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How To Bet On The Bundesliga

Whether it’s betting on Bayern to continue their dominance or looking to back an outsider, our detailed guide to Bundesliga betting will show you how to improve your betting on the Bundesliga.

Betting On The Bundesliga: An Introduction

German football is incredibly well regarded around the world. Some of the best club sides in the world play in Germany and they are supported by passionate fans who fill stadiums up and down the country every week. The quality of German football can be seen every year in European club competition where teams from the Bundesliga – Germany’s top division – regularly compete in the latter stages of both the Champions League and Europa League.

Betting on the Bundesliga is likewise very popular. Bookmakers now offer a wide range of bet types and markets for German football, much of which is available to watch on UK TV and via bookmaker live streaming services. 


How The Bundesliga Works
History Of The Bundesliga
Bundesliga Odds Explained
How To Bet On The Bundesliga And Win
Bundesliga Betting Statistics
Betting On The Bundesliga Online
Bundesliga Live Streaming
Bundesliga Betting Tips

1. How The Bundesliga Works

The best teams in German football have been battling it out to be crowned the country’s champions by finishing the season at the top of the Bundesliga league table for over half a century.

Bundesliga Champions

There are 18 clubs that contest the Bundesliga, with each playing 34 matches across the course of the Bundesliga season, 17 at home and 17 away. There are no playoffs to decide prizes at the top of the Bundesliga table. Teams are simply awarded three points for a win and one for a draw. Whoever wins the most points ends the season as champions.

In cases where teams have the same points the Bundesliga uses to following criteria to separate them (in order):

  1. goal difference
  2. goals scored
  3. head-to-head points
  4. head-to-head goal difference
  5. head-to-head away goals scored
  6. away goals scored.

If the teams still cannot be separated there is a playoff.

Bundesliga European Qualification

It’s not just top spot that teams in the upper echelons of the Bundesliga standings are concerned with. Due to Germany’s strong UEFA coefficient ranking, the top three Bundesliga sides are automatically entered into the group stages of the Champions League while the fourth placed team enters qualification at the playoff stage.

The team who finishes fifth are given a guaranteed spot in the Europa League group stage while the sixth placed side must qualify for the Europa League from the third qualifying round.

These positions can change come the end of the seasons as the winners of the German Cup are awarded a Europa League place. 

Bundesliga Relegation

18 teams contest the Bundesliga and while each club would love to be crowned the champions, they don’t all share the same lofty ambitions as Bayern Munich. There can only be one winner but up to three teams can be relegated from German football’s top tier and into the Bundesliga 2. For some teams, simply surviving in the Bundesliga is an achievement in itself.

The teams in the bottom two positions of the table after playing 34 games are automatically relegated. The team who finishes third from bottom (in 16th place) have to face a playoff against the side who finish third in the Bundesliga 2. These playoffs are two-legged affairs with each team playing one game at home and one away. The winning side on aggregate are given a spot in the top flight for the following season. It’s worth noting that Bundesliga teams don’t always have the best of these playoffs as the lower ranked side can often make the most of their stronger form going into the crucial matches.

Bundesliga Winter Break

Like many national leagues in continental Europe, the Bundesliga has a winter break. Aside from that break, Bundesliga fixtures generally take place on Saturdays and Sundays but have been known to take place on every day of the week.

2. History Of The Bundesliga

Football has a long and rich history in Germany but it was not until the 1950s that calls for a national league really took off. At that time there were teams in both East and West Germany but the professionalism of rival European leagues made it difficult for German teams to hold onto their best players. While there was a great desire to create a national league, the political situation in Germany made it difficult for the national administration, the Deutscher Fußball Bund (DFB).

The catalyst for the formation of a central league in West Germany came when the national team (known as Die Mannschaft) were knocked out of the 1962 World Cup by Yugoslavia. The creation of a national professional league was seen as the best way of ensuring that there would not be a repeat of such an embarrassing result.

Bayern Munich Dominance

In Bundesliga history winners have come from all over the country but the league’s most successful team, Bayern Munich, did not even compete in the league’s first two seasons. The 1968-69 season was a big one in Bundesliga history, as champions Bayern Munich firmly announced themselves with the first of their titles. Bayern have gone through multiple periods of dominance in Germany football and hold a number of records. 

