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It only comes around once every four years, Euro 2020 has arrived. If you're serious about making money betting on Euro 2016, our detailed Euro 2016 betting guide will show you how to enhance your chances making a profit through this year's Euro tournament.

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The 2016 European Championship is a 24 team international football competition to be held in France between the dates of June 10 and July 10 2016. Nineteen nations joined hosts France at the tournament after securing a top-two finish in the qualifying stage. Four more countries made their way to the tournament after progressing through a play-off system after finishing third in the group qualifying format.

At the tournament, the teams are separated up into six groups of four teams, with the top two nations automatically progressing to the next round along with the four best third-ranked sides. After reducing the participants to 16, the format alters to a straight knock-out competition until the conclusion.

A wide variety of bets are on offer to punters for this tournament, including Euro 2016 outright winner odds, top goalscorer, winner/top goal scorer doubles, and finalists. Betting on individual groups is also available, as well as odds on the stage of elimination of each country.

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1 - Euro 2016 Betting Odds Explained
2 - Euro 2016 Value Bets
3 - Euro 2016 Betting Explained
4 - Best Euro 2016 Betting Strategies
5 - Selecting A Bookmaker For Euro 2016 Betting
6 - Euro 2016 Free Bets & Bookmaker Offers
7 - Following Euro 2016 Betting Tips


Euro 2016 Betting Odds Explained

Euro 2016 betting odds can appear daunting at first glance, with many numbers surrounded by decimals, plus and minus signs and fractions. However, what those numbers and symbols represent are not as confusing as you may think and more importantly, they play a crucial role in determining any potential winnings.

There are three key but different styles of odds on offer in the general market: decimal odds, fractional odds and American odds. They are all presented in different ways but all mean the exact same thing, the amount of return after putting money down on Euro 2016’s betting odds. Here we wil discuss the most popular odds formats in Europe, those being decimal odds and fractional odds.

Decimal Odds

Starting with decimal odds, these are simply inverted probabilities, which is why it is so easy to calculate with them. Hence why they have become the more popular tool in modern betting. Like all odds formats, decimal odds reflect the likelihood of an event occurring. This likelihood is often referred to as the 'implied probability'. To calculate the implied probability reflect in decimal odds, we simply use the following calculation:

Implied probability = 1 / decimal odds

So for example, at the time of writing, the pre-tournament odds for France to win Euro 2016 are 4.50. With bookmakers offering these odds, what is the probability that France will win Euro 2016?

Implied probability = 1 / 4.50
Implied probability = 0.222

So at odds of 4.50, bookmakers believe there is roughly a 22.2% chance that France will win Euro 2016. Understanding betting odds and their implied probabilities is crucial when it comes to the task of identifying betting value, a topic we will discuss later in this Euro 2016 betting guide.

Fractional Odds

The second type of odds are fractional, which are mainly used in UK betting. Fractional odds display your net profit rather than your total return of bet, which is why your stake unit (1) is factored below the fraction line. Let's consider our example again, France to win Euro 2016. Pre-tournament, the best odds at the time of writing for France to win the tournament at 7/2. This means that for every £2 that you bet, you will make £7 profit should France win Euro 2016.

And just like decimal odds, fractional odds can be converted into their implied probabilities, this time using this simple formula:

Implied probability = denominator / (denominator + numerator)

So let's look again at France. They are 7/2 to win the tournament. Based on these odds, what is the likelihood that France will indeed win Euro 2016?

Implied probability = 2 / (2+7)
Implied probability = 2 / 9
Implied probability = 0.222

So as we can see, odds of 7/2 translates to a 22.2% chance of France winning Euro 2016,  just as we saw with decimal odds of 4.50. Again, it must be stressed, knowledge of how to calculate the implied probability of a given set of odds will enable you to identify and spot market value.

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Calculating Your Profit

Calculating how much money you will win from a given Euro 2016 bet is simple. Let's look at decimal odds first.

So let's say we placed a £10 bet on Belgium to defeat Italy in their opening Euro 2016 match at odds of 2.50. How much will we win if Belgium wins the match?

Your Profit = (Stake * Odds) - Stake
Your Profit = (£10 * 2.50) - £10
Your Profit = £25 - £10
Your Profit = £15

So if Belgium wins, we will make a profit of £15 from our £10 bet.

Now let's consider fractional odds.So let's use our Belgium example again. The decimal odds of 2.50 are the same as fractional odds 6/4.

Your Profit = (Stake * numerator) / denominator
Your Profit = (£10 * 6) / 4
Your Profit = £60 / 4
Your Profit = £15

So given the fractional odds of 6/4, we will make a profit of £15 if Belgium wins the match.


