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ice-hockey | Monday, November 28, 2022 9:42 AM

New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils Best Bet: Rivals Meet at the Garden

New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils Best Bet: Rivals Meet at the Garden
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New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils Best Bet: Monday, November 28th

A pair of old friends get together at Madison Square Garden on Monday night, as the Rangers and Devils continue the rivalry. Should I call it a derby? Well, whatever we call it, our resident pucks expert Ej Garr has a big week in store for us, so let’s take it to the ice.

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New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils Preview

November 29, 00:05 (UK time)

The NY Rangers and NJ Devils will play the first of their four regular-season meetings on Monday, and we will see them meet again in two weeks for the second of the four affairs from this Metropolitan Division battle.

The Rangers have some splainin’ to do, Lucy! I live here in New York and the Rangers are the team I call mine, but all of us Blue Shirt fans want answers to what happened on Saturday. The Rangers took a 3 – 0 lead into the 3rd period against Edmonton, and they came away with 0 points and a big, fat L to show for the effort.

We’ll call that a good 40 minutes wasted because getting the 3-goal lead, to begin with, took longer than it did to give the whole damn thing away in one period! I have been watching hockey for about 45 years, and blowing a 3 – 0 lead only to lose 4 – 3 was sickening to my stomach and now I have to fade my own team as a result.

I am sorry but when you watch a meltdown like that with your own eyes, whatever fanhood is involved, it takes a lot to get a smile back on your face after that kind of lawnchair moment that it was. Yeah, I call it a lawnchair moment when you fold like that, and now the Devils come calling?

The last thing my team, or the Rangers, need to see is a hot Devils squad that is going to love rubbing that loss with alcohol and bandages. Awww, you’re down and out and reeling from a bad loss? Here, let me step on your face and break your arm so I can make it a full-blown disaster!

Adam Fox is expected to be out of the lineup for the Rangers and that will hurt. Not only for his backline position but for what he adds to the offense too. Fox loves to pinch and become a contributor upfront, as evident from his 1.1 assists per game and his ability to stay out of the penalty box.

Vitek Vanecek and Igor Shesterkin are listed as the expected starting goalies, and they both have certainly held their own thus far to begin the campaign. Vanecek has an impressive 2.05 GAA, and .0923 save percentage isn’t too shabby either. We all know that Igor took home the Vezina Award last year, so these two net minders will battle as usual.

New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils Best Bet

Last year, Shesterkin was the guy I would be investing in for a game this big early in the campaign. These games count as Division games and they hold much more weight in the standings,
After seeing that debacle on Saturday, there is no way I am fading New Jersey before I fade my own Rangers in this spot.

  • Selection: Devils to Win
  • Best odds: 2.01 (Marathonebt)
  • Stakes: 4/10

Odds as of 9:30 am November 28, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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