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High Stakes Casinos

Nothing beats playing the max table limit. Especially if the table limit is high. This is why we need high stakes casinos. The best high stakes casinos for roulette, blackjack and slots are:

Loyalty Programs

If you are a real high roller, chances are that you don?t just select a casino for the first-deposit promotions. You want good ongoing promotions, comp points, gifts etc. In other words, you want a good loyalty program. The best online casino loyalty programs are:

Live Dealer Casinos

Casino software is usually very well designed. But sometimes even the best designed interface isn’t good enough. Sometimes we need the real thing. We need live casinos. The best online live dealer casinos are:

Mobile Casinos

Real high rollers don?t just hit the casino when they are at home. This is why you might want to check out the top 3 online mobile casinos:


Casino Tropez Mobile


William Hill Casino Mobile


Casino LasVegas Mobile

If you like to play with high stakes, the online casino world is open to you! The competition for casino high roller players like you is so hard, that more than one high roller casino goes through great lengths to attract you to its blackjack and roulette tables. The casinos do so by offering great first deposit bonuses, monthly or weekly bonuses, as well as loyalty programs that gives you either cash rewards or points to use in auctions! Check out our guide through the biggest first deposit bonuses and loyalty program at high rollers casino online here. Unfortunately, not all casinos deserve your time and money. Some casinos simply have too low reliability, others are too slow to process your money transfers. Moreover, many casinos offer unattractive casino software with too low betting limits and/or too narrow selections of games.

What is a high-roller?

Casino play has always been attractive to many people, but in the past it was mostly associated with the high society and the elite people that could afford to splurge on it. In addition, there was a time in the heyday of casinos where going to gamble also consisted of getting dressed up for what can only be described as a night of pure fun and excitement.

However, times have changed drastically since then, and more and more people are getting the opportunity to experience playing at casinos across the world. This is even more so with online casinos, that make gambling more accessible and possible for different people that have different financial backgrounds.

While the vast majority of online casino players are currently casual players that probably have never set foot inside an actual brick and mortar casino, most people do not even need to go to casino meccas such as Las Vegas and Macau to get the real casino feel. However, there are also a class of online casino players called high-rollers, that have access to a higher bankroll and can profit from exclusive online casino promotions and tournaments that are restricted to VIPs.

Several online casinos offer a tailored experience for such players, and in general the rewards from these promotions can be very big.

Having a substantial bankroll is not the only thing that classifies you as a high-roller – it is not really how much money you have to play with that counts, but it is the way that you choose to place your bets that matters. If you are a player that enjoys playing at high stakes, then you are a true high-roller! In fact, online casinos will go to great lengths to draw you in, and play at its blackjack and roulette tables, or participate in its high stakes poker tournament.

These types of tailored games always involve other high stake players, so you can imagine the excitement of being able to challenge another player that is also a high-roller!

High-roller gameplay is generally characterised by a large bankroll to make rather big deposits on a multitude of games. The fact that such players can make very large deposits serves as the perfect window with which online casinos can attract to play at their game lobby. These online casinos will offer very attractive first deposit bonuses, other promotions such as weekly and monthly bonuses, and most important loyalty programmes.

High-rollers are not simply one time players at an online casino, so they will be repeat customers that will greatly benefit from lucrative loyalty programmes that give players cash rewards, loyalty points and any number of other perks.

This review will serve to cover all of these points mentioned above, including tips for finding the best online casinos for high-rollers to play at, tips for finds the best offers on the online market, and other important information to get you going!

What rewards can I get as a VIP member at an online casino

The best online casinos will always offer a wide variety of rewards to their most loyal customers. Different offers will be based on a player’s playing activity, so they will encourage their customers to keep on playing with them.

Subsequently, the online casino will generously thank their customers for their loyalty with rewards and perks. As such, online casino rewards can be very profitable, especially for frequent players, and they are designed to allow you to get a better shot at making more money.

As a rule, any online casino will do whatever it can to keep its high-roller players happy!

Casino rewards come in different types and include things such as loyalty points, Free Spins, VIP schemes, and others.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points, or comp points, are one of the most common methods used by online casinos to reward their exclusive VIP players. Each online casino will have its own specific point allocation system, but generally loyalty points are earned and loaded onto your casino account every time you play games for real money.

In some cases these points can be exchanged for cash that is automatically loaded to your bankroll, or in other it can be exchange for things such as free spins. Redemption of these points also depends on the online casino policy, but generally they can either be exchanged at the end of the month or even at any given time.

Unlimited deposits and fast cash withdrawals

The amount of money that can be deposited in a given day is generally capped at most online casinos. This creates problem for high rollers that enjoy placing higher stakes in their games.

As a VIP member at an online casino, these players enjoy the possibility of making unlimited deposits of any value into their bankroll so that they can keep on playing. In addition, these players also have the additional perk of being provided with fast cash withdrawals, which can also happen within a day!

The latter is a very important and handy option to have, so that any high roller can enjoy their hard earned winnings instantly.

