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There are many ways to bet on football, but 1X2 betting is by far the most traditional form of football betting. Despite the innovations and expansion of football betting markets worldwide, 1X2 remains the most popular form of football betting across the globe.

What Is 1X2 Betting?

1x2 betting (also known as 3-way betting) is the preferred form of betting for any sport where a draw is a likely possibility. In 1x2 betting, punters can bet on either team to win or bet on the draw.

1x2 betting is best known for sports such as football but it is also popularised by cricket and ice hockey.

But what does 1x2 refer to? Well, the 1 refers to the home team, the X refers to the draw and the 2 refers to the away team. Fairly simple right?

Let's look at an example.

Chelsea are playing Liverpool.Chelsea have odds to win of 2.55, Liverpool are 2.90 while the odds for a drawn match are 3.10. You have three options, bet on Chelsea to win, Liverpool to win or if you like a drawn result, you can take the 3.10 odds on offer.

Enhanced Odds

This is a very popular form of promotional offer where bookmakers offer larger odds on certain markets. For example, Manchester United may be at odds of 2.00 to win an upcoming FA Cup match. To attract customers and increase betting on this match, a bookmaker may offer enhanced odds of 3.00 on United to win the match.

While enhanced odds offers are popular, it's important to note that the maximum stake on such offers is typically quite small, often around a mere £10. Regardless, for the casual football bettor, enhanced odds are tremendous value.

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How To Succeed Betting 1X2

If ýou're only familiar with basic head to head betting, without the possibility of betting on the draw, 1x2 betting can appear a little bit tricky. But don't be daunted. Once you gather some experience, you'll find 1x2 to be an exciting and profitable way of betting.

One popular way to approach 1x2 betting is to bet against one team winning the match? How do you do this? Well let's say in our Chelsea v Liverpool example, you think Liverpool will get a result, either a win or a draw. In this case you are essentially betting against Chelsea winning. You then bet on Liverpool to win and you bet on a draw.

Then so long as Chelsea doesn't win, with this approach, you make a profit, 1x2 betting can an intriguing and challenging form of betting, but one that an experienced punter can have a great deal of success with.

1X2 Betting Tips

If you're looking for profitable 1X2 betting tips, you've come to the right place. Every weekend throughout the football season, our betting community post hundreds of 1X2 betting tips. No matter what league you're looking for, you'll find profitable tips posted each and every week of the season.

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