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Get your tips for Super Bowl 53 free at bettingexpert. Who will win Super Bowl 53? Will New England claim yet another Super Bowl championship? Or will the Los Angeles Rams claim their second Super Bowl championship?

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AH = Asian handicap, EH = European handicap, = Goal scorer, / = Over / Under, Time = GMT

Free American Football Tips

American football is the most popular sport in the United States. Whether it be the professional version of the sport, the NFL or the amateur version, NCAAF college football, every weekend millions of Americans tune in to watch their favourites teams, schools and players perform on the biggest stage in American sport. 

With the increasing popularity, social acceptance and legal sanctioning of sports betting in the United States, American football is set to become even more popular than ever. In the coming seasons, the viewership of both NFL and NCAA football is set to skyrocket.

While legalised sports betting may be relatively new to American sports fans, members of the bettingexpert community have been posting profitable NFL and NCAA football betting tips for many seasons. Many US sports betting pick sites ask outrageous subscription fees only to receive dubious tips that are not profitable long term. If you love betting on the NFL and NCAAF, follow the best tipsters at bettingexpert for free and improve your betting returns season after season.


September 6 2018  NFL Regular Season Begins
December 30 2018  NFL Regular Season Concludes
January 5 2019  NFL Playoffs Begin
February 3 2019  Super Bowl 53, Atlanta, GA


August 25 2018  NCAAF Season Begins
December 8 2018  NCAAF Season Concludes
December 15 2018  NCAAF Postseason Begins
January 7 2019  National Championship Game, Santa Clara, California

Free NFL Picks

Few sports have climbed in populairy as quickly as the NFL in recent decades. Whether it's betting on traditional betting markets such as NFL handicaps, moneylines or points totals, bettors across the US and the world over tune in each Sunday to follow their bets. With the explosion of NFL betting, so too came the expansion of betting markets available with now an almost unlimited number of markets available from statistical betting to the always intriguing list of exotics. 

For those who love betting on the NFL, the bettingexpert community delivers hundreds of NFL betting picks and tips each weekend of the regular season and into the playoffs, culminating in the Super Bowl in early February. Don't waste time with services offering NFL picks for subscription fees. Follow the betting NFL tipsters at bettingexpert free each week of the NFL season.

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Free NCAAF Picks

While it may not share in the same scale of interest world wide, NCAA college football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. This is particularly true in the southern and midwestern states, where support for local colleges reaches an almost religous level. Across the nation, NCAA football fans tune in every Saturday to watch the best young talent the sport has to offer, with millions of dollars wagered on the day's games and a focus on traditional betting markets such as NCAAF lines, points totals and moneylines.

Thanks to the bettingexpert community, there's no need to follow suspect tipsters demanding outrageous subscription fees. You can find the best NCAAF tipsters at bettingexpert free of charge and follow them all season long, improving your NCAAF betting returns.

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NFL Tipster Competition

American football tipsThink you know your NFL? Want to compete with thousands of NFL tipsters from across the planet? Enter our NFL tipster competition and find out if you've got what it takes to make consistent profits betting on the NFL.

Each week share in $1000 in prizes with the first prize $500 for the most profitable NFL tipster of the week. 

  • 1st $500
  • 2nd $250
  • 3rd $125
  • 4th $75
  • 5th $50

Sign up with bettingexpert now for free and begin posting your NFL picks for this week's games. Focus on traditional markets such as NFL handicaps, moneylines and points totals or bet on exotics and specials.

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Betting On American Football

There are many and varied ways to bet on American football, whether you prefer NFL betting or NCAAF betting. The most traditional form of betting on American football is the handicap, also known as the betting line or the spread. The popularity of handicap betting goes way back to the 1960s when betting on the NFL and NCAAF emerged from Las Vegas. Other popular bet types are moneylines also known as head to head betting and points totals, also known as over unders. 

No matter how experienced you are when it comes to betting on the NFL, you can always learn more. If you're seriously interested in improving your American football betting returns, consult our extensive guide to betting on America's favourite sport. Learn how to bet on various bet types as well as the keys to successful American football betting.

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American Football Odds

Being one of the most popular sports in the world, you'd be right in expecting every bookmaker on the planet to offer both NFL and NCAAF betting odds.

With millions of fans tuning in each weekend of the season, bookmakers offer a diverse range of American football betting markets.

To learn more, read our detailed bookmaker reviews

Top American Football Bookmakers

Which bookmakers do we recommend for your NFL betting? Here's our top three NFL and NCAAF bookmakers for this season.

Bet365William HillLadbrokes
American football tips American football tips American football tips
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