Euro 2016 Value Bets

You may often hear the word ’value’ being used in sports betting. For example, ’There is no value in odds for Germany to win Euro 2016’, or ‘I think there is a bit of value with Belgium’. Value situations occur when the bookmakers offer odds which are less probable that the actual outcome of an event.

Value = (Decimal Odds * Your Assessed Probability) - 1

For example, at time of writing England are best odds of 2.10 to beat Russia in their opening Euro 2016 match. In this instance, let’s say we believe their is a 50% chance England win this match. From here it is important to study the market to find the best odds. If Bookmaker A is offering odds of 1.90 for England to win, while Bookmaker B are offering 2.10, which of these odds are the best for us? Well, take a look at the calculation below.

Bookmaker A is offering 1.90 odds, so:

Value = (1.90 * 0.50) - 1
Value = 0.95 - 1
Value = -0.05

These odds represent less than true value. This is not a suitable bet. Whenever the value is less than 0, there is no betting value.

Bookmaker B is offering 2.10 odds, so:

Value = (2.10 * 0.50) - 1
Value = 1.05 - 1
Value = +0.05 

This is the preferred bet for us as the value is above 0.

It may take some time for the intuition to develop for spotting value in the betting market. It may even seem counter-intuitive at first to place money on a team with longer odds who are expected by the bookmakers to lose, however, this is a key part of success in sports betting.

An example of this is very likely to be seen in the upcoming European Championship. With the addition of smaller nations, it is more probable that disproportionate match ups may occur. It is in these key ties where the potential for value betting could arise.For example, in Group F, Hungary have been drawn alongside Portugal, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s side favourites for that clash. However, despite there being a strong likelihood in Portugal winning, their opponents have nothing to lose, displayed astute defensive performances in qualifying and have developed superb team spirit ahead of the tournament. We have seen time and again teams produce remarkable upsets, such as Leicester City’s 5000/1 Premier League title success this season.

Working out the implied probability (the chance of an event occurring) can be calculated using a mathematical equation: 1 / decimal odds.

So if we use our England example from earlier regarding them beating Russia, the implied probability for the odds of 2.10, is:

Implied Probability = 1 / 2.10

Implied Probability = 47.62%

So the odds being offered suggest the chance of England winning to be 47.62%. But in this example, we suggested the probability of England winning at 50%. This is what makes this a value bet, because the chances of England winning are greater than the probability reflected in the odds on offer.

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Euro 2016 Betting Explained

There are several betting markets on offer at this year’s tournament, and the most popular options available will be discussed and explained below.

Tournament winner

A straightforward bet, typically placed before the competition start or perhaps during. This outright bet is for the outcome of the entire tournament, rather than an individual match. These often have much higher returns due to the unpredictable nature of knock-out competitions and predicting future events.

For example, should a punter bet £100 on France to win Euro 2016 at odds of 5.00 and they do win the Championship, the better will receive £500 total return, for a profit of £400.

Group winner betting

Another outright bet, this again is usually placed before the start of the competition due to odds wavering and shortening as matches are concluded throughout the group stage. This bet is placed on a specific team to finish in top spot during the initial stage of the tournament.

For example, should a punter bet £100 on England to finish at the top of Group B at odds of 1.90 and they win the group, the better will receive £190 total return, for a profit of £90.

To qualify for knockout stage

The two top teams from each group will be joined in the next round by four of the best-ranked third placed teams at Euro 2016. A bet on a team to qualify for the knockout stage is an outright bet. There are huge numbers of bookmakers who will take provide euro 2016 odds to qualify.

For example, should a punter bet £100 on Wales to earn enough points to seal their place in the next stage of the competition at odds of 1.50 and they do so, the better will receive £150 total return, for a profit of £50.

Top goalscorer

This is another self-explanatory outright bet, again usually placed before the event starts in order to achieve the best odds. The Euro 2016 top goalscorer odds differ for each bookmaker and is decided by which player scores the most goals during the tournament.

For example, should a punter examine the Euro 2016 top goalscorer odds and place £100 on Harry Kane to finish top of the pile at odds of 17.00 and he scores the most goals at the tournament, the better will receive £1,700 total return, for a profit of £1,600.

1X2 match betting

This is by far the most common wager in football. In order to get a return on any bet placed, the correct outcome of a match must be correctly chosen. Bettors have the option to bet on either Team A to win, Team B to win or for the match to end in a draw.

