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ice-hockey | Friday, April 29, 2022 7:03 AM (Revised at: Friday, April 29, 2022 3:34 PM)

NHL Best Bet: Friday, April 29th

NHL Best Bet: Friday, April 29th
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The New Jersey Devils play host to the Detroit Red Wings as both teams wrap up the regular season and our resident NHL expert Ej Garr believes the wrong team is favoured to win this contest. The line setters are trying to convince folks that the Devils are the better hockey team even though they’ve won only a single outing from their last 7 games.  

NHL Best Bet: Friday, April 29th

  • NJ Devils vs Detroit: Red Wings To Win (OT Included)

Odds as of 9 am April 29th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

NJ Devils vs Detroit Best Bet

April 29, 00:00 (UK time)

 The line setters seem to think that the Devils have figured out all of their issues and home ice will combine to give them a win in their final home game of the campaign. Dreadfully, the season is finally over for a team that simply stunk up the ice all season so let’s not get fooled by the lines.  

First of all, anyone who would pay 1.65 to take a chance on New Jersey expecting them to take 2 points, even at home? Well, where were you the last 7 times the Devils played on home ice? Because from what I see, none of those affairs saw the Devils land a pair of points in celebration of anything good, and wins here are not just a given.

Now, I can understand how you would argue that the Red Wings on the road are complete junk because they have been. I can’t even look you in the eye and say otherwise other than at least lately the only team playing with some life is the Red Wings right now. If NJ ends the regular season and loses their final 8 home games on top of their last 6 games in a row and we didn’t fade them again? 

Who’s the dummy? One’s made of skin and one’s made of wood so? I am sorry to be coy about it like this but what else can we do but expect New Jersey to stink up the ice one last time and get 2.35 for our troubles? Detroit is 2.35 to win with OT included and that is fair enough for me to fade New Jersey. 

We just saw these two teams play a few days ago and what did we see? Riddle me this Stat geek… How many goals did New Jersey score again? And how many hockey teams have you seen win without scoring a single goal again? Last I checked, if you don’t put the biscuit in the basket you have a pretty damn slim chance of winning the hockey game. So, I don’t see why Detroit wouldn’t take the same game plan and shut out New Jersey again tonight.

Detroit and their stats away from home? Ahh, Road, shmoad! 

Friends don’t let friends lose their money betting on the NJ Devils!

New Jersey plays no better here than they do in South Africa so we fade the Devils and enjoy the 2.35 offer on the Wings to escape with the win, either in regulation, overtime, or a shootout.

  • Selection: Detroit to Win (OT Incl)
  • Best odds: 2.35 (Bet365)
  • Stakes 4/10

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Rainmaker30 Apr 2022 | 01:37
And I quote ... "Friends don’t let friends lose their money betting on the NJ Devils!" >>> MONEY