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Betfair Odds On That

How Does Betfair Odds On That Work?

Betfair OddsOnThat Step By Step Guide

  1. Login to your Betfair account
  2. Find the match you want to bet on and hit the #OOT tab
  3. If nothing listed takes your fancy, head to Twitter
  4. Tweet your own created bet to @Betfair using the #OddsOnThat hashtag
  5. Wait for your bet to be assessed and, if accepted, place your bet in the usual way

If you do not have a Betfair account, you can sign up here.

Fancy the Same Game Multi option too? To build your own bet from existing markets with Betfair Odds On That, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Betfair account
  2. Find the match you want to bet on and hit the Same Game Multi tab
  3. Combine two or more selections to build your bet
  4. Each selection will be added to your betslip
  5. Once you’re satisfied with your bet, enter your stake and place your bet

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Betfair OddsOnThat

What Is Betfair Odds On That?

The Betfair OddsOnThat feature allows you to create your own unique bets and request a price directly from the bookmaker. Open to both new and existing customers, you can combine a number of markets to make one Single bet and increase your odds.

You can also take advantage of a number of Betfair Odds On That special promotions, like money back offers, from time to time.

In addition to your Betfair #OddsOnThat option, you can also utilise their Same Game Multi feature, which allows you to build your own bet from the markets listed.

There are a number of Betfair Odds On That markets listed on site already. Find the match you want to bet on and hit the #OOT tab to display the list of previously requested bets. If nothing here appeals to you, head to Twitter. Compose a tweet with your bet creation and tweet it to @Betfair, making sure you use the hashtag #OddsOnThat in your message.

Do this within plenty of time of kickoff to give the traders the time to assess your request and provide you with the odds. If your bet is accepted, Betfair will list it on their site where you can place the bet as normal.

Both Betfair request a bet and Same Game Multi can be used in conjunction with special offers from time to time - check out the Promotions tab to see what’s new.

So, you can create your own bet and request odds using social media or build your own bet using already existing markets. Pretty good options to have, let’s take a closer look at how you can get started.

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How Does Betfair OddsOnThat Work?

Betfair OddsOnThat Detailed Example

Firstly, note that you won’t be able to combine Betfair #OddsOnThat wagers with Same Game Multi bets. There can be specific offers made available for either or both Betfair request a bet style wagers, though generally they can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

We’ll discuss in detail the Betfair OddsOnThat promo first.

We’re going to use a La Liga game for our example, and choose Atletico Madrid against Barcelona.

The first thing we do is find the game in our Betfair Sportsbook account. Hit the #OOT tab for the latest Betfair OddsOnThat markets available.

If nothing appeals to us, we can create our own bet. Let’s say we think Antoine Griezmann will score the first goal in an Atletico Madrid win with over 13.5 corners in the game. We want to add to our bet Atletico to score from outside the box. We can request odds via Twitter like this:

Atletico Madrid v Barcelona

Griezmann first goal, Atletico to score from outside the box, Atletico to win, over 13.5 corners in the game #OddsOnThat

If your bet is accepted by the traders, Betfair will reply to you with your unique odds. Your bet will also be added to the #OOT tab under the Atletico Madrid v Barcelona umbrella.

With Betfair #OddsOnThat, you can combine two games if you so wish. We’ll add Eibar v Real Madrid to our thinking. We think both Atletico and Real will win their fixtures and both teams will score from outside the box. Request these odds directly from the bookie via Twitter as shown above.

Now we’ve shown you how the Betfair #OddsOnThat feature works, let’s move on the Same Game Multi.

The Same Game Multi allows you to select from listed markets on a particular game. Returning to our Atletico Madrid v Barcelona example, we can choose up to 20 separate markets to build our unique bet.

With each selection you add, your odds will automatically update. Once you’re satisfied with your bet, enter your stake and confirm your wager as usual.

Betfair OddsOnThat

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What Sports Can You Bet On?

The Same Game Multi feature is currently only available on selected football leagues and matches. Punters already signed up to Betfair will know their bookie offers a vast range of odds and competitions taking place across the globe, so even the most avid of football bettors should be able to find markets that suit them here.

With Betfair #OddsOnThat, you can request odds on any event you like. Remember though, that there is no guarantee your bet request will be accepted, but Betfair try to accommodate as much as possible.

What Football Markets Can You Bet On?

With Betfair request a bet style wagers, there doesn’t seem to be a limit on what you can ask for. Whatever markets you have in mind, see what Betfair can do for you.

The most popular football markets tend to be:

  • Match Result
  • Goals
  • Goalscorers
  • Cards
  • Corners
  • Shots

Combine selections to make your own unique wager.

Available On In-Play Markets?

Your Betfair #OddsOnThat option is only available on pre-match events. It’s important you get your bet requests in well in advance of the event starting, giving the traders enough time to price up your bets.

With Same Game Multi, you can utilise this function while the game is ongoing as well as before kick-off. To find live Same Game Multi markets, click on the In-Play tab and find the match you want to bet on and click the Same Game Multi button.

Betfair Odds On That Verdict

Those familiar already with what Betfair offer will know that the range of markets and competitive odds available here is amongst the best you’ll find anywhere online. Betfair OddsOnThat only enhances their reputation, along with the ability to use their Same Game Multi function on football matches.

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