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Roulette tricks beginners


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Tricks for roulette designed for beginner players

Gambling may seem pretty straightforward to someone who hasn’t delved into the devilish details that could make or break your cash put aside for this purpose. It’s not just luck, and it’s not just strategy that forms a win, it’s usually a combination of both. However, each game has its own set of rules that govern which of the two will most likely help you in your efforts to beat the odds.

Roulette strategy to win is somewhat different as it isn’t like card games that you would be able to plan for in advance by analyzing statistics, strategy types, and the like. Roulette is (or at least should be) working on a random number generator (RNG) system so that there aren’t loopholes to give some players an advantage over others when they figure it out. Due to this randomization and unpredictability, there is no one sure way to win, but you could definitely increase your odds by following a few simple tricks like the ones we’ve outlined further down.

1. Try out free roulette games online before risking your money

Free roulette games online

Don’t start off by thinking that you need to gamble real money while you’re still learning how to play any kind of roulette. There are plenty of casinos online, like Genting Casino for example, that give you welcome packages to spend before depositing, like awarding you with a percentage bonus, or free cash with which to gamble. You can use this to your advantage to test the game in terms of what it wants from you, too.

You’ll find that there are different free roulette options because of their characteristics pertaining to return to player (RTP) percentage, their style (for example, European or American), and their minimum betting requirements to name but a few. All of these affect the player in some way and it’s useful to try them out to see which best suits your budget. Some may not pay out as much as you’d like, or the minimum betting amount could be more than what you were looking to spend. Save yourself the stress and do some research before committing to a casino and type of roulette. There are plenty of options to play free roulette games online for fun, so don’t hesitate to give them a try before jumping into the deep end.

2. Know the roulette wheel odds

Roulette tricks are not difficult to master or understood, they just need to be considered as part of your playing strategy so that you can stand a chance at increasing your odds of winning. Needless to say, the casino needs to make a profit as well which is why they’ve added the zero (in European roulette) and the double zero (in American roulette), which awards a house edge. Knowing the roulette wheel is therefore crucial for any aspiring roulette expert. If you prefer a more hands-on experience before placing your first roulette bets, try one of the many roulette wheel simulators that you can find online.

You can probably understand why it might be better to choose the European version, as you’d get better odds above the house (after all, American roulette takes double the house edge, hence the added zero to the wheel). However, if the minimum betting requirement ends up outweighing the house edge it’d be better to opt for the double-zero. For example, if the European roulette has a minimum bet of 10 credits but the American a minimum of 4, then you’d be losing less in the latter because the minimum bet will be less taxing on your expenses.

3. Remember which roulette bets you can place

How do you play roulette in the first place, you say? If you’re entirely unfamiliar with roulette bets then the list of possibilities may seem exhausting and complicated, but if you read about each one in detail it’s pretty easy to understand. The types of bets you can get playing roulette at say Genting Casino, for example, standard inside and outside bets, neighbour bets, advanced bets, pattern bets, and expert history bets. Placing the right bets in roulette is key to success, and you can check out the various advanced roulette strategies at your disposal in order to be extra prepared for your next step in the game.

Once you’ve decided what your budget for roulette will be, take a look at which kind of roulette will benefit you most in terms of the minimum bet and the number of zeros on the wheel. Your next task should be to take a look at the paytable as most games differ in terms of their payouts, but you don’t always just have to place a single bet, so some calculation might be needed if you’re willing to take the game seriously. For example, think about making multiple bets as it would instantly increase your odds of striking it lucky.

4. Forget about roulette prediction

Roulette prediction

One of the best ‘Roulette tricks for beginners’ isn’t really just for beginners but for anyone who wants to know a bit more about the game that they might’ve been playing for a while and want to know why their strategies didn’t work. It’s simple: There are no predictable wins in roulette, even though there are a set number of slots within which the ball can land. Long story short: roulette prediction is hazardous, and rarely works.

Take the example that you’re playing American roulette that has 38 slots (1-36 and two zeros for the house), and think that it works on a process of elimination so your chances of getting the right slot will be at least once in 38 spins. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in roulette as the game is completely randomized so you could even end up getting it right each time with no strategy at all, instead rather purely by luck.

Gambling may be a lot of fun, but the nitty-gritty details do matter quite a lot. For example, if you ended up playing a game with an RTP of 80%, you’d have to play much longer and possibly lose much more (remember roulette is completely random) to get your initial deposit back.

However, if you opted for a game of Roulette at Genting Casino with an RTP of 97.29%, your chances of getting it back are higher and likely faster than its lower rationed counterpart.

The same goes for choosing your wagering structure. Will you decide to split your bet across different numbers, colours, odds or evens, etc.?

Always check the different opportunities available so that you can roughly estimate your chances of getting it right the first time and how much you could make. The fact that roulette can be played online is a great asset because of your ability to have the description and instructions right next to your game so you wouldn’t get lost in the thrill of everything. Always remember to play with your brain, not with your gut feeling, and don’t let yourself fall prey to your own bias. And again, there is not a single roulette prediction software able to tell you with any kind of accuracy which number the ball will stop on next.

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