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How to play on slot machines

Well, pretty much everyone knows how to play on slot machines: you pull down the lever, press the button or spin the reels on the internet. And the aim is always the same: WIN BIG. So how to play on slot machines to win?

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Slot machines - luck only?

"You must be lucky to win on slot machines". Do you really need to be in Lady Luck's favor and just keep pushing buttons spending more and more money? Should you really sit down to your game equipped with lucky amulets, talismans and prayer-books? 

Everybody wants to be rich without putting any super hard work into it - just a penny, one spin, one game and there you go, the fortune is yours. And hey, there's no shame to it! So when you actually put this effort to look for guidelines about how to play  on slot machines and win, you already are one step ahead of everybody else. You need to act more like a pro in order to improve your skills and the first lesson is: self-discipline. But wait, how do you self-discipline yourself when all the slot machines are controlled by a randomised algorithm?

Is there a pattern in how the slot machines work?

The answer is simple - you ought to learn all the details: game modes, game rules and possible bonuses. All this plus mathematical skills, good finances and player's self-control and you have a pretty good chance of winning. Unfortunately - it still doesn't guarantee a smashing success. 

So many people wonder how to play slot machines. They are the kind of gambling games that attract even the kind of players that plan and base their game purely on skills and usually play poker or blackjack. And yet, they still decide to put their money in a slot machine and try their luck. Why? It's simple: slot machines are a quick and easy way to multiply your bankroll. We all know that it's also a pretty good way to lose it, but this is exactly why we all love slots. They are unpredictible, they don't favor anyone regardless all the signs that this one particular machine is just about to burst with money.

How to play slots

There are players that try to "trick" slot machines by observing them. They think that if a machine get loads of money, it should pour out some big wins pretty soon. That is not exactly the case. The algorithm is very complex and top secret and there is absolutely no way you can figure it out just by watching how the slot machine works. You can believe otherwise and we respect that, but trust us: there is no pattern. You may think you know how to play slots by watching them closely, but it is the easiest way to put yourself in danger of losing all the money because you decided to give it your all into that one spin that should hit the jackpot.

How to play slots?

We need to decide on the approach: do we want to learns how to play on slots? Or should we think like someone who wants to trick a slot machine? Well, we already know that you cannot trick slots, so let's focus on the first way of doing things. Remember the self-control we'd mentioned before? This is where it comes to play its part. If you want to learn how to play on slosts in a wise way, make sure you follow some simple rules:

  • mind your bankroll,
  • set your maximum winning sum after which you end your game,
  • set your maximum invested sum after which you end your game.

By the way, these ruler apply for both slot machines in real casinos and online casinos. Now you can chose your game - and do it wisely! There ARE slot machines that pay out better than the others! Of course it's a matter of luck whether you win after just one spin or after 20. Which is exactly why the way how you play slots is so important! You need to be ready for everything and plan your expenses ahead. But just imagine how you win a nice sum of money you were set for without using your whole bankroll! You end your game as a pure winner!

Is progressive method reliable?

There are times when we win spin after spin and then the machine takes everything away from us and more. Then comes the moment of regret, "I should've ended the game". Can you trick slots? Many people will tell you that you can, but not us. The progressive method they all suggest dosn't work on slots. The symbols and lines are totally random, so you cannot plan them ahead at all. And come on, do you really have an endless bankroll to keep playing progressively? You can win nice money on a slot machine, but you need to be patient and consequent.

When playing in an online casino you can help your luck a little though. With a wide selections of bonuses offered you can use some free money or free spins to win on slots!

You may think you know enough about slots to sit down and plan your strategy, but it is crucial to remember that every spin is a new game - you start from the scratch every time you hit the "spin" button and your previous one doesn't matter! Choosing different amount of paylines with every spin doesn't help you as much as you may think. It's all random anyway!

Of course we're not trying to say that you shouldn't know and learn about slot machines as much as possible! It is important to realise how different they can be, what extra rules may apply or what kind of combination is in your favor. Just remember that all the "how to play slots" business is not about skills - not as much as in table games.

Are free spins helpful?

You definitely minimalise your risk of losing money if you don't need to pay anything for your spins. Which is why - once again - we stress the importance of using and abusing bonus offres in online casinos that cannot be found in real casinos! Maybe having a couple of extra pounds is hardly a strategy for winning, but hey - as long as it works, right?

There are 3 ways of getting extra money:

  • use a regular welcome bonus,
  • use a special free welcome bonus,
  • use free spins.

We're sure that you know the regular welcome bonus that you get after making a deposit and if you don't, read our casino reviews! Some of them have special offers in them, exclusive for bettingexpert readers!

A free bonus isn't necessarily for new players only, but you should take a look around and check some new casinos that offer them anyway. A free bonus doesn't require any deposit from you, but just swings some money your way to help you start. You usually need a bonuscode - which we always provide you with!

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