanders have played six consecutive games in different buildings, and the total will reach 12 outings before they get home for 2 games on November 10 and 12. They will leave Chicago after this match, and they’ll continue this mini 3-game road trip to the midwest with stops in St. Louis and Detroit. On November 7, the Isles will host Calgary and the next night they will take on my Rangers in the Garden to finish this 12-game run of different venues at home on the 10th. Insane stuff, and I love looking ahead and seeing if there could be any significant things for any and every team as the season transpires. I think that is a rather difficult order to fill when you get to a new building, knowing that you will be there for 3 hours and then it’s on to somewhere else again.

It’s not even like this is simply a long road trip because they are going home and playing road games throughout this weird quirk in the schedule. Not being able to settle has got to be driving everyone nuts, living out of a suitcase, another plane, another bus, another hotel, another bus, another game, and just rinse and repeat for almost a month, can you Imagine? 

No one is built for that even when you are 23 years old, because it takes the mental focus to practice, travel, play, and do so much wondering where you’ll be tomorrow to do it all.

I get to see plenty of Islanders’ games living here in New York because I just watch a lot of hockey in general. I got to see both games of the back-to-back with Carolina and Colorado, and man, scoring much? Watching the Isles skate right now is all right, even though I am no fan of theirs. 

The Avs game was insane, watching the Isles go down 3 – 0 after a scoreless 1st period and then the comeback! Anyone could have just given up, down 3 – 0 to the defending champions, and excuses all around to say it was just an off night and we’ll get ‘em next time. Yeah, there was none of that happening, as the Isles found what seemed to be a harmless goal to make it 3 – 1, and then the 3rd period came.

Semyon Varlamov made 37 saves for New York and the Isles scored 5 straight times to tell the Avalanche they can take that 3 – 1 lead, and get out of their house with a loss! Do you know who you need to watch out for? #8! Noah Dobson is sitting back on the Isles’ blue line and when he decides to push up and be aggressive, he just finds points. 

We saw his game develop into something special last year as he made his 3rd season in New York a big one. Dobson had played a total of 80 games in his first two years with the Isles, but he played in 80 games alone last season, and those 51 points ain’t too shabby!

Chicago Blackhawks vs NY Islanders Best Bet

First of all, does that say 6? In a season that’s young, we are seeing so many 6.5s and even 7s being posted, so what the hell is a 6 doing here? At this price? Yeah, thanks! 

  • Selection: Over 6 Goals (OT Included)
  • Best odds: 1.93 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

Odds as of 9:00 am November 1, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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