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ice-hockey | Friday, March 10, 2023 8:51 AM

NHL Hockey Friday Best Bets: 2-Game Friday Night Slate

NHL Hockey Friday Best Bets: 2-Game Friday Night Slate
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NHL Hockey Friday Best Bets: Friday, March 10th

There will only be two hockey games being played on Friday night in the NHL, and our resident pucks expert Ej Garr has them both covered! With a 19 – 6 – 1 record over his last 26 hockey offers, the man is on fire covering the coolest sport on Earth. Let’s take it to the ice and see what goodies Ej has in store to get the weekend started in fashion!

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Florida Panthers vs Chicago Black Hawks Preview

March 11, 00:07 (UK time)

Well, there are two hockey games on the Friday schedule so why don’t we cover them both for you? You know I am going to find a pair of plus-money offers to put on the table so the chicken dinner serves your winner, winner!

First of all, I will assume that the Panthers are already home and today’s practice sessions are over with a massive slate of games being played on Thursday night. Secondly, I will also assume that some of the guys are getting together to keep an eye on the Isles / Penguins game to see who takes those pivotal points.

The Panthers are in that tough 9-hole when 8 teams will be participating in the Eastern Conference Playoffs in about a month. Buffalo and Washington are also in action tonight with all-important matches for the two teams chasing the Panthers, so this could still be a wild finish to the regular season.

The Panthers have an opportunity to take two home points with ease, and I highly doubt anyone is watching the tape of the 4 – 2 Hawks win back in their previous meeting earlier in the campaign. The Hawks have earned 49 points this season and that is how you land in the basement of the table. If this were football in Europe, the Hawks would be in danger of being demoted and sent down to NHLB, HA!

Of course, you know by now that Patty Kane has joined the Rangers and this Hawks team has a lot of figuring out to do headed toward the next campaign. Some teams can interrupt a team’s chase for the post-season like Columbus has seemed to do lately, but the Hawks are not that team anymore.

The Hawks have lost 5 of their last 6 games with that strange 5 – 0 win over Ottawa in the mix for their best result of late. I am far from convinced that they can pull some kind of big upset on the road, and the line setters are giving no room for plays on handicaps and such. Even the -2 is juiced at some sites, and that is just not how we roll around here.

I think this game is going to end 5 – 2 with a home win for the Panthers to get themselves to 72 points drawing closer to the Penguins and Isles. I was thinking about offering the Panthers team total over 4.5 because that line is pretty nice too, but Marathon has my new favorite prop/combo bet posted.

Florida Panthers vs Chicago Black Hawks Best Bet

As I said, I do think the Panthers should cruise past the Hawks because Sergei Bobrovsky has been seeing beach balls lately letting nothing behind him! He’s given up only 5 goals in his last 4 starts, and that spells success for me.

Petr Mrazek is listed as the Hawks’ probable netminder, and his 3.74 GAA tells you all you need to know! Just in case the panthers don’t find that 5th goal, a 4 – 2 win will suffice to cash this ticket!

  • Selection: Florida Win + Over 5.5 Goals
  • Best odds: 2.03 (Marathon)
  • Stakes: 4/10

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Calgary Flames vs Anaheim Ducks Preview

March 11, 02:05 (UK time)

Gut feelings! I am a big proponent of following your gut instincts because I watch a lot of hockey and I bet with my eyes and not my heart. I can be a Rangers fan and separate myself from the betting aspect of what they have happening, because who I root for and how we make money never work in sync.

Anyway, my point is when something hits me it just hits me and I see an early 2 – 1 lead for the Ducks when the first period ends. I know, crazy right? I have broken out my crystal ball and have seen into the future, baby! Ha!

Honestly. That line is so full of value for just a 1 – 1 opening frame that I cannot leave that sitting there without our attention. I am the Mayor of Value City and I see a 2.70 being posted at about 5 major sportsbooks out there. Naturally, the line will fluctuate from time to time and site to site, but you should see no less than a 2.63 for both teams to score prop in the first period.

Le Flame is also in that precarious 9-slot in the Western Conference table, so they need to keep an eye on every point that Winnipeg and Colorado earn to stay in the chase. Calgary is 4 points behind the Jets and 5 points being the Avalanche and the games are starting to run out. Let’s also point out that Colorado has 3-game in hand on every team around them in that crazy Western Conference table right now.

The Ducks are playing their best spoiler role and I think they will come out looking to fire some shots and not let our buddy Johnny Gibson get in a hole early. We all know about Johnny falling apart at times because I have covered plenty of Ducks games around here. Calgary has won 7 of the last 8 meetings between the two teams including a 3 – 2 overtime win against the Ducks two days before Christmas.

I don’t trust Gibson to keep the Flames out of his twine at all tonight, and I did all of those highlights from the Minnesota game the other night. You know, the 0 – 0 game those two just played, my goodness! Let’s make no mistake, however, that Markstrom has been a sieve at times surrendering 4 goals on so many occasions.

Calgary Flames vs Anaheim Ducks Best Bet

I think this over is going to fly in! Like, fly me to the moon, hold me in your arms, and CASH THE TICKET! If you don’t mind some juice, which I am not a fan of myself as you know, the 1.87 on the OT-Included Over 6 should be on your card. I am not making that my best bet, but it’s coming in or at least pushing the action. I like safety nets where I can find them, and that $15 of juice won’t kill anyone just in case they get stuck at 4 – 2. No harm there!

But this is your money-maker, rump-shaker, cash-taker bet of the match at 2.70 or so! Have a nice weekend!

  • Selection: Both Teams to Score 1st Period
  • Best odds: 2.70 (GGBet)
  • Stakes: 4/10

Odds as of 9:00 am March 10, 2023. Odds may now differ.

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