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Top Countries and Cities With Wimbledon Titles and Winners

Top Countries and Cities With Wimbledon Titles and Winners
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Wimbledon is the oldest and one of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments. This grass-court tournament was first held in 1877. In its long history, it has witnessed many players win it multiple times. We take a look at the list of cities and countries that produced the most Wimbledon winners as well as the number of titles they have won. We list players based on their place of birth, not which country they represent.


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To start with, we take a look at the countries that have produced the most Wimbledon titles. First on the list is the USA, with astounding 291 titles. The United Kingdom is in the second place with 166. Australia is in third place with 137, France in fourth with 54, and the Czech Republic in fifth with 47 titles in the entire history of Wimbledon.

Some of the players that brought the most titles to their countries are Billie Jean King for the USA and Martina Navratilova for the Czech Republic with 20 each. However, Navratilova, at the time, represented the US. Regardless, we will count the titles as belonging to the Czech Republic as that is her birthplace. Suzanne Lenglen from France brought her country 15 titles. Laurence Doherty took 13 for the UK.

Countries That Produced the Most Wimbledon Winners

Next up, let’s take a look at the number of winners that each country has produced.
The number of winners corresponds with the list of titles won. The USA is in the first place with 89 different winners. The United Kingdom has 62 winners, and Australia has 42. France is in the fourth place with 20, and the Czech Republic in fifth with 14 winners. Something which was expected after seeing the number of titles.

The most titles ever won at Wimbledon go to Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova with 20 each. Elizabeth Ryan has 19 titles, Suzanne Lenglan 15, and Serena Williams 14 overall. In the Open Era, of course, it is Martina Navratilova again in the first place, with an incredible 18 titles won both in singles and doubles.

Cities With the Most Wimbledon Titles

In this section, we take a look at the cities that have the most Wimbledon titles. In the first place is London with 53 titles. Prague is in second place with 32, and closely behind is Sydney with 30. Paris has 26, and Long Beach has 20 titles. An interesting fact is that all 20 titles that went to Long Beach were won by Billie Jean King.

However, in the Open Era, the city with the most Wimbledon titles is Prague, which has 22 titles. Martina Navratilova is responsible for 18. Second place goes to Saginaw, United States, all thanks to Serena Williams, who won 14 titles at Wimbledon.

Cities That Produced the Most Wimbledon Winners

Now, we take a look at the cities that have produced the most Wimbledon winners. In the first place, we have London with 12 different players that have won a Wimbledon title. Some of the most effective players were Laurence Doherty with 13 titles and his older brother Reginal Doherty with 12 titles. Interestingly, in the Open Era, there are no Wimbledon winners from London.

Second place is Melbourne with eight players. The most effective player born in Melbourne was Neale Fraser, with four titles. Third place goes to Paris with seven players. The most famous and, at the same time, the player with the most titles born in Paris is Suzanne Lenglan, who won 15 titles.

Fourth place is Sydney which gave the world six different players who won titles at Wimbledon. Todd Woodbridge from Sydney won ten titles, putting him at the top of the list. Finally, in fifth place is Los Angeles with five players. Darlene Hard born in LA stands at the top with seven titles won.

If a winner has won multiple Wimbledon titles, they would still only count as 1 while calculating for the different winners a city has produced - e.g, Roger Federer has won Wimbledon 8 times but in our research, he would only count as 1 winner from Basel.

The list of winners was sourced from the Official Rolls of Honour

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