For example, should a punter bet £100 on Germany to beat Poland in their match against one another, and the 2014 World Cup winners succeed at odds of 1.67, the better will receive a total return of £167, for a profit of £67.

Asian handicap betting

A handicap in sports betting means to give one side an advantage over the other before the start of the event, to which is applied to the full-time result. It is typical to either back the favourite or the underdog when using this method. In Asian handicap (AH) betting, a draw is no longer available as a result. There a couple of different variants to this bet, which we will run through.

Learn more about Asian Handicap betting here

Asian handicap +0

In this instance, no advantage is given to either side but a draw is eliminated as an option for a result. As an example, if a bet was placed on England to win at AH +0 with odds of 1.40 against Russia, England must win the match for the coupon to be won. If a draw occurs, the stake is returned. If Russia win, the bet is lost. If England win, the punter would receive £140 due to the outcome of 100 x 1.40, for a profit of £40.

Asian handicap +/-0.25

A similar type of handicap to the one previously mentioned but a touch more dynamic. In this situation, a draw is again eliminated as a betting option. One team is handed a quarter-goal before kick-off, with a punter either winning, winning half, losing or losing half their bet. The favourite is marked by the minus sign preceding the team’s name.

For example, if a punter bets £100 on favourites Spain to beat Czech Republic at 1.35 in an AH -0.25, Spain must win the match to win the coupon. A Spain win would see a return of £135 total return. If a draw occurs, only half the stake is lost (£50) with the other half returned. Should Czech Republic win the bet is lost.

Asian handicap +/-0.5

In this option, the underdog side are handed a half-goal before kick-off. There is no draw option available and there are no returns should the match end level.

For example, if a punter bet £100 on England to beat Wales at 1.83 in an AH -0.5, England must win the match to win the coupon. An England win would see a return of £183 total return, for a profit of £83 . If Wales win or a draw occurs, the bet is lost. However if you had bet £100 on Wales +0.5 at odds of 2.10, and the match finished in a Wales win or a draw, you would receive a return of £210, for a profit of £110.

Over/Under goal totals

This bet is based on the number of total goals scored in a specific match. The bet will be placed on whether the total number of goals scored is over or under a specific number. There are several variants of options available - usually up to over 5.5 goals - with 2.5 goals the more commonly used condition to mark a low or high scoring match.

For example, in France’s Euro 2016 group stage match against Romania, if you think there will be plenty of goals scored, a punter could bet on total goals scored to be over 2.5. This bet can also be designated for half-time scores.

Learn more about betting on over/unders here

Correct Score

As simple as the bet suggests, the aim of this bet is to correctly predict the correct scoreline in a specific match. This can also be selected for half-time scores and any-time scorelines.

For example, if a punter bet £100 on France to beat Romania 2-0 at odds of 6.00 and the match ended with that scoreline, the better would receive £600, for a profit of £500.

First/Anytime goalscorer

This bet is for those tempted by the scorers market for individual matches during the tournament. There are several different options available, such as the first goal scorer in a match, a player to score at any time during the fixture and the last player to score a goal in the tie.

The most prolific, in form and attacking players are typically gifted with the shortest odds in this scenario.

For example, if a punter bet £100 on Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo to score first against Iceland at odds of 3.50 and the Real Madrid attacker netted the game’s opening goal, the better would receive £350, for a profit of £250.

For Anytime goalscorer bets, the odds are commonly weaker than first or last goalscorer due to there being less specificity.

Learn more about Anytime Goalscorer betting here.

Both teams to score

This bet is a good option if you feel there is a good chance that both teams on show will be able to find the back of the net against their opponent. Whether there are defensive frailties or prolific attackers on show, it is one of the more common bets when it comes to the football market.

The both teams to score (BTTS) option can also be combined with a match winner result or can be designated to either a first or second half display.

For example, if a punter bet £100 on BTTS in the Turkey vs Croatia match at odds of 2.08 and it did happen, the better would receive £208 total return, for a profit of £108.


Euro 2016 Betting Strategies

The aim of betting is to turn a profit, but let’s not forget that enjoyment is a huge part of the process. When the fun stops, that is when poor decisions will begin to creep in to the betting process. Below we have listed a number of basic betting strategies, Euro 2016 betting tips and pointers ahead of kick off.

Do your research

An excellent method to predicting the outcome of a certain event is through experience and knowledge. The more exposure to a sport, the teams, the players and the opponent will only improve the chances of success when placing money on a situation, so remember to follow and read Euro 2016 tips. Do not be tempted to place large sums of cash on obscure divisions or sports because ultimately you will be caught out.

