Poker Hand Calculator

With our Poker calculator you get an quick an easy tool to improve your chances of winning in poker. Everything done, live, while you are playing.

Was you probably know, our most foremost task at BettingExpert is to constantly improve your winning chances online. Iregardless weather you are playing poker, betting or casino – we do our best of keep your chances of success high.

Now we launch a new tool to drive you to success – our brand new poker calculator. When using this tool, you can with a few clicks calculate your chances and see what you have to do.

When first starting to use this tool, chances are that you never will stop using it again.

Fold Let it go, chances are that this is a loosing hand and you will most likely lose it if playing.
Bet/Raise Raise your bet. You raise your bet as you have a good hand.
Call/Check Hold Trying to sneak on and see the next flop.

How the Poker Calculator Works

Poker Hand Calculator

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The Poker Calculator is very simple to handle. In the menu above you choose which type of poker you are playing (Texas Hold´Em, Omaha, 7 Card stud etc.). Texas Hold´em poker is the most popular, but we recommend ingrained poker fans to try out other variants of poker, e.g. 7-card stud. It pays of. Next to the type of poker you select how many other players are participating in the game.

To get the most out of the poker calculator you, as the next action, choose who have which card. First you chose where the card must go, next you chose the card. As you cannot see the cards of the oppositions, you do not have to select any. But if you have a good idea of one or more of their cards, you can choose the cards you think they have. Furthermore, you can, of course, choose the cards that have been in the flop. Our poker calculator will continuously update the chances of your hand, and of your opponent’s hands. If you do not have any idea of which hands the opponents have you can furthermore generate a random game, which shows your hand in a given game. But we do recommend that you enter all the information you know, or think you know in the calculator. It will give you the best chances of you success.

This is seen as a probability in percent. Do you e.g. have 74,2 % of winning, you have a good probability of winning.

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