3. Bundesliga Odds Explained

The Bundesliga is one of the most popular football leagues in the world. With world class players and teams, it guarantees entertainment week-in-week-out. 

Bundesliga Match Markets

There are tens of football bet types available for each Bundesliga match. The most popular of these markets include:

  • Match Result 1X2: Selecting the result (Home win, Draw, Away win) at the end of 90 minutes plus added time.
  • Asian Handicap: Selecting the winner with each competing team carrying a goals handicap.
  • Goal Total Over/Under: Selecting either over or under a specified number of goals.

For a comprehensive list and detailed descriptions of football bet types, please read our How To Bet On Football – Football Bets Explained guide.

Bundesliga Winner Odds

Let’s begin by looking at Bundesliga winner odds. As with all league outright markets, betting on the Bundesliga winner is placing a bet on who you think will be top of the Bundesliga table come the end of the season.

Below we can see an example of Bundesliga winner odds, with odds listed at Coral.

Bundesliga Winner Odds

There are only a few clubs capable of winning the Bundesliga title like in many other European leagues. While clubs such as Dortmund and Leverkusen may fancy their chances this season, Bayern are one of the best teams in the world and as such they will be expected to finish on top for many years to come.

Bundesliga Winner ‘Without Bayern’ Odds

Given the strength of Bayern Munich’s squad and the hold that they have over the Bundesliga title, many bookmakers offer a ‘Winner Without Bayern’ market. In this market, you are betting on which club will finish hightest on the Bundesliga table with Bayern eliminated from consideration.

Below we can see an example of Winner Without Bayern odds, with odds listed by Paddy Power.

Bundesliga winner without Bayern Odds

Given Bayern’s dominance and expected strangle hold on the Bundesliga title, you are effectively betting on the team you think is going to finish second. 

There are a number of teams who are aiming to close the gap on the division’s top two teams and this could be a very competitive market which is worth careful consideration for your Bundesliga betting predictions.

Bundesliga Top 4 Odds

There are a range of additional positional finish markets available to you at the top end of the Bundesliga. Of these, the Bundesliga top 4 finish market is one of the most popular options. Most bookies won’t even offer you a price on Bayern to finish in the top 4, as their chances of finishing among this group are so strong. But you can utilise this market if you’ve got a sneaking feeling about a team who have strengthened their squad well over the summer.

Positional betting does not end with the Bundesliga top 4 market. You can also bet on the following:

  • Top 3 Finish
  • Top 6 Finish
  • Top 10 Finish
  • Bottom 2 Finish
  • To Finish Bottom

Note that the greater the number of options there are in these market, the more teams you won’t get prices on. But if you know your German football you can find value odds on outside shots who are not well fancied but have the potential to force their way into European contention. These markets can also be a hive of value if teams have a poor start to the season but finish strongly.

Bundesliga Relegation Odds

At the other end of the table, many punters get involved with the Bundesliga relegation odds. As always, the teams who have just won promotion are among the favourites to be relegated straight back to Bundesliga 2.

Below are an example of Bundesliga relegation odds, with odds listed at Winner Sport.

Bundesliga relegation odds

It is worth bearing in mind that the Bundesliga is a very competitive league and we’ve often seen teams with lofty ambitions finding themselves sucked into a relegation battle. Given this lack of predictability, there is value to be found if you’ve picked a midtable side that you believe are going to struggle to meet expectations and long grind of the Bundesliga season.

Bundesliga Top Goalscorer Odds

Bundesliga outright odds do not only concern the 18 teams in the competition. You can bet on the performances of individual players. The most popular player betting option is of course the Bundesliga top goalscorer market.

You will find a huge selection of Bundesliga top scorer odds with bookmakers far and wide offering this market. 

When you’re planning who to bet on to be the Bundesliga top scorer, there is more to consider than simply how good a goalscorer an individual player is. You should also take into account how well the player’s team are expected to go (better teams will create more chances for their strikers), the team’s playing style and tactical approach (do they look to dominate teams like Bayern or are they more focused on defence?) and lastly, the competition for places in the starting eleven (could the player be dropped to the bench after a couple of games without a goal?)

