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Tennis Betting Tips & Predictions

The global brands of the WTA and ATP Tours have never been more highly regarded. This is thanks mainly to one of the greatest era's the sport has seen. Players the calibre of Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray and Williams grace the centre courts of the world. One can understand why the popularity of the sport and the huge volume of tennis fans get involved day in and day out has risen so dramatically. With that came the rise of tennis betting tips.

There are many contributing factors to the increase in the popularity for tennis betting tips. There is the dual-outcome nature of the sport, with the natural ebb and flow accentuated by its point-game-set nature. This leads to plenty of market fluctuations.

Adding to this, both the WTA and ATP Tours globetrot every week. They can feature as many as four tournaments during that time. These tours provide exceptional betting opportunities for the tennis punter. These tournaments are also played on a different surface depending on the hosting event.

The ATP and Challenger tours both have events that take place on grass, hard-court, clay and indoors. Each of these different environments plays to the strengths of different players. This makes tennis one of the most nuanced and interesting sports to bet on.

It doesn't matter whether its a Grand Slam event or a regional tournament of a smaller stature. Our betting community will share their insights and give you the good word on where the value is.

In recent years, giants of the sport such as Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Serena Williams have all added to their Grand Slam titles. However, there are many up and coming tennis stars. These are looking to replace these three as the best tennis players around. This is reflected by the most recent winners of Grand Slam events. New names each year appear on the winners board.

Best Tennis Betting Tipsters

Bettingexpert has a very large community of high class tennis tipsters. Get the opportunity of enhancing your betting performance by following the best tennis betting tipsters.

Tennis can be a difficult sport to bet on. There are more players capable of winning an ATP or WTA event year after year. It can be tough to call an Outright winner of a tournament. It can even be tough picking a match winner.

At bettingexpert, our members post their tennis predictions and tips in huge numbers every year. On every tennis event, you'll find our community posting their tennis betting tips for you to take advantage of. Our tennis predictions and tips aren't just based on Match Results. Many of our tipsters offering Set Result, Total Games Over/Under and Total Points Over/Under too. What makes our tips even more attractive is that they are absolutely free! If you're looking for the best free tennis betting tips you know where you'll find them!

We believe we have the best tennis betting tipsters you'll find anywhere on the internet. There may be other tennis betting tipster sites around. It can be difficult to spot which sites are reliable and offer consistenly profitable predictions. At bettingexpert, we do things differently. On each tipster's profile, you'll see the total profit and yield that tipster has made to date. This allows you to take tennis betting advice from only the most successful tipsters. 

On our tips page, you'll also find a number of tennis betting stats designed to help you improve your own tennis betting. We'll point you in the right direction of bets that are worth your consideration.

There were over one million betting tips posted on bettingexpert last year! Take a look at our most successful tennis tipsters during that time.

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Tennis Betting Favourites

Tennis Betting Tips on favourites 2019

CompetitionPlayerTitles Tennis Betting Tips
WTA Tennis tennis betting odds Angelique Kerber 12 WTA 11 ITF Tennis Betting Tips
WTA Tennis tennis betting odds Serena Williams 72 WTA 0 ITF Tennis Betting Tips
WTA Tennis tennis betting odds Agnieszka Radwanska 20 WTA 2 ITF Tennis Betting Tips
WTA Tennis tennis betting odds Simona Halep 17 WTA 6 ITF Tennis Betting Tips
WTA Tennis tennis betting odds Karolina Pliskova 10 WTF 10 ITF Tennis Betting Tips
WTA Tennis tennis betting odds Dominika Cibulkova 8 WTF 2 ITF Tennis Betting Tips

How To Bet On Tennis

When betting on any sport it is important to have a strategy in place. Tennis is no different. In fact having a strategy in place for tennis is probably more important than most sports.  There are a number of motivating factors for this. The most important is the different surfaces that exist throughout the year.

Clay, hard-court and grass are the three surfaces that the players will take on during the calendar year. Understand the different characteristics of these courts and the players that are best suited. This will go some distance in helping you make a winning chioice.


The clay-court season stretches from around April through to the middle of June. There are a number of tourments throughour the year on clay.

Clay is the slowest of all the surfaces and normally delivers long baseline rallies. This surface is typically continental. It's also very popular in South and Central America. Many of the top stars having learned their trade on the red dirt.

Rafa Nadal is the most successful player on the red dirt with 70% of his tournament wins coming on the surface. Former world number one Thomas Muster reached the top of the world rankings in 1996 purely off the back of his incredible record on clay. The Austrian won a staggering 90% of his titles on clay.

Know your clay-court specialists when betting during a tournament. Simple research into past winners of clay tournaments in recent times will always help in this decision making process.


The grass-court season falls immediately after the French Open. This is a difficult transition for the players to make. The surfaces are so different in the way they play. The grass is a much quicker surface and will normally suit players that are superior on the hard-courts. 

The grass-court season is very short and only consists of about four weeks. It culminates with the Wimbledon Championships, the most coveted Grand Slam of them all. Roger Federer and Pete Sampras are the most successful Wimbledon Champions with seven titles each at the All-England Club. Both of these great champions have exceptional records on the hard-court surfaces. This is why their games easily adapt to grass.

Due to the very short period of the grass season, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which player to bet on. In this case take a look at their form the previous year. Also, look at their more recent form on the quicker hard-court. This will give a reasonable indication of their ability on grass.



Most of the season is of course played on the hard-court surface. It makes up the first part of the season from January through until April. It then goes from August until the end of the year. It includes the Australian Open, the US Open and the season ending World Tour Finals.

Hard court can sometimes be a little tougher to call. There are so many exceptional players on this surface. Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray have dominated over the last eight to ten years. Such has been their dominance, that since 2009 only five other players have won a Masters event on the hard-court. The stats are pretty similar when you look at the Australian and US Open since 2004. Only four players other than the big four have won either of these two iconic events. This underlines the difficulty of breaking through this quite brilliant era of players.

It's important to develop a tennis betting strategy. This is in order to give yourself the best chance of making successful profits. Many bettors choose to find a tennis betting explained guide to help them with this. At bettingexpert, we have a range of guides available designed to help you create a tennis betting strategy. They can be found in our How To section. We have guides on all the major tennis events on the ATP and WTA tours. Our guides discuss the factors on how to be a successful bettor. In addition, we show you how to read tennis betting stats, detailed explanations of key tennis betting markets and much more. Check out our How To Bet On Tennis betting guide.

Want to start betting on tennis? Start with this guide!

Tennis Betting Stats

  • Men's favourites of odds 1.10 or shorter win the 1st set of Grand Slam match 87% of the time.
  • Players that win the 4th set of men's Grand Slam match go on to win the 5th set 55% of the time.
  • Men's favourites of odds 1.20 or shorter come back to win a Grand Slam match 71% of the time after going a set down.
  • Players that won the 4th set 6-0 win men's Grand Slam matches 71% of the time.
  • Women's favourites between odds of 1.11 and 1.91 come back to win a Grand Slam match just 32% of the time when going a set down.

Where To Bet On Tennis

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