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EURO 2021 GROUP F: Schedule, Table, Favourites & Preview

Group F is the most interesting and perhaps the most competitive group at the 2021 Euros. The host Germany will headline this group. followed by the defending Euro champions in Portugal. But, the 2018 World Cup winners in France will also compete for a spot in the knockout phase.  Co-hosts Hungary will attempt to fight out a respectable result in this group as well.

In a time of uncertainty about anything football-related, we can say one thing for certain. It is that the quality of football fans will witness will be superb.

It will be interesting to see how Hungary fare against such stiff competition. But also, how the defending champions will handle the pressure of protecting their title.


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Date Game Time (UK) Venue
15/6/21 Hungary vs Portugal 17:00 Puskás Aréna, Budapest
15/6/21 France vs Germany 20:00 Allianz Arena, Munich
19/6/21 Hungary vs France 14:00 Puskás Aréna, Budapest
19/6/21 Portugal vs Germany 17:00 Allianz Arena, Munich
23/6/21 Portugal vs France 20:00 Puskás Aréna, Budapest
23/6/21 Germany vs Hungary 20:00 Allianz Arena, Munich

The first match to be played in group F will have Hungary welcoming Portugal to Puskas Arena on June 15 at 18:00. This will be an especially important match for Portugal. They experienced a slight drop in form recently and would like to begin the tournament on a positive note. This is an opponent they know they can beat.

Just three hours later, at 21:00, France will ‘host’ Germany at Allianz Arena in Munich. They hope to gain the upper hand and establish dominance once again as the defending world champions.

Four days later, Hungary will host France in Budapest. They will attempt to use their home advantage and try to steal a point from Les Bleus. This will be a tall task. But the Hungarians will enjoy home advantage for two straight matches before traveling to Munich.

On the same day, Portugal will ‘host’ Germany at Allianz Arena for a battle of the football giants,. This match might very well be the deciding factor in whether Portugal will repeat their success.

Finally, on June 23, at 21:00, all four teams will play their final match of the group stage and their fates will be decided. Portugal will face off against France in Budapest. Hungary will take a trip to Munich and cross paths with Germany. This promises to be a spectacle and the fate of the entire tournament may very well be decided in this match.

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Euro 2021 Group F Winner Odds

France 2.37 2.38 2.62 2.62 2.48
Portugal 4.50 4.0 3.75 3.75 4.0
Germany 2.25 2.50 2.25 2.25 2.65
Hungary 41.0 41.0 26.0 26.0 41.0

Euro 2021 Winner Odds

France 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.80
Portugal 9.0 9.0 10.0 10.0 9.0
Germany 8.0 9.0 8.50 8.50 10.0
Hungary 401.0 401.0 326.0 326.0 501.0

*Odds as at 8th June 2021


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Every tournament has a group that can be referred to as the ‘group of death.’ Group F certainly fits the description. Three football heavyweights and a tough Hungary squad are enough to make this the most terrifying group in the tournament.

Portugal are looking to repeat their success from the 2016 Euros. But given their recent performances, they may be out of the tournament earlier than expected.

France are tied with Germany for taking the group. But France have been much more consistent with their play. Germany still have to solve some defensive issues if they wish to remain competitive at the highest level.

The defending world champions have been the best team in their group in the World Cup Qualifiers. They sit atop the Group D standings.

On the other side, Germany seem to be in a state of transition since winning the World Cup in 2014. Their defense has shown signs of weakness and could be their downfall. But their offensive line is looking splendid with Kimmich, Goretzka, and Gundogan.

Finally, Hungary are a team that might not have the quality to win the entire tournament, but they are a solid unit. They are a tough nut to crack on defense and also don’t fumble opportunities when they present themselves.


Euro 2021 Group F Prediction

It’s difficult to see anyone else besides France taking the group. They are the defending world champions and their recent play has topped that of Germany and Portugal. The bookmakers have France winning the group at 2,25 odds. They definitely have the quality and experience to pull it off.