4. How To Bet On The Bundesliga

In many respects, betting on the Bundesliga is the same as betting on any other football league, tournament or any other sport for that matter. If you’re serious about betting on Bundesliga football, there are a number of things you can do to improve your betting. The most important of these include:

  • Bet only when there is value
  • Specialise in certain markets
  • Apply a consistent staking method
  • Keep detailed records of your bets
  • Have accounts with multiple bookmakers

To learn more about the basics of football betting, please read our How To Bet On Football guide.

Conduct Regular Research And Analysis

As with any professional sporting league, bookmakers have a tremendous range of resources and tools available to help them list the most accurate odds available. The fact is, you aren’t going to outperform Bundesliga odds unless you are conducting consistent and detailed analysis. The task of beating bookmaker odds is difficult enough even with a broad range of analytical tools and information resources at your disposal.

Bundesliga Matchup Analyser

If you’re a serious about statistical analysis then, the Bundesliga matchup analyser is your dream come true.

Simply select the season and the two competing Bundesliga clubs that you want to analyse and matchup data across a range of statistical categories will be available to you in an instant using the tabs below.

If you’re looking to deepen your analysis, here are our top five sites for Bundesliga stats.

Bettingexpert Clash
Bundesliga Stats
ESPN Bundesliga Stats
Soccer Stats Bundesliga
Bundesliga Stats WhoScored

Football Betting Calculator Spreadsheet

To assist you keeping records of your Bundesliga betting for this season, we’ve developed the bettingexpert Football Betting Spreadsheet. It’s free and it’s easy to use. Our football betting spreadsheet will help you keep track of each bet you place, the odds you were offered, the bookmaker you bet with and your overall returns.

football betting spreadsheet


5. Bundesliga Betting Statistics

Now let’s compare the Bundesliga to a number of Europe’s elite divisions across a range of statistical categories. In particular we will be sharing an analysis of Bundesliga results over the last five seasons, from the beginning of the 2011/12 season to the close of the 2015/16 football season.

Please note that these stats should be used as preliminary analysis only and as a guide for league by league tendencies.

5.1 What Is Home Field Advantage Worth In The Bundesliga?

Let’s begin by considering the question of home field advantage in the Bundesliga. Over the last five football seasons, the Bundesliga has performed pretty much to the ten league average in terms of home team winning percentages.

League Home Win % Draw % Away Win %
German Bundesliga 45.4% 24.4% 30.2%
Belgian Pro League 46.5% 25.0% 28.5%
English Premier League 44.5% 25.2% 30.3%
French Ligue Un 45.1% 27.4% 27.5%
Italian Serie A 45.2% 27.0% 27.8%
Dutch Eredivisie 46.5% 24.3% 29.2%
Portuguese Primeira 44.8% 25.2% 30.0%
Russian Premier League 43.8% 26.5% 29.7%
Scottish Premiership 41.8% 24.2% 34.0%
Spanish La Liga 47.9% 23.5% 28.6%
TOTAL 45.3% 25.3% 29.4%

Home Bundesliga clubs have performed fractionally above the ten league average with a winning percentage of 45.4% as opposed 45.3% across the ten leagues. Away clubs however performed almost a full 1% above the ten league average, with a winning percentage of 30.2%

In terms of competition points earned, home Bundesliga clusb won on average 1.606 points per home match, compared the ten league average of 1.612, while away Bundesliga clubs earned 1.150 points per match compared to the 1.135 ten league average.

But what was home field advantage worth in the Bundesliga in terms of a goal advantage? The table below shows the average goals scored across the last five season for both home and away clubs.

League Home Goals Away Goals Home Advantage
German Bundesliga 1.63 1.28 +0.35
Belgian Pro League 1.62 1.22 +0.40
English Premier League 1.54 1.19 +0.35
French Ligue Un 1.44 1.07 +0.37
Italian Serie A 1.50 1.14 +0.36
Dutch Eredivisie 1.77 1.36 +0.41
Portuguese Primeira 1.46 1.14 +0.32
Russian Premier League 1.39 1.08 +0.31
Scottish Premiership 1.46 1.24 +0.22
Spanish La Liga 1.63 1.13 +0.50
TOTAL 1.55 1.18 +0.37

As we can see, home field advantage in the Bundesliga was marginally below the ten league average, with home clubs enjoying a +0.35 goal advantage at home compared to the +0.37 ten league average. This figure amounts to a +0.70 goal swing between an average Bundesliga club playing at home as opposed to that same club playing at an away venue.

