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How To Bet On Brazilian Serie A


Betting on Brazilian football can be prove to be very profitable for bettors who are prepared to do their research. While most football bettors focus on the major leagues of Europe, Brazilian Serie A betting offers bettors a range of markets to exploit. Our detailed guide to betting on Brazilian Serie A will show you how to make money betting on this famously entertaining league.

Betting On Brazilian Serie A: An Introduction

Brazil is regarded by many as the natural home of football due to their passion for the sport. A legendary national team, they are the only nation to have successfully qualified for every World Cup since its inception in 1930. A five-time World Cup winner, the nation has produced some of the world's greatest players including Pele, Garrincha, Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

It is interesting to note that in Brazil - due to the size and breadth of the country - State Championships are held in high regard among those involved. The poorly developed transport infrastructure of the country means these localised tournaments play an important role, with the competition's longevity - the Campeonata Paulista began in 1902 - adding further value.

In addition to the state competition, the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A resembles the country's premier football division. In comparison to other elite leagues it has a relatively recent history having being formed in 1959.

2018 Brazilian Serie A Dates

The 2018 Brazilian Serie A season began May 14th 2018 and concludes December 1st 2018.


  1. How The Brazilian Serie A Works
  2. History Of Brazilian Football
  3. Brazilian Serie A Odds Explained
  4. How To Bet On Brazilian Serie A And Win
  5. Betting On Brazilian Serie A Online
  6. Brazilian Football Live Streaming
  7. How To Bet On Brazilian Serie A - Summary

1. How The Brazilian Football League Works

In the Brazilian football season, two separate independent divisions run concurrently. The local leagues, known as the State Championships, and the national division, referred to as the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A or simply the Brasileiro.

The State divisions are run and organised by the relevant localised governing body in each area, while the national leagues are governed by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

Brazilian State Championships

The State Championships start the annual football action. Despite states differing slightly in their start date, it is typical for the localised events to begin in January or February and ending between April and May. However, some smaller states which do not have a team participating in the Brazilian first division tend to commence their format in April, with the campaign ending in October.

In the State leagues, teams from Serie A, Serie B and Serie C all participate, with the divisions typically divided into multiple levels. There is little regularity between the leagues in terms due to the differing nature and size of the states. Therefore, the number of clubs and levels in each localised State Championship vary.

For example, in Sao Paulo - one of South America's major cities - posses 20 teams, while smaller regions like Rondonia run an eight-team division. Additionally, the amount of teams which are promoted and relegated from each level differ - again due to the character of each area.

Many Derbies

Due to the regional competition pitting local clubs against one another, it is often regarded that the derby matches - or Clasicos - hold more significance and importance to fans over interstate affairs.

For example in Rio de Janeiro, two heavyweights of Brazilian football Vasco da Gama and Flamengo will compete in the State Championships, with the two sides sharing some of the most passionate and vocal fans in the world.

The benefits of participating in the State Championships sees the winner of the division, and sometimes the runner-up, qualify for the Copa do Brasil, the country's leading domestic cup competition. In comparison to European football, it is regarded with the same respect as the FA Cup, Coppa Italia and Copa del Rey.

Brazilian National Championships

The National Championships in Brazil begin following the completion of the localised format. The Campeonato Brasileiro leagues are separated into four divisions:

  • Serie A
  • Serie B
  • Serie C
  • Serie D

The top three tiers, Serie A, B and C consist of 20 teams, while the lowest-tier Serie D possesses 40 clubs.

In terms of relegation, the four teams with the worst league standing after the final round of fixtures in Serie A, B and C are demoted.

Meanwhile, the four teams with the league records from Brazil Serie B, C and D are promoted to the higher division.

Brazilian Serie A teams play each other twice over the course of a season, once at home and once away, to form a 38-match league. As standard, three points are awarded for a win, with one point for a draw and zero for a defeat.

Copa Libertadores Qualification

In Brazilian football history, continental competition plays a pivotal role, with huge emphasis on qualification and participation in South America's premier club tournament, the Copa Libertadores - the continent's version of Europe's UEFA Champions League. Following the last round of fixtures in the Brasileiro, the top four clubs in the standings progress to the Copa Libertadores.