Depending on whether Germany can fix their defensive problems, they can be a first-round exit or a championship team. They still have more than enough quality to compete against Portugal and Hungary. They can at least land in second place. The bookmakers have them qualifying at 1,08 odds.

The defending champions are hoping to repeat their success, but even in 2016, they weren’t exactly perfect. They have not performed the way a European champion should. Portugal have struggled to score against the likes of Azerbaijan. The bookmakers have them qualifying at 1,33 odds.

Although Hungary are a very solid team, they were simply unlucky to be placed in this group. Their hopes of accomplishing anything are slim to none. The bookmakers have them qualifying at 5,5 odds.


FIFA World Ranking Best Result at European Championships Last European Championship result (2016) Coach
#29 Winners (1982, 2000) Finalist Didier Deschamps

France have won the European Championship twice. They were also the runners-up in 2016 after narrowly losing to Portugal with a 0:1 scoreline. They also came in third in the 1996 Euros.

France have also found success in the World Cup, winning it twice in 1998 and 2018. They also came in second in 2006 and placed third two times.

As the defending World Cup champions, France are coming into this tournament as one of the favorites for taking the group and taking home the title. Their odds for each are at 2,63 and 6.00 respectively.

And they’ve earned it.France have played excellent football in the Nations League and have earned themselves a spot atop the group 3 table standings. They are above the likes of Portugal, Croatia, and Sweden.

Their play in the World Cup qualifiers has also been very good. Despite the poor start in which they went 1:1 against Ukraine, they won their next two matches against Kazakhstan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the only team with two victories to their name in Group D, they sit atop the table and a ticket to Qatar is smiling at them.

France will most likely be missing Martial, as his injury will keep him sidelined for the rest of the season. But Deschamps still has a rich roster of players to choose from.

France are an excellent team with a rugger defensive line. But it’s their offense that will be winning their matches. with a world-class midfield line and Mbappe and Griezman spearheading their goalscoring machine.

Euro 2021 Group F, France, Prediction

France have a complete team, both on offense and on defense. They should have no problems getting easy points against Hungary and Portugal. But Germany are a tougher opponent, and they will have their work cut out for them.

They have an agile and experienced defensive line that can contain Germany’s offense. Their midfielders are more than capable of creating useful chances for Mbappe often.

France prediction. To win the group at 2,25 odds.


FIFA World Ranking Best Result at European Championships Last European Championship result (2016) Coach
#7 Winner (2016) Winners Fernando Santos

2016 was Portugal’s first-ever European Championship. They were the runners up in 2004 and placed third two more times.

The closest they’ve come to a World Cup title was third place in 1966. Their most recent success was fourth place in 2006 in Germany.

But shortly after they were crowned European champions, they were bounced in round 16 of the 2018 World Cup. This is their opportunity to prove to fans that their 2016 success was not a one-and-done deal.

Portugal are one of the enigmas of the tournament. How their younger players perform alongside Ronaldo will be a big factor in how this team fares. Their young stars in Fernandes, Felix, and Dias have emerged as potential key pieces for this Portugal squad for years to come.

That being said, this Portugal squad went unbeaten and dominated their Nations League group during Ronaldo’s absence. There is a growing belief that this team might just be better off without him.

Portugal struggled mightily in the World Cup Qualifiers recently. They only beat Azerbaijan with a 1:0 result, where they themselves failed to score. The only score of the match was an own goal caused by Azerbaijan’s defensive blunder.

They went on to draw their next match against Serbia. Even though the final seconds of the game were very controversial, they were outmatched in the second half. This was a team they should have easily beaten.

Their form recovered slightly in their next match, beating Luxembourg with a routine 3:1 scoreline.

Euro 2021 Group F, Portugal, Prediction

Portugal have the quality to compete against the teams in their group, and they definitely have the team to defeat Hungary. It will be interesting to see if and how their pieces will fit when the time comes.

There will be no room for egoes and superstar disputes come matchday. Every team will be looking to use the slightest opportunity to their advantage.

