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Baseball Betting Tips

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Free Baseball Betting Tips

Baseball is one of the most popular sports across the globe. The sport has over 200 federations in 141 countries. It is one of the most played and viewed sports worldwide. Baseball viewing figures are in their millions every year. Baseball betting is equally as popular . Free baseball betting tips are well in demand. Bookmakers offer a range of odds, markets and promotions for fans of baseball betting. Bet on baseball moneylines, run totals, run lines and much more.

There are five continental confederation members in baseball. These are Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Find baseball tips and predictions for leagues and tournaments across all of the confederations. Bettingexpert's most profitable baseball tipsters will help you improve your baseball betting returns.  

10 Tips For Baseball Betting

1. Bet For Value

This is fundamental for successful betting of any stripe. If you are betting without any regard for value, you're only going to lose money. What is a value? A value bet is a wager where you believe there is a greater chance of an outcome occurring than the chances reflected in the bookmaker's odds. For example, if we believe the Yankees are a 65% chance of beating the Red Sox and the odds for the Yankees to win are 1.60, we have a value bet. 

2. Shop For Best Odds

Taking the best odds available is crucial to successful baseball betting. While the difference between odds of 1.85 and 1.88 may seem marginal, over the course of a thousand bets, it becomes significant. If you bet with just one bookmaker, you are limiting your overall profitability. If you want to maximise your profits, you should have at minimum three bookmakers to bet with.  

3. Bet On Ugly Dogs

Betting on favourites, particularly short priced favourites, is an error many inexperienced bettors make. Traditionally, short priced favourites are terrible value. Conversely underdogs tend to be better value. Why? Because the weight of public money is invested on favourites. This distorts the markets, inflating the odds for the underdogs. Betting on every underdog won't make you money. But paying attention to underdogs who over perform against market expectations is well worth your time.  

4. Respect The Smart Money

Betting data is now widely available. Simple Google search "bet percentages" and you'll find access to just how many bets are being place on each team and in some cases, the weight of money being wagered. How can this information help you place value bets? Because you can identify where the smart money is being bet. For example, if the percentage of bets being placed on the Mets is 30% but the weight of money being bet is 60%, we can determine that the smart money is being bet on the Mets. 

5. Prioritize Skill Sets

If you take your baseball betting seriously, you must possess a more accurate assessment of pitching and hitting capacity than that possessed by the bookmakers. Profitable baseball bettors win because they approach their betting with a better understanding of what makes baseball teams win, which stats are relevant and truly predictive and those stats that are not.

6. Monitor Injury Reports

The baseball season is demanding with teams playing virtually every day across a six month stretch. Such a demanding schedule ensures that injuries are a fact of life for most players. Keeping track of who is struggling through injuries is key in determining the true potential of any club on a given day of the season. Keep an eye of injury reports and develop a feel for which players are able to work through an injury and those who struggle to perform when carrying an injury.

7. Understand Momentum

Successful baseball bettors know when to bet a team and when to bet against a team. While some may bet against a team on a seven game winning streak, believing that the team is "due to lose", successful baseball bettors understand that each game is an independent event. A sharp baseball bettor is able to recognise form that is a reflection of genuine talent and a run of form that is reflective of luck. Knowing how to distinguish between true form and good fortune is key to successful 

8. Study The Schedule

Studying the MLB schedule is well worth your time. Charting the schedule for each MLB team can reveal stretches in the season where clubs may struggle, for example, an arduous run of road games through the middle of July. Or conversely a run of home games against clubs working their way through a stretch of road games while carrying a number of players struggling through injuries.

9. Look For Innovation

This is the age of advanced baseball stats. It pays dividends to keep an eye on the analytics community. Not only can you find better ways to determine true talent and potential, but further, you may find that certain clubs are taking a novel approach to their scheming, something that may not yet being recognised in betting markets.

10. Specialise  

There are a wide variety of bet types when it comes to baseball betting. While it can be tempting to bet across the variety of bet types available, it's wise to focus on particular bet types. Doing so will provide you with an intimate knowledge of your chosen market which will assist you in developing a nuanced approach. The majority of successful bettors focus on one of either moneylines, run lines or run totals.

Free MLB Tips

Major League Baseball is without doubt the most popular baseball league worldwide. There is huge betting interest in this form of baseball. However, it's not just with the MLB where our tipsters' interest lies. Baseball tips and predictions posted on many more popular baseball divisions and tournaments.