The bookmakers’ are knowledgable and often price matches with enticing odds in full consciousness that a team’s star player is unavailable or they have just sold their only senior goalkeeper. Unless you are a keen follower of foreign competition, it is best to avoid divisions that you have less contact with.

Research the bets you are making. When was the last time Portugal scored in the second half? What are Hungary’s Euro 2016 odds to qualify? Is Leonardo Bonucci available for Italy’s opening clash? How many goals did Joe Hart concede in qualifying for England? Is Iceland’s Gylfi Sigurdsson in the starting XI for Iceland? It is vital to understand the background to each fixture in order to turn a profit and not get caught out.

Compare the odds

There are numerous betting companies available all around the globe offering slightly different odds for every match and specific event to unfold. It does not take much effort to compare the odds available across each bookmaker to ensure you are maximising your profit return.

For example, Republic of Ireland can be met at odds of 101.0 to win the tournament with one booker, but another company are tipping Martin O’Neill’s side at 251.0. There is money to be made in betting just by doing some background checks across the relevant parties.

Long shot betting

Upsets in football happen every year, in every tournament and in every country in the world, that’s a fact. However, when a team is tipped at 51.0 to win, there is a very real reason behind these odds: they are highly unlikely to do so. At that price, the bookmakers are offering £50 for every £1 placed on the bet, which is a significant return.

Long odds are bets equal to or greater than 4.00, for example, Germany to win Euro 2016 with Spain’s Diego Costa finishing as top goalscorer. Mathematically, this would gives the punter 25 percent or less chance of winning their coupon.

Consider that when taking on these bets and be aware that the match outcome is expected to be unfavourable. It can take patience and strong nerve to continue to place money on long odds. Multiple losses can be disheartening for any better but the potential for returns is much higher than standard bets.

Live betting

There are a wealth of betting markets available to punters throughout the summer’s tournament in France. Ahead of the competition, the most common bets placed are likely to be outright betting on team to win, top goal scorer, and stage of elimination. However, it is important to remember that betting does not stop when the game kicks off.

In-play betting has become a huge feature in football over recent years, with the advancement of live football statistics aiding this increase. Using facts from ongoing Euro 2016 fixtures, it is possible to judge which team is in the ascendancy and therefore acts as guidance to in which direction a goal, corner kick or free kick is likely to take place.

Goal markets, such as Mario Gotze to score the last goal of the game, or time specific bets, for instance England to score in the final 10 minutes, are commonly activated by betters. Additionally, the in-play betting may also allow for the ‘cash out’ feature to be facilitated. This tool puts you in control of your bet and allows you to payout at any stage before the conclusion of the event bet on. The amount figure will fluctuate throughout the contest as the odds of your bet increase or decrease.


Euro 2016 Bookmakers

Selecting which bookmaker to use for Euro 2016 may seem like a difficult decision. With so many options available across a broad spectrum of markets, it is tricky to know which betting company best suits your style of betting and desires for the tournament. It is important to note there are two types of betting agency - a bookmaker and a betting exchange.

Bookmakers offer odds for matches, fixtures and outcomes and the punter bets against the agency, while for exchanges, the odds of an event are determined by other users within the market and the punter bets against the fellow betters.

For betting beginners, it is advised that traditional betting agencies - such as William Hill - are used to place bets instead of exchanges - like Betfair and Matchbook - due to the simpler system and format. Professional bookmakers such a Pinnacle and SBOBet are preferred by experienced, serious betters due to their lower margins across a limited menu of tradtional betting markets.

The key difference between these two betting styles is the ability to lay bets. For traditional agencies, the punter is only able to back an event from occurring, for example, backing Harry Kane to finish as Euro 2016 top goalscorer.

Meanwhile on a betting exchange, the better is given the option to also lay bets against an outcome. A lay bet will be successful if an event bet on does not occur. For example, to lay a bet on France not to win Euro 2016, the punter will win their coupon if any other team wins the tournament and lose if they lift the trophy.

There are several important attributes to examine before selecting a betting company to use. Bettingexpert have a reliable, well-sourced bookmakers review online. We will now discuss five things to take into account before making that decision:


Ensure the bookmaker you have selected is a trustworthy company with positive reviews. There are hundreds of betting companies available online or on the high street. If you feel uneasy or unsure about the legality of a website or the odds you are being offered, be sure to delve deeper and do research into the company. If odds appear to good to be true, do your background checks before providing your bank details to an unregulated party.