The four teams at the summit of the Brazil Serie A table automatically seal their place in the group stage of the competition. Meanwhile, the fifth and sixth-placed finishers enter the competition at the second stage.

Should the winner of the Copa do Brasil already have qualification to the Copa Libertadores on offer, the next team in the rankings will enter the competition too.

2. History Of Brazilian Football

Brazil's heritage and standing in the sport is near unparalleled, with no other nation having lifted five World Cup titles. The Selecao secured global international tournament victories in Sweden 1958, Chile 1962, Mexico 1970, USA 1994, and Japan and South Korea 2002. In their own continent, Brazil have lifted a third-best eight Copa America titles and finished as runners-up on 11 occasions.

Meanwhile on the club scene, Brazilian clubs have lifted the coveted Copa Libertadores title on an impressive 18 occasions. The nation is listed second in the ranking of all-time winners, with fierce rivals Argentina enjoying success 24 times with domestic based sides. Additionally, Brazil's teams have finished as the losing side in the final of the competition on 15 occasions - five times more than Argentina - proving their dominance in the continental tournament.

History Of Brazilian Serie A Champions

Closer to home, 17 clubs have won the top-flight in Brazil Serie A history. 12 of these teams have won multiple league titles. Palmeiras have won a record nine titles, with Santos sitting on eight, Corinthians on seven and Sao Paulo with six.

The legendary Santos side of the early 1960s secured five consecutive league Championships, between 1961 and 1965, the most dominant period of Brazil league football. Meanwhile in present day, Corinthians are the reigning Brazilian champions.

Brazilian Serie A Champions

ClubChampionshipsRunners-UpLast Title
Palmeiras 9 4 2016
Santos 8 7 2004
Corinthians 7 3 2017
Sao Paulo 6 6 2008
Flamengo 5 - 2009
Vasco da Gama 4 4 2000
Cruzeiro 3 4 2014
Internacional 3 4 1979
Fluminese 3 - 2012
Gremio 2 3 1996
Atletico Mineiro 1 5 1971
Botafogo 1 2 1995
Guarani 1 2 1978
Atletico Paranaense 1 1 2001
Coritiba 1 - 1985
Sport 1 - 1987
Bahia 1 - 1988

3. Brazilian Serie A Odds Explained

If you are intending to bet on the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, it is vital to make sure you are aware of all the options available to you, researching what Serie A betting odds and markets will be on offer. Typically, companies will offer Outright odds on a competition in markets such as Tournament Winner and Top Goalscorer.

Brazilian Serie A Winner Odds

Betting on Serie A title winner is a simple bet, typically placed before the competition start or perhaps during. This outright bet is for the outcome of the entire tournament, rather than an individual match. For example, should a punter bet £100 on Santos to win the Brasileiro at odds of 5.00 and they go on to lift the Championship, the better will receive a £500 total return.

Brazilian Serie A Top Goalscorer Odds

Another straightforward outright bet is for the Top Goalscorer. Similar to the above, this bet is usually placed before the event starts in order to achieve the best possible odds. The Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A goalscorer odds differ for each bookmaker and is decided by which player scores the most goals during the league format.

4. How To Bet On Brazilian Serie A And Win

Betting on football fixtures being played in another continent presents a different kind of challenge to punters than if they were to place a bet on a match in their own country. Brazil is often thought of as the natural home of football, due to the passion of the citizens towards the sport and the number of world-class talents that have emerged from that area of South America.

Conduct Regular Research

Stereotypically, Brazilians play an attractive brand of football. Exciting, fast-paced and involving a plethora of skills and tricks, it is understandable why the Brasileiro holds such an allure to bettors. However, it is important to understand the differences and contrasts it holds when compared to the European game.

Due to the minimal coverage of Brazilian football in Europe culture, more than ever it is vital to research teams, players, form, opponents, pitch conditions and rivalry in order to come to a suitable conclusion before placing a bet. An excellent method to predicting the outcome of a certain event is through experience and knowledge.

