Speedway Betting Tips

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While speedway can occasionally refer to a type of bicycle racing, it is better known as a motorcycle sport. Four to six riders race on a loosely packed gravel or shale oval track. The motorcycles usually have only one gear and no brakes. The sport is particularly notable for the racers reliance on using the loose racing surface to slide around corners.

Unlike other motor sports, speedway is often a team event where riders, depending on the place they finish, win points. The individual racer or team who racks up the most points after a series of heats wins the entire competition. Because the tracks tend to be quite short, heats usually only last for one or two minutes.

Speedway Betting

Speedway originated in Australia but competitions can now be found in parts of Europe and the United States. Because it tends to be one of the lesser-known motor sports, finding a good sports book to bet on Speedway may require some effort. A gambler’s best speedway betting tips are to learn the sport and riders so that when speedway betting, he or she can effectively evaluate the money lines or odds being played.