Cristiano Ronaldo will have to reduce his role on the team and accept the fact that his teammates are more than capable of carrying their weight.

As it stands, Portugal are doubtful to take down Germany or France. But they can place third with solid results and qualify into the knockout phase.

Portugal group prediction: To finish first at odds 4.50


FIFA World Ranking Best Result at European Championships Last European Championship result (2016) Coach
#15 Champions (1972, 1980, 1996) Semifinals Joachim Löw

Germany have a rich and successful history at the Euros. They have competed in this tournament since 1972 and have won the tournament three times.

Germany were also the runners-up another three times and also placed third two more times.

Their most recent success was fourth place at the 2016 Euros.

What is even more interesting is the World Cup. Germany have placed first, second and third four times each.

But they were unexpectedly bounced out of the 2018 Euros in the group stage.

This, and placing last in their group is a fall from grace for the 2014 World Cup champions. They will be eager to get back to winning ways again.

Germany have confused fans in recent years with their performances. Their play in the Nations League was not perfect. But, it has placed them second in group 4, just behind Spain.

But they also lost their last World Cup qualifier match against North Macedonia. This debacle has placed them in third place of a rather favorable group J. They now find themselves behind the likes of Armenia and North Macedonia.

Germany’s defense has let them down in recent matches, and their 0:6 loss to Spain was a red flag that something is wrong. A change in formation or perhaps a fresh face might be welcome.

It will be interesting to see how Low will change his approach coming into the Euros and if he will make any defensive adjustments.

Euro 2021 Group F, Germany, Prediction

Thomas Muller and Mats Hummels will likely return for Low’s goodbye tournament. It can be argued that Muller’s contribution isn’t very necessary. But someone with the experience of Hummels can make an important contribution to helping Neuer cover his net.

Germany definitely have the quality to create opportunities on offense. But it will be up to their strikers to convert those opportunities into wins.

Although they haven’t been the best against North Macedonia, Germany are still a world-class team. With a few slight adjustments on Low’s side, they have the quality to be one of the best teams of the tournament.

It’s difficult to imagine them winning the group at 2,38 odds next to this France squad. But they need very little to be able to be competitive against them.

Germany prediction: To qualify (second place) at 1,08 odds.


FIFA World Ranking Best Result at European Championships Last European Championship result (2016) Coach
#37 Third (1964) Round of 16 Marco Rossi

Not much success to speak of when Hungary turned up at the Euros. They placed third and fourth in 1964 and 1972 respectively. But they failed to qualify from 1976 to 2012.

Once they did qualify again, they were eliminated in round 16 by Belgium with a 0:4 result.

In the World Cup, Hungary placed second in 1938 and 1954 but failed to make it past the quarter-finals since.

Hungary failed to qualify for the last eight World Cup tournaments, but their prospects are looking high at the moment. They are placed second in group I, just behind England.

Hungary have been the best in their UEFA Nations League group, and they are atop the standings. This is considered a success for this team, with the rest of their group being Russia, Serbia and Turkey.

Hungary have won three of their last five total matches. They can boast drawing their 3:3 match against Poland and beating Turkey 2:0. They were in control of their match against Poland up until the very final minutes. But Lewandowski wouldn’t allow his team to be defeated. He scored the equalizer for Poland in the 82nd minute.

Euro 2021 Group F, Hungary, Prediction

Qualifying for the Euros is already a success for Hungary and asking anything more from this team would be too much. But giving up before the tournament starts isn’t something they can afford.

They have a solid goalkeeper in Gulasci, along with a respectable defensive line. Their offense has performed well in recent matches despite not having the most world-renowned players. It will be interesting to see how it performs against tougher competition and more rugged defenses.

They will be facing much stronger opponents than they’ve had in the recent past. It’s difficult to imagine them being very successful in this group.

The bookmakers give them 5,5 odds of qualifying past the group stage, but in the ‘group of death,’ this seems like an impossible task.

Hungary prediction: 4th in Group F


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