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baseball | Monday, October 3, 2022 10:47 AM

Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigers Run Total Best Bet: The Final Regular Season Series

Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigers Run Total Best Bet: The Final Regular Season Series
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Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigers Run Total Best Bet: Monday, October 3rd

The Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers will play a 4-game series in the Emerald City to wrap up the Major League Baseball regular season. With a +1.5 game lead in the wildcard table over the Tampa Rays, the Mariners have a game in hand with hopes to overtake Toronto for the 1st wildcard position headed toward the post-season.

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Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigers Preview

October 4, 02;40 (UK time)

The Mariners and Tigers will play a 4-game series that starts on Monday, as the two will play a doubleheader on Tuesday before wrapping up the regular season on Wednesday. Toronto currently holds the 1st wild card position in the standings at 80 – 69, but they only have 3 games left to play against Baltimore. The Orioles were officially eliminated from playoff contetion this past weekend even though they made the Yankees’ lives difficult in New York.

We already know the 6 teams that will play in the American League post-season, so it is now just a matter of positioning and seeding for home-field advantages. Toronto is set to clinch the top wild card position with a win over Baltimore over the next 3 days, so Seattle is essentially just hoping to stay ahead of Tampa Bay for the 5 seed in the American League. Or, are they?

Let’s face the fact that going into Toronto for 3 games with the current setup for the post-season, is not going to be an easy path to advance. I guess it is so hot in Cleveland right now that it will a tall order to get through to the next round no matter who the Mariners face opening the playoffs.

Well, before we get there, we have this Monday game to break down and I love this Over 7 to hit the board. We know who is starting for both teams, and these two pitchers give me the confidence to expect some runs to be scored tonight.

We know that Bryan Garcia (1 – 0; 3.29 ERA), and George Kirby (8 – 4; 3.21 ERA) should be taking the mound. Garcia will pitch an inning or two at best, and then it is on to the bullpen for the Tigers. We just saw him pitch on Saturday out of the bullpen and that did not exactly go as planned. Detroit tried to stretch his arm out in his last outing as he tossed 31 pitches which is a lot for what he usually produces as a reliever.

If he throws 31 pitches on Monday night, it will be a minor miracle because I doubt he will last that long. Seattle has a reason to play baseball and Detroit is playing like a team headed for the playoffs themselves. Seattle might not want any part of the Tigers the way they are playing right now because Detroit is as hot as any team in the league right now.

Granted, it is too little too late, but the Tigers have won 8 of their last 9 games, and they can hit Kirby the way they feel coming into this final run of the regular season. Kirby has certainly pitched well throughout the season, but he hasn’t faced a Tigers team that is feeling confident at the moment. I am much more of a tipster who feels the moment we are in rather than history statistics when it comes to what will happen today. In the now, Detroit wants to finish the season still playing well, and Seattle wants to be playing just as well headed to the post-season.

I see this as a 5 – 4 game and we will get just enough support to get us over the hump of 7 runs. Keep in mind, this total is 7, so a 3 – 3 game would not be the worst result to push our tickets.

Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigers Best Bet

Again, Seattle wants to at least keep pressure on Toronto to win, although the Jays game will almost be over when this one starts out west. In reality, I am assuming that Seattle knows they have the 2nd wild card spot to keep and a trip to Toronto is likely on deck when the American League playoffs begin.

  • Selection: Over 7 Runs
  • Best odds: 1.94 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes: 4/10

Odds as of 11:00 am October 3rd, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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