Euro 2016 Markets on Offer

Make a list of markets you will be betting on during the summer’s tournament and ensure the bookmaker you select to bet with can provide you with that option. All companies will provide punters with the traditional betting options such as euro 2016 winner odds and top goalscorer prices but not all offer the same detailed bets.

For example, if you think there will be a first time winner of the Championship, only a select few bookmakers provide this service. Be sure to check ahead of schedule to make sure you do not miss out on potential bets. Most companies with a contact number may be able to offer you odds and process your bet over the phone if the specific option is not available online.

Welcome bonus

As a beginner to football betting, there will be a vast array of offers available ahead of registering your membership to a bookmakers. Betting companies will tempt sign-ups with exclusive first-time offers to lure punters to their company.

For example, a bookmakers will repay you signing up with bonuses of up to £200. There are also losing-bet returns, matched bets, risk-free betting and other cash-incentive welcome bonuses. Compare the offers available and analyse what works best for you before making the plunge by using a Euro 2016 odds comparison website.

Euro 2016 odds

As previously mentioned, there will be varying odds across the bookmakers at Euro 2016. While the betting odds will differ only slightly in pricing and be largely around the same mark up, your stake figure can alter the returns considerably, so it is important to examine the markets to ensure you maximise your profit by selecting the correct company place with.

Use a Euro 2016 odds comparison site to see the difference in pricing across the board for exact events. This simple process will enable you to narrow down the bookmakers you feel offer the best odds for you before examining their suitability.

Cash Out Feature

Introduced only in recent years, several bookmakers offer a cash out feature which enables you to end your bet at any stage of the event before its conclusion. The payout feature can only be used while in-play and is available online for any live bet with this tool highlighted.

This feature is an added bonus to traditional betting slips and allows punters to remove cash from the event before full-time. During this process, the profit amount will alter as the Euro 2016 odds to win increase or decrease. Cashing out is particularly useful for accumulator bets and late in-game action.


Euro 2016 Free Bet and Bookmaker Offers

Ahead of this summer’s action, the most common form of registration welcome bonuses for bookmakers are Euro 2016 free bets. Punters are given an incentive to sign up for the companies with a free bet offer, for a matched bet of a certain figure.

For example, Bookmaker A may offer ‘Bet £10 Get £30’. This means if the punter signs up to Bookmaker A and they bet £10 on a certain event, they will receive £30 in free bets. It is important to note that only winnings off a free bet are placed in the betting account.

There are other free bet welcome offers available, such as deposit bonuses which match the initial sum you deposit, refunded losing bets as free bets and enhanced odds repaid in Euro 2016 free bets.

There are many types of offers in football betting, including Euro 2016 outright odds on the winner, all available online via bettingexpert free bets page. We will now discuss three of these below:

Price Boosts

A price boost promotion is usually introduced ahead of a major tournament, like Euro 2016, to interest a large proportion of new betters. The offers can be posed for individual matches or longer term betting, such as tipping the Euro 2016 winner.

These bets are known as price boosts because the bookmakers will offer enhanced odds on several markets compared to the rest of the betting prices available elsewhere.

For example, Bookmaker A may offer Spain’s Euro 2016 odds to win at odds of 17.0 during a price boost, where other betting companies are providing odds of 11.0 or 12.0.

Money Back

These promotional bets are typically introduced for major sporting events - like an international football competition - and offer to refund stakes as a free bet if the event advertised does not happen.

Again, this is a tool used to entice punters to part with their cash. Typically only pre-match single bets will qualify for this offer but be sure to check the terms if it is not openly advertised.

Bet Insurance

Betting insurance is available in different scenarios and markets and provides added value to your bets, allowing you to push coupons further than normal. Available for accumulators, often for coupons typically with four teams or more on one slip, the bookmaker will return your stake in free bets should you be let down by one team.

Similarly, in the goalscoring market, bets can be returned as free bets if the player selected to score first actually scores second or later on in the match. This can also be seen in BTTS bets on selections of four fixtures or more. Should one fixture let you down, your money bet will be returned to your account in promotional cash.


Euro 2016 Betting Tips

The tipsters of bettingexpert’s betting community will be providing expert insight and recommendations throughout the tournament and it could not be easier to find the best Euro 2016 tips. You can keep on top of all the latest match advice and direction here.

To find the best tipsters on site, you can customise your search based on ranking. Each of bettingexpert’s tipster’s are positioned in order of total profit made. To do so is a simple process. Using the dropdown menubar, click sort by ranking and a list of the site’s most yielding tipsters will be displayed in order. This is the best way to browse the Euro 2016 betting tips.