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baseball | Thursday, August 11, 2022 8:10 AM (Revised at: Thursday, August 11, 2022 9:46 AM)

Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers Run Total Best Bet: The Juice Is Loose In the Lone Star State

Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers Run Total Best Bet: The Juice Is Loose In the Lone Star State
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Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers Run Total Best Bet: Thursday, August 11th

Our Wednesday night game got canceled due to rain, so our resident baseball expert Ej Garr shifts gears and moves to the Lone Star State for Thursday’s offer. The juice will have to be a little loose this time around because the tip that Ej is suggesting features a bit of vig behind it. With Cole Ragans making only his second start in the bigs with the Rangers, the Astros offense is going to eat him alive tonight.

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Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers Preview

August 11, 19:10 (UK time)

That’s right, like Jaws I said! Well, I haven’t said that yet, but Cole Ragans is about to get surrounded by sharks and there is no safety cage in place this evening so enjoy the show. Wait, my goodness that sounds harsh, right? I mean come on Ej, this is a family show!

Actually, no it does not so hide the children under 18 because they shouldn’t be reading these articles anyway. So, Mr. Ragans has one start under his belt and it came against the White Sox on August 4. Ragans held his own hurling 5 innings although he walked 4 dudes and only struck out 3 Sox. Ragans didn’t give up a single run but ended up with a no-decision despite the Rangers picking up the win, 3 – 2.

So, his team is, at last, 1 – 0 in his starts and he hasn’t given up a damn thing thus far to start his career. Why the fade? Well, this is another reason I told you to stop looking at ranking for the most part. The Stros offense ranks 4th in all of baseball bashing ball out of the park, and they rank 13th in the league putting up 4.58 runs per game. Who cares? The Astros offense is about as dangerous as it gets and we all know that when they are clicking things can get real ugly, real quick for any mound-minder.

Guess what team sits right behind the Astros ranking 14th in scoring and putting up 4.51 runs a game? On paper, this is a game with 9 runs coming and I don’t see why the line setters are leaving a straight 8 on this total either. At 1.90, I certainly can recommend you take this total to go over that number, but I still think the best play is on the Houston Team Total in the 1st-5 innings. Even though the line shows 1.78, which you know I hate juice and don’t like to pay for any tip, the Over 2.5 runs for Houston early is going to happen.

If you are asking me to tell you if Houston can find 3 runs before the 6th and I tell you, yes, the only choice left is to play it. Houston will get 5 runs before the 6th inning comes and the total should fly in right behind it. These two offenses can both hit a baseball, and Framber Valdez can certainly be expected to give up a couple of runs as he usually does. Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday for more baseball betting.

Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers Best Bet

No one gives up 3 runs an outing better than Franber Valdez, so expect a 5 – 3 game while both of these pitchers toe the slab. while neither will be in the game past the 6th inning. The Over 8 is just as sound of a play and that line at 1.90 is fair enough, so make that happen too. I will add that below as a bonus tip.

  • Selection: Houston Team Total Over 2.5 1st 5 innings
  • Best odds: 1.78 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10
  • Bonus Tip: Over 8 Runs Game Total

Odds as of 10:00 am August 11, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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