Free Spins

It is undeniable that slots machines are one of the most popular games at online casinos, even among high-rollers. So what better way to make these players happy then by giving them free spins?

These free spin promos come in a variety of options, such as players being awarded free spins when they deposit substantial amounts to their account, normally over £1,000. There may also be time bound free spin promos that happen on a specific day, or at a specific time of day.

We definitely also suggest high-rollers to not be shy at asking their online casino’s customer service for free spins – let’s face it, you have shown your loyalty so you have earned the right to ask them for free spins. As a matter of fact, you can email us directly telling us what kind of exclusive offer you’re looking for and a ballpark amount of how much you wish to deposit and we’ll get hold of the right casino managers who can arrange it for you!

Wagering Leader boards

Wagering leader boards are not as common, but they are definitely a feature that is exclusive amongst high-rollers at online casinos. With these leader boards, players are awarded points on the basis of how much they bet with.

At the end of a specific time, the players who have earned the most points will earns prizes, and obviously the higher your ranking on the leaderboard, the better the prize! Naturally, such a reward is more advantageous to regular players, especially high-rollers that paly with high stakes.

VIP Programmes

VIP schemes are a very popular promotional tool that is used by online casinos to reward the most loyal and valuable customers. These programmes carry with them a wide variety of perks and rewards that players can receive, and are very popular with high-rollers as the more regularly they play (and with substantial amounts), the greater the return they receive.

Such schemes vary considerably between different online casinos, but in most cases they exist in different tiered levels that can each be acceded based on how often you play. Both low stakes and high stakes players can enrol in VIP programmes, but generally only high-rollers can keep on advancing to the higher levels since these require a specific amount of money wagered per month.

Higher levels also provide VIP players with better rewards and bonuses, such as weekly reload bonuses and free spins that are doled out at sites like BetVictor and EuroGrand. In addition, these higher levels also give you certain perks such as increased withdrawal limits, quicker cashing out of your winnings, more favourable exchange rates for loyalty points, and higher betting limits.

All the latter benefits are considerably more advantageous for high rollers, so make sure to sign up to one today!

How to find a high roller bonus casino online

There is no doubt that the choice of online casinos is very large, so it would be a very daunting task to find the right one for you. It becomes even more challenging if you happen to a high roller, as not all online venues will provide the best services for such players.

High roller players are very desirable by online casinos, since they are often repeat customers that play at high stakes, so they provide a lot of revenue for online casinos. As such, most of these online casinos will do everything they can to lure them to registering on their website. In this guide, you can find some tips to help you look for the perfect high roller bonus casino online, including key things to look out for when conducting your research.

This information is based on the work undertaken by our team of experts that have scoured the internet looking for the right ingredients that make the best possible high roller bonus online casinos.

Dedicated account managers

Before registering with an online casino, we suggest you get in touch with support first and tell them about your intention to be a VIP player on their site. The support agents will guide you through the steps needed to create a gaming account, with which you can make deposits and start placing your wagers. While the vast majority of players have standard accounts, and can access friendly customer service support when they have questions and queries, high rollers get the extra perk of having account managers.

You can think of your online casino account manager as your bank account manager – someone who knows your history very well, has an eye for detail, and will be ready to provide you with efficient assistance whenever you need it. Dedicated account managers provide an additional level of customer service support to high rollers, and they also regularly check in with their clients to provide information about new and upcoming promotions that will be of interest to you based on your profile history.

Not all online casinos actually offer such a service, so the availability of dedicated account managers is a clear sign that this online casino means business. Some online casinos also provide their VIP clients with luxury services that arrange things you may need, such as car hire, airplane tickets, and hotel bookings.

Access to VIP events

Perks are very important to keep VIP players satisfied – and no one does this better than online casinos! You would be very surprised what kind of prizes are given on a regular basis to high roller players. The most reputable online casino will generally buy corporate tickets in bulk to give these away as prizes to their customers. This practice is common for most large companies, not just casinos.

These events include tickets to top music concerts, sporting games, and theatre shows in your area. Energy Casino and William Hill Casino Club, for example, regularly give VIP players the opportunity to attend events like F1 races, UEFA Champions League and English Premiership football matches, as well as spectacles like Cirque du Soleil.

So make sure that you check out if your online casino offers such deals, as it is a pretty sweet deal to be able to get your hands on a couple of these tickets to exclusive VIP events.

Physical gifts and branded merchandise

In a similar note to free tickets to VIP events, online casinos also obtain a considerable amount of gadgets and branded merchandise to hand out to their VIP customers. Be it a random giveaway, or just a gift for a special occasion or anniversary, high roller players can expect to receive such items, but only from the most reputable online casinos!

How do I become a high-rolling player?