The table below shows the average differential between a Bundesliga club’s home goal difference and their away goal difference in matches played in the German top flight over the last five seasons. For example, Schalke have been on average a +1.23 goal better team at home as opposed to away in Bundesliga matches played the last five seasons, the greatest differential in home and away form of all Bundesliga clubs across this time frame.

Club Matches Home/Away +/-
Augsburg 85 +0.50
B M’gladbach 170 +1.14
Bayern Munich 170 +0.88
Darmstadt 34 -0.77
Dortmund 170 +0.62
E Frankfurt 136 +0.99
Freiburg 136 +0.74
Hamburg 170 +0.44
H Berlin 136 +0.45
Hoffenheim 170 +0.79
Ingolstadt 34 +0.99
Koln 102 +0.51
Leipzig 0 NA
Leverkusen 170 +0.69
Mainz 170 +0.73
Schalke 170 +1.23
W Bremen 170 +0.69
Wolfsburg 170 +0.94

5.2 How Often Are Bundesliga Matches Drawn At Halftime?

How often were Bundesliga matches tied at the half and how often did home Bundesliga clubs lead going into the break? The table below shows the Home, Away and Drawn match halftime result percentages over the last five seasons..

League Home Win % Draw % Away Win %
German Bundesliga 35.3% 40.0% 24.7%
Belgian Pro League 34.4% 42.6% 23.0%
English Premier League 34.0% 42.3% 23.7%
French Ligue Un 34.2% 43.9% 21.9%
Italian Serie A 34.5% 43.7% 21.8%
Dutch Eredivisie 36.0% 38.8% 25.2%
Portuguese Primeira 34.5% 41.3% 24.2%
Russian Premier League 34.5% 42.3% 23.2%
Scottish Premiership 32.9% 39.3% 27.8%
Spanish La Liga 37.4% 40.0% 22.6%
TOTAL 34.9% 41.5% 23.6%

Compared with other elite European football leagues, the Bundesliga saw slightly less halftime draws over the last five seasons, with 40% of matches played in the Bundesliga drawn at the halftime interval, compared to 41.5% across the ten leagues. As a result the percentage of matches that saw either the home club or away club leading at halftime were slightly greater than the average.

5.3 How Often Do Home Clubs Lead Halftime/Fulltime In The Bundesliga?

How often were matches drawn at both halftime and fulltime in the Bundesliga in recent seasons? The data below displays the percentages for each combination of results. For example, H/A reflects the home team leading at halftime and the away team then leading at fulltime.

League H/H H/D H/A D/H D/D D/A A/H A/D A/A
Bundesliga  28.5%  4.9%  1.9%  14.5%  14.8%  10.7% 2.4% 4.7% 17.7%
Pro League  27.7%  4.1%  2.6%  16.1%  16.2%  10.3% 2.6% 4.7% 15.7%
Eng Premier  27.2%  5.1%  1.7%  15.2%  15.6%  11.5% 2.1% 4.6% 17.1%
Ligue Un  26.6%  5.5%  2.1%  16.6%  16.9%  10.4% 1.9% 5.1% 15.0%
ISerie A  27.2%  5.2%  2.2%  16.0%  17.3%  10.5% 2.1% 4.5% 15.2%
Eredivisie  27.7%  6.1%  2.3%  15.6%  13.3%  9.9% 3.2% 5.0% 17.1%
Primeira  27.5%  4.7%  2.2%  14.6%  15.3%  11.3% 2.5% 5.1% 16.6%
Rus Premier  27.4%  5.1%  2.0%  14.3%  16.3%  11.8% 2.1% 5.1% 16.0%
Scot Prem  25.8%  4.9%  2.2%  14.0%  14.6% 10.7% 1.9% 4.7% 21.1%
La Liga  30.7%  4.7%  2.0%  15.2%  14.6%  10.1% 2.0% 4.2% 16.5%
TOTAL  27.7%  5.1%  2.1%  15.3%  15.5%  10.7% 2.2% 4.7% 16.6%

5.4 Who Wins When A Bundesliga Match Is Drawn At Halftime?

The table below displays the chances of a fulltime victory based on the match being drawn at the half across the last five seasons.

