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ice-hockey | Wednesday, November 23, 2022 10:37 AM

Florida Panthers vs Boston Bruins Best Bet: B’S Chasing 8th Straight Win

Florida Panthers vs Boston Bruins Best Bet: B’S Chasing 8th Straight Win
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Florida Panthers vs Boston Bruins Best Bet: Wednesday, November 23rd

The Boston Bruins will be skating for an eighth straight win on Wednesday night when they take on the struggling Florida Panthers at FLA Live Arena. Our resident hockey expert from the States thinks the line setters have dropped the puck giving us a valuable offer to raise the stakes.

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Florida Panthers vs Boston Bruins Preview

November 24, 00:05 (UK time)

So either I am losing my mind, which hey, I have lost my last few tips so maybe I am, but the line setters are giving us quite an offer here for Boston to find both of these points tonight. Why are we looking at 1.95 with Boston’s Moneyline?

Boston has won 7 straight games and recorded a league-high 80 goals, and I don’t know where you were on October 17 but the Bruins did a number on Florida that night and didn’t have Brad Marchand on the ice yet. Since returning to the lineup, Marchand now has 11 games under his belt and his 15 points already have him tied with Jake DeBrusk who has played in all 18 games this campaign.

You know, to be honest, I was first looking at that damn St. Louis Buffalo game, wondering how the hell the Blues were only 2.00 to win the game in regulation, and I almost went with that for my tip tonight. In case you don’t know, 30 of the 32 teams are in action tonight which means we have 15 games to enjoy all around the NHL tonight.

Because I live in New York, I’ll get the New Jersey / Toronto game and I see the Devils are -110 on their Moneyline too tonight. Take NJ ML and St. Louis in Regulation tonight on top of this tip.

What stunk for me on Monday night is I missed my tip here and I went 5 – 2 overall with another Salami that came in by 1.5 goals. The 65 total goals on the Over 63.5 was lucky enough, but my Dallas game fell short at 3 – 2 so I apologize. I hate when I pick out the wrong game to suggest even though I bet on about 5 games a night and the Grand Salami every night.

Anyway, unless the bus crashes on the way to the venue, I have no idea why the oddsmakers are giving us Boston at this price. Florida is playing their worst hockey right now and the B’s are cruising, so naturally, they both reverse course tonight. Yeah, no, sorry, I am not buying into any of that noise!

David Pastrnak and his 29 points contribute to the number 1 ranked scoring team in the entire NHL! If you are stupid enough to commit a penalty against the Bruins, that means you’ll have to deal with the 3rd ranked power play in the business. Do you really want #37, #63, #88, and #27 all on the ice at the same time skating up a man? NO!! NO, YOU DON’T!

The Florida PK, if we can call it a penalty-killing unit at all, is ranked 26th in the NHL, and that spells trouble for the Panthers tonight.

Florida Panthers vs Boston Bruins Best Bet

Bruins 5, and whatever the hell Florida contributes to the fray matters none to me. It was 5 – 3 in the first meeting early in the year without Marchand, and now that Brad is back it could be just as bad, if not a harsher beat down on Wednesday.

Stakes are raised to 7U because this line is ridiculous!

  • Selection: Boston Bruins to Win
  • Best Odds: 1.95 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes: 7/10

Odds as of 11:00 am November 23, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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