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Game strategies

This section of bettingexpert is intended to help the casino players who seeks bigger wins and greater probabilities of winning. The game strategies were collected from a variety of gambling books, articles and credible websites. We have also added tips and hints that we have found useful throughout our online gambling experience, as well as, you find rules of how to play each of the games, as well as strategies to teach you how to reach the highest payout percentages.

Blackjack Strategy

Black Jack strategy

Blackjack is one of the most simple, popular and lucrative casino games. Based upon the simple principle of getting your cards to amount as close to 21 as you can, without exceeding the limit, blackjack produces high payouts and great chances of winning. Follow our basic Black Jack Strategy to increase your chances of winning and optimize your blackjack experience.

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Video Poker Strategy

Jacks or Better Video Poker strategy

Video poker provides a fantastic game with high payouts. Although the payout percentages are not as high as in blackjack, video poker comes in a close second. The simple, fun and variety of games offer big wins and lots of excitement. Find out what Video Poker Strategy you can implement.

Roulette Strategy

Roulette strategy The simple game of roulette, which is played by placing bets on numbers around a wheel, produces high payouts and hours of entertainment. Although the probability of winning is smaller than other classic casino games, when you win in roulette, you win big. Follow our Roulette Strategy to optimize your winning probabilities.

Slots Strategy

Slots strategy The Slot machine stand as the most traditional casino game. The high anticipation and excitement of a big win keeps slot players hooked up in trying their luck on spinning the machines. Most slot machines offer only a 95% payout but nonetheless, this greatly increase your chances to win big. On the other hand, casinos offer ‘Progressive Slots’ which offer close to a 100% payout. Slots Strategy can be of help in landing on those juicy payouts that online casino offers.

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