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24 Oct 02:00

Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets: Betting Tips & Match Predictions for NBA

Portland Trail Blazers
Denver Nuggets
Round 1
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24th Oct

Best Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets prediction

Tipped at: 2.45
Denver Nuggets to win
a rematch from the semi finals of the Western Conference play off last season as the Portland Trail Blazers will be hosting the Denver Nuggets . Portland did manage to win in that series and they appear to be in favor to win here as per odds . both teams 1 st game for this NBA regular season . both teams not much make a move on their rosters , they likely keep their old rosters . in this event , i will go for 1 x 2 bet type for which i predicting the Denver to win on the road


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  • shypick
    Denver Nuggets to win - odds 2.45
    Portland Trail Blazers-Denver Nuggets