League Home Win % Draw % Away Win %
German Bundesliga 36.3% 37.1% 26.6%
Belgian Pro League 37.9% 37.9% 24.2%
English Premier League 36.0% 36.8% 27.2%
French Ligue Un 37.9% 38.4% 23.7%
Italian Serie A 36.5% 39.5% 24.0%
Dutch Eredivisie 40.3% 34.2% 25.5%
Portuguese Primeira 35.5% 37.1% 27.4%
Russian Premier League 33.7% 38.5% 27.8%
Scottish Premiership 35.7% 37.1% 27.2%
Spanish La Liga 38.1% 36.6% 25.3%
TOTAL 36.9% 37.4% 25.7%

We can see again that the Bundesliga has performed pretty much to the ten league average across the last five seasons, with the most significant disparity being the chances of an away club winning when the match was drawn at halftime, 26.6% compared to the ten league average of 25.7%.

5.5 What Is The Most Common Winning Margin In The Bundesliga?

What was the most common winning margin across the last five seasons of Bundesliga play? How often did Bundesliga matches end with margins of three goals or greater? The table below displays match results across ten elite European leagues the last five seasons.

League Home 3+ Home 2 Home 1 Draw Away 1 Away 2 Away 3 +
Bundesliga 11.6% 14.9% 18.8% 24.4% 14.8% 8.8% 6.7%
Pro League 10.7% 15.3% 20.4% 25.0% 15.1% 9.0% 4.5%
Eng Prem 10.6% 13.3% 20.6% 25.2% 17.5% 7.5% 5.3%
Ligue Un 9.0% 14.2% 22.0% 27.4% 16.1% 8.0% 3.5%
Serie A 9.2% 14.7% 21.2% 27.0% 14.9% 9.1% 3.8%
Eredivisie 13.8% 15.5% 17.2% 24.3% 12.5% 9.5% 7.2%
Primeira 10.3% 12.4% 22.1% 25.2% 16.4% 8.9% 4.8%
Rus Prem 9.5% 12.0% 22.3% 26.5% 15.7% 9.6% 4.5%
Scot Prem 10.8% 11.2% 19.7% 24.2% 18.6% 8.9% 6.6%
La Liga 13.8% 12.8% 21.3% 23.5% 16.7% 7.2% 4.6%
TOTAL 10.9% 13.7% 20.6% 25.3% 15.8% 8.5% 5.1%

The Bundesliga saw just over 18% of matches end with a margin of at least three goals the last five seasons, well above the ten league average of 16%,, with home Bundesliga clubs claiming 11.6% while away clubs won by at least three goals in 6.7% of matches. Only the Eredivisie and La Liga saw higher rates of such matches.

5.6 How Often Do Bundesliga Matches End Over 2.5 Goals?

Let’s now consider scoring. What percentage of Bundesliga matches saw at least three goals scored across the last five seasons and how often did matches in the Bundesliga end with a maximum of two goals? The table below shows the Over/Under results for ten leagues the last five seasons.

League Over 1.5 Under 1.5 Over 2.5 Under 2.5 Over 3.5 Under 3.5
Bundesliga 79.4% 20.6% 55.9% 44.1% 34.4% 65.6%
Pro League 78.1% 21.9% 53.0% 47.0% 32.9% 67.1%
Eng Prem 74.3% 25.7% 52.5% 47.5% 30.2% 69.8%
Ligue Un 72.3% 27.7% 44.6% 55.4% 24.9% 75.1%
Serie A 74.4% 25.6% 48.3% 51.7% 27.9% 72.1%
Eredivisie 84.4% 15.6% 59.9% 40.1% 39.0% 61.0%
Primeira 71.9% 28.1% 48.7% 51.3% 28.8% 71.2%
Rus Prem 71.6% 28.4% 45.3% 54.7% 23.8% 76.2%
Scot Prem 75.0% 25.0% 51.8% 48.2% 28.2% 71.8%
La Liga 74.3% 25.7% 52.1% 47.9% 30.2% 69.8%
TOTAL 75.5% 24.5% 51.1% 48.9% 30.0% 70.0%

Over the last five seasons, the Bundesliga has been one of the highest scoring leagues in Europe, with just under 56% of Bundesliga matches played ending over 2.5 goals, compared to the ten league average of just over 51%. In fact only the Eredivisie saw a higher rate of matches end with at least three goals scored at just under 60%.

