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ice-hockey | Wednesday, May 11, 2022 7:30 AM (Revised at: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 8:18 PM)

NHL Best Bet: Wednesday, May11th

NHL Best Bet: Wednesday, May11th
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The Pittsburgh Penguins will be looking to advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs if they win Game 5 on Wednesday night against the New York Rangers. With a 3 games to 1 lead in the series, the Penguins can eliminate the Rangers and grab a few days off to rest for their next opponent. Our NHL expert Ej Garr expects exactly that to happen because the Rangers are not ready for prime-time hockey, and they’ve been badly outplayed to this point.

NHL Playoffs Best Bet May 11th

  • NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh: Over 6 Goals

Odds as of 9 am May 11th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh Best Bet

May 11, 00:05 (UK time)

So, there are a couple of ways to go about this and the lines are certainly user-friendly for whatever direction we take. The Penguins are being listed at 2.15 to win the game with overtime included and that is some decent value to expect the Pengs to keep on keepin’ on! 

Have you noticed the one name being chanted in both buildings thus far? EEEEGOOOR! EEEEEGOOOR! Okay, it’s Igor but you get why I spelled it like that because it has a better effect! Yeah, Shesterkin is simply not proving to be a playoff goalie, and it happens a lot to players who have excellent regular seasons only to fall apart when the real bell rings.

The Ranger fans were doing it when he made some outstanding saves in New York, and the Penguins fans let Igor have it the last two games in Pittsburgh. Hey, I am a Rangers fan and even I appreciated the Pittsburgh fans getting on Igor because he deserved it and there is no love in war or hockey!

The playoffs, much less the Stanley Cup Playoffs, are a completely different animal than the regular season. Post-season experience when the lights are lit a little brighter is huge and the Pengs have that. Shesterkin might have a Vezina on his shelf in a few weeks when they announce the awards, but he is lucky they don’t count the post-season results.

Game 3? Shesterkin lasted a single period giving up 3 goals having to watch the rest of the 7 goals get scored from the bench. Game 4? Pulled again after giving up 5 goals in 2 periods and this is a dude who gave up an average of 2 goals a night this season. The Penguins mainline is pushing Heroine, Hydrocodone, Percoset, and some adrenalin down their veins and they are just making the Rangers look stupid right now. 

No one wants to make anyone look bad, but make no mistake that the Penguins want to rip the Blue Shirts a new one and send them packing tonight! We’re already at MSG so why don’t you just STAY HERE! I mean, that is pretty much what I expect the Penguins to be thinking tonight against the Rangers because we just haven’t seen enough to think otherwise.

For me, I see his total still at 6 and the 1.80Pittsburgh, United States. 07th May, 2022. Pittsburgh Penguins center Jeff Carter (77) celebrates the second empty net goal during the third period of the 7-4 win in the first round of the Stanley Cups Playoffs at basically every site makes me more prone to think we’ll see more goals again in Game 5. Elimination games tend to see goal-scoring and I surmise that the Penguins are not done making Shesterkin get humbled yet. Seriously, the dude looked like a deer in the headlights when he came off the ice and he needs Alexandar Georgiyev on the bench if the Rangers have any hope of winning this game. 

Even if the Rangers do go out and find this win tonight, they’ll have to do it scoring goals because Pittsburgh is coming with all they have and wanting to end this thing right here, right now! Let’s expect the goals to come regardless of who takes the win in Game 5. I think the Rangers are done but we’ll see!

  • Selection: Over 6 Goals OT Included
  • Best odds: 1.80 (William Hill)
  • Stakes 4/10

Odds as of 9:30 am May 11th, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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