It is, though, in Major League Baseball where the majority of bettors like to wager on. The World Series in particular is one of the most popular events in all sports in betting circles. There are some great odds and promotions to be found.

Our bettingexpert community post their free baseball betting tips each day of the MLB season. As well as Outright predictions, our tipsters also provide you with Match Result and Run Lines tips amongst many others. If you're looking for the expert Major League Baseball tips you know where to find them!

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March 20 2019  MLB Regular Season Begins
September 2019  MLB Regular Season Concludes
October 2019  MLB Playoffs Begin
October 2019  World Series

Free NPB Tips

Baseball may be considered America's favourite pasttime, but the sport is just as popular in Japan. The NPB is the elite Japanese baseball competition featuring 12 teams representing cities across Japan. Many bookmakers offer a range of betting markets for Japanese baseball. These include traditional markets such as moneylines, run lines and run totals.

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March 30 2019  NPB Regular Season Begins
September 2019  NPB Regular Season Concludes
October 2019  NPB Playoffs Begin
October 2019  Japan Series

Free KBO Tips

The United States and Japan host two of the biggest baseball leagues in the world. The sport, though, is just as popular in South Korea. The KBO is the professional baseball competition of the Korean Republic. It features 10 teams representing cities across the nation. Most bookmakers offer markets for KBO games including the most popular markets such as total runs, run handicaps and moneylines.

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March 24 2019  KBO Regular Season Begins
October 2019  KBO Regular Season Concludes
October 2019  KBO Playoffs Begin
October 2019  Korean Series

Best Baseball Tipsters

There are a huge number of baseball leagues and tournaments available to bet on. We think our tipsters provide you with the best free baseball betting tips on the internet.

It can be an arduous task finding expert baseball tips. There are many websites out there who say they can offer you the best free baseball betting tips and predictions. With so many to choose from, how do you know which tipsters are reliable? Consistently come through with successful predictions? At bettingexpert, we show you which of our tipsters have been successful with their baseball betting. We rank each tipster in order of profit and yield percentage. This way, you know which of our tipsters it would be advantageous to follow, those with the best proven track records!

Last year, over one million sports betting tips were posted on bettingexpert! Take a look at our most successful baseball tipsters during that period:

See the top tipsters here

As you see above, our top five tipsters can all boast some excellent profits and fantastic yield percentages! Follow these tipsters to help you with your baseball betting. Check out the rest of our bettingexpert community too.

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How To Bet On Baseball

The popularity of baseball betting has skyrocketed. It is simple to find a bet on baseball. Unlike high score games, betting is not based on a spread but simply whether a team wins or not.

Betting on baseball revolves around the use of a money line or the baseball betting line. The money line details the amount that needs to be wagered to win a specified amount. Baseball sportsbooks set these odds based on their own research of player statistics and team victories and losses. The wager amounts are set to encourage betting on the underdog team. The favored team gets the negative number and the underdog gets a positive in the baseball money line.

To an example. If the baseball betting picks are the Mets and the White Socks and the Mets are the favored team, an odd maker might set the money line at -140 for the Mets and +120 for the White Socks. If a gambler wanted to bet for the favored Mets, he would put down $140 and if the Mets win, he would receive $240, $100 plus the amount originally wagered. However, if he wanted to bet on the White Socks, and they win, a $100 bet would bring in $220.

It is highly recommended to do your own research. Look into the teams and their players. Look to compare odds across sportsbooks.

We have an extensive series of betting guides available for free to help you. These could help with all aspects of your sports betting. If you're new to the betting scene, you should definitely check out our Academy guides. These will explain the basics of betting and the best ways to make profits on the wagers you place.

We also provide a large number of How To guides. These are written on a number of sports and events. We also give you guides on betting theory, how to make it as a professional bettor and betting strategy amongst many more. For those who want to learn the best ways of betting on baseball specifically, we have a comprehensive baseball betting guide for you. Read our How To Bet On Baseball article. This takes you through the best strategies to employ, how baseball betting odds work and much more.

Where To Bet On Baseball

Where To Bet On Baseball Where To Bet On Baseball Where To Bet On Baseball
Where To Bet On Baseball Where To Bet On Baseball Where To Bet On Baseball
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Here at bettingexpert, we think that our free baseball betting tips are the best you'll find on the World Wide Web. As well as baseball betting tips and predictions, our tipsters post tips on a variety of sports and events every day of the week. If you're looking to find the best free tips on any sport or event then check out our bettingexpert tips page. Get some betting inspiration from our tipsters today!

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