5.7 How Often Do Both Teams Score In The Bundesliga?

With the Bundesliga being one of Europe’s highest scoring leagues in recent seasons, how many Bundesliga matches ended with both teams scoring? The table below shows the percentage of matches that ended with either both teams scoring or either one team/neither team scoring the last five seasons.

League Both Teams To Score Yes Both Teams To Score No
German Bundesliga 54.6% 45.4%
Belgian Pro League 54.4% 45.6%
English Premier League 51.3% 48.7%
French Ligue Un 49.7% 50.3%
Italian Serie A 51.0% 49.0%
Dutch Eredivisie 58.8% 41.2%
Portuguese Primeira 48.7% 51.3%
Russian Premier League 47.0% 53.0%
Scottish Premiership 49.7% 50.3%
Spanish La Liga 49.7% 50.3%
TOTAL 51.5% 48.5%

Again the Bundesliga was well above averge, with 54.6% of matches played ending with both teams scoring, compared to 51.5% acorss the ten leagues. Again, only the Eredivisie saw a higher rate, with just under 59% of matches played in that league ending with both clubs getting on the scoreboard.

5.8 How Often Do Bundesliga Matches End Scoreless?

What percentage of matches played in the Bundesliga ended without a goal scored across the last five seasons? The table below shows both first goal rates for both home and away clubs plus the overall rate of scoreless matches the last five seasons.

League Home Scores First Away Scores First Match Ends Scoreless
Bundesliga 52.9% 40.1% 7.0%
Pro League 53.9% 39.3% 6.8%
Eng Prem 53.1% 39.0% 8.0%
Ligue Un 54.0% 37.7% 8.4%
Serie A 53.2% 38.3% 8.5%
Eredivisie 55.9% 39.9% 4.2%
Primeira 52.8% 39.3% 7.9%
Rus Prem 52.0% 39.8% 8.2%
Scot Prem 49.8% 42.7% 7.5%
La Liga 53.8% 38.6% 7.6%
TOTAL 53.2% 39.3% 7.5%

Given the high scoring nature of the Bundesliga, we could well have anticipated that the league would see a lower than average rate of scoreles matches. In fact, just 7% of Bundesliga matches ended without a goal over the last five seasons. Only two leagues saw lower rates of scoreless results, again the Eredivisie at just over 4% as well as the Belgian Pro League at just under 7%.

6. Betting On The Bundesliga Online

There are thousands of betting opportunities presented by the Bundesliga. Therefore, it is important to consider a few things before choosing which bookmakers you want to use for you Bundesliga betting.

The first thing to consider is the offering that the bookies have for the Bundesliga. Every bookmaker offers odds on the Bundesliga but not all of them have the same depth of market coverage. That is applicable to both outright markets and individual matches. When it comes to outright markets, it is always worth betting with bookies who give you control. Whether that’s being able to cash out of your positions during the season or getting selections added to specific markets, the more control you have over your Bundesliga betting the better.

It is often worth spreading your betting between multiple bookies. This offers you insurance in case technical issues bring a site down during busy times and also it gives you choice so that you can bet on selections that offer the most value.

If you are looking to open up a new account or two, make sure that you have a look through the various new customer offers available to you. These can provide you with a risk free way to get an understanding of the offering of different bookies and often give your betting balance a healthy boost early on.

So to revise, when it comes to selecting a bookmaker for the Bundesliga there are a number things to consider, the most important to consider are:

  • The bookmaker’s reputation and media profile.
  • The diversity of Bundesliga betting markets available.
  • Bundesliga In-Play betting markets and Cash Out available.
  • Bundesliga betting odds and bookmaker commissions.
  • Mobile betting on Bundesliga matches.
  • Welcome Bonus and Bundesliga promotional offers.

To learn more about selecting a suitable bookmaker for your Bundesliga betting, please consult our Football Bookmakers guide.

And to read detailed reviews of over 50 online bookmakers, please visit our Bookmaker Reviews listing.

 For all current Bundesliga free bets and other promotional offers available, please visit our Free Bets listing.

7. Bundesliga Live Streaming

The Bundesliga will be televised to fans in over 200 countries during the 2016/2017 season. In the UK and Ireland, BT Sport has the exclusive rights to show live Bundesliga matches on TV until 2021. BT Sport also shows games from the Bundesliga 2 and the DFB Cup.