Becoming a high rolling player is not as simple as one might think – in order to access all the luxuries and benefits of an online casino’s VIP programmes, you definitely need to pass through some hoops. The entry requirements for a VIP lounge online casino area will greatly depend and vary from one online casino to another, but there are some fundamental criteria that need to be met. In general, the amount of money that you have to bet will be higher at dedicated high stakes casinos that it will at normal online casinos. The main keys needed to become a high roller are mainly money and frequency.

The amount of Money in your bankroll is a key element of becoming a high roller. The cash that you place on a single bet and the total amount that you bet in one given session is a very important factor in getting most out of the best VIP casino programmes. Generally speaking, a highroller should have at least four figures in their gaming account to maintain VIP status; certainly no less than $900. Most casinos use a tiered VIP program, with the lowest tier requiring a bankroll of $1,000 and entry to successive tiers increasing by increments of $1,000.

In addition, Frequency of play is equally as important, as you need to be a repeat customer to make the most of an online casino’s VIP schemes. Depending on how often you bet big amounts, you will gain access to different tiers in the VIP loyalty programme, and the higher the tiers, the more incredible the prizes and rewards!

Despite this, once you become a high roller it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be one indefinitely. You can only be a high roller if you have an active presence at that online casino, so you need to keep on playing to keep hold of your status and keep receiving access to high roller bonus deals and rewards.

Claiming your high-roller bonus

If now you are convinced that you want to become a high roller, all you need to do is register with an online casino of your choice and claim the high roller welcome bonus. Once you complete the registration process, you have to make your first deposit and make sure that you meet the minimum limit requirement to gain high-roller status.

This is generally somewhere in the low four figure range in order to be part of this inner circle of players. Once this is done, just visit the casino game lobby and off you go!

In order to claim your high-roller bonus, there are a few things that you should be aware of, especially when it comes to claiming the winnings made through your high-rollers bonus.

These types of bonuses have wagering requirements that will usually be multiple of the winnings in your bonus balance. Since you are a high-roller, it is possible that those winnings are going to be proportionally bigger when compared to those of other players, so wagering requirements can be especially tough to meet.

In addition, you need to maintain a steady level of wagering activity in order to keep your VIP status and avoid losing the perks you’ve earned through your high-roller bonus. If you suddenly drop off the radar, there is a great chance that you will eventually drop down a couple of levels in the online casino’s loyalty programme.

This is why becoming a high-roller is a serious choice, as it isn’t as easy as many people make it out to be!

The best offers available for high-rollers

This review has already outline some cool perks that high rollers can benefit from their online casinos, such as dedicated account managers, access to VIP events and merchandise as gifts.

In addition to these, we will also briefly discuss some of the best offers to look out for when you are choosing your online casino, as these will make your gameplay even more exciting.


A very important and useful bonus that high roller players receive from online casino is cashback incentives. Sites like Winner Casino and Titanbet offer cashbacks during a specific time period, or even at the beginning of each month, mainly depending on the online casino at which you are playing at.

The cashback promotion works on the principle that you receive a certain percentage of the amount of your daily losses back. Think of it as a rebate of sorts. VIP players obviously receive a higher amount of cashback when compared to regular players, but it is still a pretty sweet deal to keep you going and keep your bankroll constantly topped up.

Higher percentage bonuses

High roller players can benefit from higher percentages bonuses at most online casinos. These generally work by matching your deposit by a certain percentage so that you can keep on playing for a longer time and increase your chances of winning.

While percentage bonuses are mostly common for welcome bonuses that are given to players upon registration, high rollers may also be given additional percentage bonuses as a reward at the beginning of each month for example. The difference is that the value is much higher when compared to other players, so it is a very useful perk to have when you place high stakes very often.

Reload bonuses

Online casinos such as SuperLenny, LeoVegas, and 888 Casino give VIP players reload bonuses, where bonus points, money or chips are added to your casino account after making a deposit. The frequency or size of these reload bonuses highly depend on an online casino’s current promotions or policies.

Some online venues may give automatic reload bonuses at the beginning of each month, while other may issue these as exclusive promotions – so we definitely suggest checking in at your online casino’s promotion page.


If you already are an avid online casino player, then why not take it a step further by becoming a high-roller? In order to become such a player, you need to be sure that you can keep your bankroll constantly full, and that you are a frequent visitor to the online casino game lobby.

There are several cool perks and rewards to earn as a high-rolling player, so it is definitely something to look into and we recommend that you try it out! The benefits from being a high-roller will put you one step ahead of other players in terms of quality of your experience online. In addition, you can expect many random gifts and goodies to come your way since your online casino will be committed to keeping you happy and playing at all times.

With the possibility of having a dedicated account manager, free tickets to VIP events, and incredible rewards such as cashbacks, higher percentage bonuses and reload bonuses, being a high-roller and part of an online casino’s VIP programme will definitely make your gaming experience last longer.

However, you must make sure that you are in it for the long run, as maintaining your status as a high-roller requires regular wagering and the ability to manage your bankroll more carefully when compared to other casual players. Once you start living as a high-roller, we can guarantee that it will be very difficult for you to go back to just being a casual player!