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Business model

bettingexpert promotes transparency in the betting industry, therefore we must also be transparent about how we operate. Read about how we work here.

At bettingexpert we seek to improve your betting experience by promoting transparency and providing as much guidance as possible through high quality content, innovative design and technological solutions. To fulfill our mission, we employ dozens of talented people. Having talented people on the payroll is pretty expensive, so we must have an income.

An obvious revenue stream would be charging users for our tips. However, we would much prefer to make everything on bettingexpert free. We want our content to be accessible to as many people as possible and it is hard to promote transparency when hiding content and tools behind paywalls.

As we don’t want to charge our users for access, we need to depend on another form of revenue.

Affiliate business model

The business model behind bettingexpert is based on affiliate relationships. This business method requires that igaming operators pay bettingexpert for the traffic they receive from our site. The traffic sent to igaming operators is measured through direct links embedded in text and images and also by cookies. Links to igaming operators are easily identified as they contain the following link:

Thus, for example whenever you see a link to bet365 in our betting tips or clash pages, they are affiliate links. Whenever you see a link to Ladbrokes on a top 10 bookmaker list, it is an affiliate link. In other words, bettingexpert receives money for the visitors that move from bettingexpert to igaming vendors.

How affiliate marketing works

How affiliate marketing works

Is this normal? Yes! Many newspapers, travel sites, blogs, betting sites etc. use this business model.

How does this affect editorial discretion?

It doesn’t! We do not make editorial choices based on the money we receive from the igaming operators. We only recommend the bookmakers and casinos we trust and use ourselves. We are offered significant sums of money on a daily basis from dubious casinos and bookmakers to promote them on bettingexpert. We refuse every single time. The reason behind this is what separates bettingexpert from our competitors: bettingexpert is designed solely for our users.

Our goal is to provide impartial advice and detailed information for our users about betting services to improve your betting experiences. We create content and services designed for this purpose because we believe the best way of building our business is to be honest about the industry thus earning the trust of our community. Other sites often create content designed to please their affiliates which may be somewhat successful in the short term but their credibility will soon be damaged by ‘bought’ reviews and visitors will quickly realize they cannot trust what is being said.

Long term strategy

We believe that building a trustworthy brand is key for driving our business. This approach has occasionally created issues with affiliates who do not receive the kind of review they had hoped; however, we will never compromise on our integrity and will always deliver content that meets the needs of our users. The vast majority of our affiliates know that this is how we operate and are happy for us to create impartial reviews that give an honest report of our experience with their service without being pressured into publishing something that isn’t our own opinion.

It is not bettingexpert’s job to protect the igaming operators we are affiliated with. We will not cover up any errors they commit. Quite contrary. We expect nothing but high integrity from the igaming operators visible on bettingexpert. In case we don’t experience such integrity, we do not hesitate to publish information about this. In grave or recurring instances, we terminate the affiliation with these igaming operators.

A few examples can show our commitment to integrity. bet365 is very visible on bettingexpert. When a story broke about the potential lack of payout to a customer, we helped disseminate this information in Twitter

Another bookmaker visible on bettingexpert is Betsafe. After being contacted by a bettingexpert tipster about a voided bet, we wrote a long and thorough blog post (in Danish) about it, in which we heard both sides of the story.