The more exposure to a sport, the teams, the players and the opponent will only improve the chances of success when placing money on a situation, so ensure to follow and read previews and follow Serie A betting tips.

The bookmakers are knowledgeable and often price matches with enticing odds in full consciousness that a team's star player is unavailable or they have just sold their only senior goalkeeper.

Unless you are a keen follower of the foreign competition, it is imperative to educate yourself on the recent news and form of each team - it is a rare feat to find someone with a great Brazil Serie B predictions record. Research the bets you are making. It is vital to understand the background to each fixture in order to turn a profit and not get caught out.

If you are to bet on Brazilian football, there are number of betting companies around the globe offering slightly different odds for every match and specific event to unfold. It does not take much effort to compare the odds available across each bookmaker to ensure you are maximising your profit return. Make sure to use an odds comparison website, which can be easily sought-out online.

For example, Sao Paulo could be met at odds of 17.0 to win the Brasileiro with one booker, but another company are tipping the Tricolor at odds of 41.0. There is money to be made in betting just by doing some background checks across the relevant parties.

To enhance your Brazil Serie A betting analysis, here are our top 5 resources for Serie A news and stats:

5. Betting On Brazilian Serie A Online

Selecting which bookmaker to use for Brazilian football may seem like a difficult decision. With so many options available across a broad spectrum of markets, it is tricky to know which betting company best suits your style of betting and desires for the tournament.

For betting beginners, it is advised that traditional betting agencies - such as Coral and William Hill - are used to place bets due to the simpler system and format. There are several important attributes to examine before selecting a betting company to use. Bettingexpert have reliable, well-sourced bookmaker reviews online.

First and foremost, ensure the bookmaker you have selected is a trustworthy company with positive reviews. If odds appear too good to be true, do your background checks before providing your bank details to an unregulated party.

Additionally, when registering a new account it can be hugely beneficial to compare welcome bonuses between bookmakers. Betting companies will tempt sign-ups with exclusive first-time offers to lure punters to their company.

Coral's coverage of Brazilian football is particularly good when compared to other options readily available. The site offer a wide range of different betting markets from the State Championship and Serie A, alongside generally strong odds in comparison to rival companies.

6. Brazilian Football Live Streaming

In the United Kingdom there is limited coverage of the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A. South American football takes a back-seat in terms of televised action and readership due to a heavy focus on the Premier League and surrounding European nations.

While globally considered one of the world's top divisions of football, in England in particular it is rarely given primetime treatment. BT Sport currently hold the rights to broadcast 100 Brasileiro and Campeonato Paulista matches per season.

In addition to this, the channel offers a weekly highlights package of all the fixtures from the previous seven days. BT Sport's contract, which they signed in October 2012, also provide footage from TV Globos Brazilian football magazine FootBrazil.

Which Bookmakers Live Stream Brazilian Serie A Matches?

While we cannot confirm live streaming details for Brazilian Serie A matches, we can however confirm that in 2018, Betfair will live stream matches from the Brazilian Paulista, the top flight division in the state of Sao Paulo.

7. How To Bet On Brazilian Serie A - Summary

The Brazilian first division offers some of the most exciting football available on the planet and is notable for producing some of the sport's best talents, including Barcelona's Neymar, Lucas Moura of Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea's Willian.

Overall, the standard of the league should not be unfairly compared to European competitions due to the difference of infrastructure and nation size. The battle for positions in the Serie A table is typically a tight affair, with teams often separated by minimal points at the top end of the table.

Therefore, when betting on the top-tier of Brazilian football it would be wiser to place money on individual matches over outright bets due to the unpredictable nature of the division. The difference between the league's elite, for example Santos, Corinthians and Gremio, and the bottom strugglers - like America and Coritiba - is quite significant. With that in mind, it makes the option of accumulators an attractive proposition.

Additionally, despite a lack of widespread media attention, European outlets understand the attraction of seeking out the hottest attacking talent. This is replicated in the Top Goalscorers markets too.

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